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Updated March 19, 2020 - 8:47 PM EDT
US Military Plans Martial Law If Necessary
  US Wants to Track Americans Over Coronavirus
  US Plan Anticipates 18-Month Pandemic and Widespread Shortages
  US Waives Potential Health Privacy Penalties During Coronavirus Crisis
New Iraq Group Takes Credit for Attacks on US
  Iraq Names US-Backed Adnan Zurufi as PM-Designate
  Three Rockets Strike Iraq's Green Zone
Coronavirus Could Keep US From Leaving Afghanistan
  US Envoy Urges Kabul, Taliban to Begin Prisoner Releases
US Announces More New Sanctions on Iran
Pompeo Threatens Family of ICC Staff With Consequences
item The NYT Insidious Ongoing Disinfo Campaign on Russia and Elections  by Gareth Porter
item Israel Joins Totalitarian States Using Coronavirus to Spy on Citizens  by Barbara Boland
item US House Rams Through Nicaragua Regime-Change Bill With Zero Opposition  by Ben Norton
item The One Thing Corona Won't Halt: Endless War  by Maj. Danny Sjursen (ret.)
item Stop Tightening the Thumb Screws, a Humanitarian Message  by Kathy Kelly
item How US Sanctions Intensify the Spread of the Coronavirus in Iran  by Keyvan Shafiei

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French Clinical Trial Shows Malaria Drug With 100% Cures of Covid-19
Travel Restrictions, Border Shutdowns by Country
Latest on the Spread of Coronavirus Around World
Americans Trapped in Morocco, Peru Plea for US Help Getting Home
The War at Home
US Military's Role in Response to Virus Outbreak Is Growing
We Asked Defense Firms How They're Impacted by Coronavirus. Here's What They Said.
AP Explains: What Exactly Is the Defense Production Act?
De Blasio Calls on US Military to Help New York Amid Coronavirus
Trump's $46 Billion Coronavirus Aid Request Includes $8 Billion for the Pentagon
US-Canada Border Shuts as Coronavirus Battle Intensifies
US Navy Readies Hospital Ships Ahead of Coronavirus Wave
Stop Hiding Vulnerabilities Found by Red Teams, Joint Staff to Tell Military
Corona Tragedy May Lead to Taliban-Kabul Interaction
Taliban Promises Safe Passage for Coronavirus Health Workers
Afghan MoI Puts Ban on Public Gatherings Over Coronavirus
Video Shows Australian SAS Soldier Shooting and Killing Unarmed Man at Close Range in Afghanistan
As China-US Relations Continue to Sour, Beijing Says Expulsion of American Reporters May Just Be the Start
Chinese Military Scientists Ordered to Win Global Race to Develop Coronavirus Vaccine
Pakistan PM: 'Cannot Afford' to Shut Down Cities Over Coronavirus
Four Soldiers, Seven Militants Killed in Shootout in NW Pakistan
Philippines Declares Ceasefire With Rebels to Fight Virus
Kim Jong Un Orders Workers to Build New Hospital as North Korea Continues to Claim No Coronavirus Cases
Myanmar Army Withdraws Criminal Complaint Against Reuters
Journalism in Kashmir in 'State of Repression': Media Watchdog
Suspected Jemaah Islamiyah Leader on Trial in Indonesia
Vietnam Jails Two Hmong Men for Life on Charge of Trying to Overthrow State
New UK Law Shields Soldiers Over Iraq and Afghanistan War Crimes Allegations
Swiss Scrap Referendums for First Time in Decades to Stem Coronavirus Spread
Ukraine Imposes State of Emergency in Kiev Region, PM Warns of Economic Crisis
Serbia's Military Deploys at Borders to Help Fight Coronavirus
Spain Approves N. Macedonia's NATO Membership Bid
Kosovo Coalition Partner to File No-Confidence Vote in Govt
Venezuela Hospital Makes Its Own Masks to Confront New Virus
Overcrowded and Unsanitary, Venezuela's Prisons Brace for Coronavirus
IMF Shoots Down 'Emergency' Request From Venezuelan Regime
Israel's Netanyahu Accused of Using Coronavirus Outbreak to 'Become a Dictator'
Netanyahu Consolidates Control Amid Pandemic
Netanyahu Threatens Israeli Lockdown Orders in Coronavirus Crisis
Likud, Blue and White Set Monday Deadline for Coalition Deal
Blockaded Gaza Looks Wryly on as World Isolates Itself
Israel's West Bank Settlement Activity Surged in 2019
House Democrats Question Whether Israel Is Violating US Aid Restrictions
Coronavirus: Palestinian Workers Face Difficult Choice Between Livelihood and Isolation
Jewish Worshippers Told Not to Kiss Jerusalem's Western Wall Over Coronavirus Concerns
Israeli MP Presents Bills to Annex Jordan Valley, Impose Death Penalty on Palestinians
Iran's Supreme Leader to Pardon 10,000 Prisoners, Including Political Ones
Coronavirus: Iran Death Toll Surpasses 1,000
Iran's Nowruz New Year, Typically Joyous, Haunted by Virus
France Sends Medical Aid Package to Help Iran Fight COVID-19 Outbreak
Yemen Security Forces Seize Weapons Onboard UAE Aid Ship
Weakened by War and Hunger, Yemen Braces for Coronavirus
Four-Year-Old Girl Killed in Devastating Fire at Yemen Refugee Camp
Yemeni Women Rush to Sew Masks in Face of Virus Peril
Iraq Daily Roundup: Two Killed; Mortar Attacks in the North
Six New Cases Bring Iraq's Total Coronavirus Infections to 164
Why US Troops Are Pulling Back All Over Iraq
Erdogan Advises Turks to Stay Home, Acts to Boost Economy Against Coronavirus
Turkish News Network TRT Registers as Foreign Agent in US
Middle East
Ravaged by War, Middle Eastern Countries Face a New Scourge
Letter to Saudi Crown Prince From GOP Senators
Kurdish Shelling Kills Five in Syria's Afrin
Eastern Libya Imposes Curfew Over Pandemic
Four Killed in Rocket Attacks by Haftar Militias
State Dept. Warns Foreigners 'Attacked' in Ethiopia Over Coronavirus Fears
Algeria Uses Coronavirus Outbreak to Ban Anti-Government Protests, After Fifth Person Dies of the Disease
Coronavirus: Egypt Detains Novelist Ahdaf Soueif for Demanding Prisoners' Release
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Jerusalem, the Capital of Apartheid

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