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Updated March 18, 2020 - 9:59 PM EDT
US Military Plans Martial Law If Necessary
US Imposes New Iran Sanctions After Coronavirus
  Iran Warns Coronavirus Could Kill Millions as US Adds to Sanctions
Yemen's Houthis Seize Province on Saudi Border
  Over 100 Killed in Heavy Fighting Across Yemen
Rockets Hit Iraq Base With US and NATO Troops
  Iraq UN Envoy Threatens Arrest of US Troops for Attack
Pentagon 'Not Set Up to Fight Coronavirus'
  After Finding Infected Sailor, Navy Crowded Dozens Into One Space
  Congressional Chairmen Hope Virus Won't Derail Defense Policy Bill
Feds Drop Election Meddling Case Against Russian Firms
item Throttled by US Sanctions, Iran Struggles With the Coronavirus  by Barbara Slavin
item 12 Ways the US Invasion of Iraq Lives on in Infamy  by Medea Benjamin & Nicolas JS Davies
item Don't Use My Unjust Conviction Against Assange  by Jeffrey Sterling
item Saudi Arabia: The Crown Prince in His Labyrinth  by Daniel Lazare
item 'Zionist' Biden in His Own Words  by Ramzy Baroud
item Corruption in Military Academies Is Harming Our National Security  by Tim Bakken

More Viewpoints

China Expels Journalists From 3 US Newspapers: NYT, WSJ, WaPo
Russian Firm Says It Will Sue US for $50 Billion After Meddling Case Dropped
North Korea US Negotiator Could Be Headed to Vienna, Analyst Says
'Slippery Slope': Israel Draws Flak Over Coronavirus Surveillance
Israel Uses Coronavirus Fears to Impose Severe Restrictions on Palestinian Workers
Palestine Welcomes US Congress Members' Letter Over Israeli Demolition of Palestinian Homes
Bibi Is Watching You: Israel Sends in the Spies to Tackle Coronavirus
Due to Coronavirus, Israel to Let Palestinian Workers Stay in Workplaces
Iran Frees More Prisoners Amid Coronavirus Outbreak
Faithful in Iran Storm Closed Shrines
Coronavirus: China and Russia Call on US to Lift Sanctions Against Iran
British-Iranian Aid Worker Zaghari-Ratcliffe Temporarily Released From Iran Jail
Iraq Daily Roundup: Two Killed; Mortar Attacks in the North
Pompeo Warns Iraq's Former PM US Will Act in Self-Defense if Attacked
Former Najaf Governor Adnan Zurfi Named as Iraq's New PM
Iraq Halts Gharraf Oilfield After Petronas Evacuated Staff Over Virus
Concern Mounts of 'Catastrophic' Coronavirus Outbreak in Syria
Syria Elections Postponed as Damascus Insists It Is Coronavirus-Free
WHO to Test for Coronavirus in Northwest Syria, Where Millions Live in Camps
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia Closes Mosques, Calls G20 Leaders to Meet Over Coronavirus
Coronavirus: Saudi Arabia Says Prayers to Continue at Mecca and Medina
Rights Group Raises Alarm Over New Saudi 'Corruption' Arrests
Republican Senators Scold Saudi Arabia's MBS for Flooding Global Market With Cheap Oil
Middle East
Saudi Coalition in Yemen Destroys Two Explosive-Laden Boats
Riots Rock Overcrowded Lebanon Prisons Over Coronavirus Fears
Brazil Partially Closing Venezuela Border, Allowing Trucks
500 Brazil Inmates Captured After 1,300 Escape in Breakout Sparked by Coronavirus
Chile Creates Commission to Reform Much-Criticized Police
Chile May Postpone Referendum on New Constitution as Coronavirus Quells Protests
The War at Home
Federal Government in Talks With Tech Groups to Use Phone Location Data to Track Coronavirus: Report
US Names ISIS Chief on Terror Blacklist
The Pentagon Is Handling Cyber Vulnerabilities Inconsistently: Report
New York Lawmakers Call for Deployment of Navy Hospital Ship to NYC Amid Coronavirus Outbreak
House Democrats Warn Against Oil Industry Bailout
Iranian National Extradited to Texas After Allegedly Exporting 'Military Sensitive Items' to Iran
UN Urges Libyans to Halt Fighting, Battle Virus
Libya's Haftar Surprises GNA With Sudden Mobilization of His Forces
UN Report Calls for End of Darfur Peace Operation
US Lifts Sanctions on 157 Sudanese Firms After Two Year Wait
Sudan Opens Airspace to Allow Direct Flights From Latin America to Israel
Sudan Orders Arrest of Former Foreign Minister Over 1989 Coup
Niger Says Army Kills 50 Boko Haram Extremists After Attack
Tourist Hot Spot Egypt 'Likely Under-Reporting 19,000' Coronavirus Cases, Disease Specialists Believe
Second Military Exercise in Africa Canceled Within Week Over Coronavirus
Algeria to Ban Street Protests Over Coronavirus
Mozambique: 910 Dead in Cabo Delgado Civil War
Somali National Army Launches Action to Oust Al-Shabaab From Janaale
Morocco Sentences Activist for Criticizing 'Judiciary'
Turkey's Tai Sells Six Anka-S Drones to Tunisia
War-Ravaged Afghanistan Battles a New Threat: Coronavirus
14 Cases of Violence Against Journalists Recorded This Year in Afghanistan
Several Wounded in Twin Bomb Attack in Thailand's Restive Region
US Demands China Halt Coronavirus Propaganda
Pakistan Soldier Killed in LoC Firing by Indian Troops
Hashem Abedi: Manchester Bomber's Brother Found Guilty Over 2017 Attack
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