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Updated March 16, 2020 - 9:29 PM EDT
US Sees COVID-19 as a New Way to Pressure Iran
  Rouhani: US Sanctions Severely Hamper Iran's Coronavirus Response
Iraq To Complain to UNSC Over US Aggression
  Iraq's Protesters Struggle to Keep Waning Movement Going
FISA Programs Expire as Trump Seeks Reforms
  How National Security Surveillance Nabs More Than Spies
Govts Resort to Wartime Tactics for Coronavirus
Gantz Chosen to Form Govt, Netanyahu Seeks To Stay PM
ISIS Tells Followers Not to Travel to Europe for Attacks
Afghan Govt Delays Prisoner Releases, Endangers Peace
item Militarism in a Time of Pandemic: Arrogance of the (Ongoing) US War in Iraq  by Maj. Danny Sjursen (ret.)
item How the Coronavirus Can Hinder the Peace Process in Afghanistan  by Barnett R. Rubin
item Real Coronavirus Threat Everyone Is Missing  by Ted Galen Carpenter
item Trump-Aligned Group Pushes to Stop Medicine Sales to Iran  by Eli Clifton

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Biden Says He Would Mobilize the Military to Address Coronavirus
Lawmakers Press for More Military Action on COVID-19
Witnesses: Australian SAS Soldiers Killed Unarmed Afghan Civilians
The War at Home
German Officials to Discuss Report of US Seeking Exclusive Rights to Coronavirus Vaccine
US Paratroopers Returning From Afghanistan Enter Quarantine
Donald Trump Says He Is Considering 'Full Pardon' for Michael Flynn
CDC Director Breaks With Trump on Claim That Border Wall Stop Coronavirus
US Lawmakers Press for More Military Action on Coronavirus
Pentagon Tightly Restricting Access to the Building, Allowing Much of Staff to Work From Home
Lawmakers Are Moving to Make It Easier for Veterans to Use Legal Marijuana
The Military Surveyed Troops on Extremist Activity Decades Ago. Here's What It Found
Retired Army Pilot Testifies That Daughter's Death Likely Linked to Firefighting Foam Used by Military
Submarine USS Stickleback Found After 62 Years
Israel's Rivlin Negotiating Unity Government With Netanyahu, Gantz
Israel to Use 'Anti-Terror' Technology to Counter Coronavirus
Benjamin Netanyahu's Trial Postponed Under Emergency Order
Netanyahu Sparks Privacy Scare With Move to Track Corona Patients' Phones
Ya'alon: Netanyahu Exploiting Virus Crisis for 'Personal Political Needs'
Virus Shuts Jerusalem's Al-Aqsa Mosque
Israeli Army Allows Settlers Into West Bank Site, Defying Palestinian Corona Closure Decision
IDF to Tell Some Troops to Stay Home in Fight to Slow Spread of Virus
Israeli Settlers Attack Herders East of Ramallah
Israeli Forces Shoot, Injure One Palestinian in Kufur Qaddoum
400 Olive Tree Campaign Trees, Sponsored and Planted by International Groups, Uprooted by Israeli Soldiers in Bethlehem
Virus Prompts Romanians to Bury Hatchet, Approve New Cabinet
Teargas, Clashes in Paris as Yellow Vests' Protesters Defy Coronavirus Ban
Putin Asks Court if He Can Amend Constitution to Run Again for President
Slovakia's Election Winner to Form 4-Party Government
'Erdogan Misusing Refugees': Syrians in Germany on the Greek-Turkish Border Crisis
Turkish Servicemen Killed in Attack on Libya's Mitiga Airport
UN Agency Says Over 400 Migrants Intercepted Off Libya Coast
Sudan Will Mediate Egypt-Ethiopia Dam Dispute, General Says
Foreign Couple Kidnapped in Burkina Faso in 2018 'Found Alive'
South African King Charged After Axe Attack
Nigeria Gas Explosion Kills at Least 15: Emergency Services
Tunisian Beach Resorts Face Up to Coronavirus Blight
Virus Forces Closure of Key Shi'ite Tomb in Iran's Mashhad
Iran's Death Toll From Coronavirus Reaches 724
Iran Urges People to Stay Home as Virus Claims More Lives
Iraq Daily Roundup: Four Killed
Three American Troops Wounded in Rocket Attack in Iraq, US Official Says
The President of Kurdistan Region: Shelling PMF Headquarters by US Is 'The Biggest Mistake Committed'
Iraqi Government Imposes Curfew in Baghdad Over Coronavirus Concerns
Iraq Suspends Flights to and From Baghdad Airport Over Coronavirus Fears
Russia, Turkey Begin Joint Patrols Along Syria's M4 Highway
Syria Death Toll 384,000 After Nine Years of War: Monitor
Syria Activists Protest the Opening of Aleppo-Latakia Highway
One Killed by Saudi-Led Coalition Airstrike on Yemen's Al-Jawf
Six Pro-Govt Yemeni Soldiers, Five Houthis Killed in Fighting
Yemen Govt Halts Flights, Closes Schools
Yemen's Houthis Close Sanaa Airport Over Virus
In Yemen, Cholera Kills but Coronavirus Inspires Hysteria
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia Detains 298 Public Officials in New Corruption Probes
Saudi Aramco Profits Slide 20.6% in 2019
Saudi Arabia Suspends Most Government Operations for 16 Days
Saudi Courts Postpone Hearings to Avoid Coronavirus Spread
Middle East
Israeli Spy Sparks Dispute Between Lebanon, US
Turkey Quarantines Pilgrims Returning From Saudi Arabia
A Big 'No' to Outsiders' Role in Intra-Afghan Dialogue: Hekmatyar
Four Police Killed in Insider Attack; Five Executed by Taliban
Security Forces Kill 14 Taliban Rebels
Govt Assesses Taliban Prisoners' Likelihood to Fight Again
No Obstacle Should Deter Peace Process: Afghan Leaders
Violence Reduced Amid COVID-19 Outbreak in Afghanistan
Hong Kong 'Umbrella' Movement Leader Freed From Prison
Islamist Militants Sentenced to Death for Bangladesh Priest Murder
North Korea Replaces Kim Il Sung's Son-In-Law as Austria Ambassador in a Sign Kim Jong UN Is Calling Back Distant Family
The World's Biggest Oil Trader Negotiates Venezuela Oil Purchase
Venezuela Orders 'Collective Quarantine' in Response to Coronavirus
New Zealand
Building Unity in New Zealand a Year After Christchurch Attacks
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Maj. Danny Sjursen, USA (ret.)
Militarism in a Time of Pandemic: The Arrogance of the (Ongoing) US War in Iraq

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The Nonintervention Principle

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George W. Bush Is Not Your Republican Friend With Whom You Respectfully Disagree

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