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Updated March 17, 2020 - 9:58 PM EDT
Pentagon 'Not Set Up to Fight Coronavirus'
  Pentagon Scales Back Biggest Military Exercise in Europe
  Multinational African Lion Exercise Canceled Amid Outbreak
US Plans To Remove Troops From 3 Bases in Iraq
  Pompeo Warns Iraq That US Will Act in Self-Defense if Attacked
  Airstrikes Against Hezbollah Didn't Stop Rocket Attack on US Troops
US Strikes Continue in Afghanistan Despite Deal
  Afghan Govt Demands Taliban Guarantee to Resume Prisoner Release
Senate Extends FISA Provisions for 77 Days
Gantz Vows 'Broad Govt Within Days' After Mandate
item Lift Syrian Sanctions Before a Coronavirus 'Perfect Storm'  by Steven Sahiounie
item 52 Years Ago US Slaughtered 500 Unarmed Men, Women, Children  by Claire Bernish
item The Forgotten Epidemic: Cholera in Yemen  by Dave DeCamp
item Three Good Reasons to Liquidate Our Empire  by Chalmers Johnson

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China's Coronavirus Cases Fall, With Most Infections Coming From Abroad
German Firm Denies Receiving US Govt Offer for Vaccine Right
Saudi Arabia Detains Hundreds of Govt Officials
Morales Pick Leads in Bolivia Opinion Polls
The War at Home
Military Sees Surge in Sites With 'Forever Chemical' Contamination
Navy Has 1st COVID-19 Case on a Ship Days After Family Event
Masks and Coronavirus Test Kits Donated by Jack Ma Arrive in US From China
Record Percentage of Americans Says Defense Spending 'About Right': Gallup
Gruesome Video Shows Special Forces Brutality as Ex Soldier Alleges Murder
Killing Field: Exposing Killings and Cover Ups by Australian Special Forces in Afghanistan
Pentagon Pushes Back on Reports Troops in Afghanistan Don't Have Coronavirus Tests
Eight-Year-Old Boy Abducted, Killed in Kabul
Thousands of Afghans Return From Iran as Virus Hits Economy
11 Afghan Security Personnel Killed in Attack on Checkpoint
Pakistan's Spike in Coronavirus Cases Raises Quarantine Concerns
Pakistan High Court to Hear Plea Against Closure of Geo News
China Relaxes Travel Restrictions in Coronavirus-Hit Wuhan, Shifts Concern to Int'l Travelers
India Closes Taj Mahal to Visitors Over Coronavirus Fears
France to Deploy 100,000 Police to Enforce Coronavirus Lockdown
Europe to Shut Border for a Month as France Braces for a 15-Day Lockdown Amid Coronavirus Pandemic
French Judges Order 20 Terrorism Suspects to Stand Trial Over 2015 Paris Attacks
Ukraine Plans More Lockdowns, IMF Talks, Food Export Curbs Over Coronavirus
Russia Bans Entry of Foreign Nationals, Stateless People From March 18 to May 1
British Soldier Hospitalised in Poland With Coronavirus
German Military Laptop With Classified Data Sold on eBay
Mexico Frets About US Coronavirus Spread, Could Restrict Border
Peru Deploys Military to Slow Coronavirus Spread; Chile Closes Borders
Guyana Leaders Accept Full Recount of Presidential Election
Israel Swears in New Parliament Under Coronavirus Shadow
Dozens of Cars Vandalized in Suspected Hate Crime in West Bank
Armed Israeli Colonists Uproot Tens of Palestinian Trees Near Bethlehem
Asqa Mosque Official Arrested From Home in Jerusalem
Four Palestinian Detainees Placed in Solitary Confinement
Skipping Torah Study More Dangerous Than Coronavirus, Says Leading Israeli Rabbi
In Photos: Al Aqsa Mosque Shutters, Refugee Camps Disinfected as Coronavirus Continues to Spread
US Sees Coronavirus as a New Way to Pressure Iran
Senior Iranian Official Dies as Coronavirus Cases Near 15,000
Iran's Coronavirus Death Toll Tops 100 for Second Straight Day, Officials Say
Iran Closes Shi'ite Shrines Over Covid-19 Concerns
China Appeals to US to Lift Iran Sanctions for Coronavirus Pandemic
Iran's Int'l Mehrabad Airport Cuts 80 Pct of Flights Amid Covid-19 Outbreak
4,440 Turkish Military Vehicles Enter Syria Since February
Explosion Kills 1 in Syria's Hasakah Province
Lebanon Military Court Orders Lebanese-American Released
Lebanon, Already Grappling With Economic Crisis, Now Faces Coronavirus Shutdown
Middle East
Iraq Daily Roundup: One Killed; Clashes at Baghdad Protest
Roadside Bombing Kills Two Yemeni Children
Turkey Evicts Students to Quarantine Thousands of Returning Pilgrims Amid Coronavirus Pandemic
Two Prisoners Killed in Jordan Prison After Coronavirus Visit Bans Triggered Riots
Nigeria: Six Nigerian Soldiers Killed in Boko Haram Ambush
UN Peacekeeper Killed in Attack in Central African Republic
Sufi Cultural Sites Caught in Crossfire of Libya Civil War
Ethiopia's Missing Students: Families' Pain and the Unsolved Mystery
Sweden's Govt Proposes to Send 150 Troops and Helicopters to Mali for Task Force Takuba
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