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Updated March 25, 2020 - 9:38 PM EDT
US Sanctions Hurting Iran Response to Pandemic
  US, UAE Ignore Coronavirus Risk, Hold Anti-Iran War Games
Ghani: Afghan Govt Prepared for $1B US Aid Cut
  Pompeo Meets Taliban's Deputy Leader in Qatar
Cases in Gaza, Blockade Raise Fear of Deadly Outbreak
  Israel May Try to Detect Coronavirus by Voice
US Navy Fires Missiles Sending Message to Beijing
US-Saudi War Left Yemen Vulnerable to Coronavirus
US Fears Foreigners Will Buy Control of US Defense Firms
DHS Warns Terrorists Might Exploit Coronavirus
Govt Panel Recommends Registering Women for Draft
Troops Say the US Military Not Taking Covid Seriously
item Liberty and the Coronavirus: Not an Either/Or Proposition  by Ted Galen Carpenter
item Technology of Death: The Report on Israeli Weapons Exports  by Ramzy Baroud
item The Staggering Collapse of US Intelligence on Coronavirus  by Scott Ritter
item The Earn It Act Must Be Stopped!  by John Daneglo

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EU Fires Warning Shot at China Over Coronavirus
Which Countries Are on Nationwide Lockdown?
Working From Home? Switch Off Amazon Alexa: Lawyers
US Moots Idea of Saudi Energy Alliance to Combat Crashing Oil Prices
The War at Home
Goldman Sachs Says It Is Time to Buy Gold – the 'Currency of Last Resort'
NYPD Says Over 200 Members Have Tested Positive for Coronavirus
Denver Mayor Forced to Reverse Lockdown of Alcohol and Marijuana Shops Following Panic Buying
Trump Requests Supplies From South Korea to Help Combat Coronavirus
Suspicious Military Device Washes Up on Outer Banks Beach
US House Panel Says Remote Voting During Coronavirus Outbreak Creates 'Serious' Challenge
US Military
Pentagon Estimates That Coronavirus Will Plague US for Months
Military Suspends Recovery of Fallen Troops From Overseas Battlefields Amid Coronavirus Concerns
Amazon: Pentagon Is Trying to 'Gerrymander' Its Jedi Fix
Lockheed Gets $932 Million Pentagon Contract for THAAD Interceptors
Three Sailors Aboard Theodore Roosevelt Test Positive for Coronavirus
Navy Sailor at Guantanamo Tests Positive for Coronavirus
US Army to Soon Wrap Up Early Testing of Short-Range Air Defense System
New Pentagon Personnel Head, Army Undersecretary Confirmed by Senate
US Shames Afghan Leaders' Obstinance as Pandemic Looms
US Threatens to Slash $2 Billion to Afghanistan as Peace Talks Teeter
Pompeo Will Not Self-Isolate After Afghanistan, Qatar Trip
Four Coalition Troops in Afghanistan Test Positive for Coronavirus
Internet Restrictions Make It Virtually Impossible for Kashmiris to Get Covid-19 Info
Former Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah Freed
Arms Over Masks: India Buys Weapons From Israel as Coronavirus Cases Spike
New Delhi Police Use Coronvirus to Break Up Citizenship Law Protest
Taiwan Says WHO Ignored Its Coronavirus Questions at Start of Outbreak Due to China Pressure
Philippine Congress Approves National Emergency Declaration
Bangladesh Says It Will Free Jailed Opposition Leader Khaleda Zia
Gangs Call Curfews as Coronavirus Hits Rio Favelas
Brazil's Bolsonaro Buries Hatchet With China's Xi to Fight Coronavirus
Lawmakers Send Letter to Trump Administration Asking for Iran Sanctions Relief Amid Covid-19 Crisis
Iran's Revolutionary Guards Founding Member Habib Barzegari Dies of Coronavirus
'May God Help Us': Panic Grips Caged Gaza Strip After First Coronavirus Cases
Palestine Slams Israel for Ill-Treatment of Palestinian Workers
Israeli Settlers Storm West Bank Village, Beat Residents With Sticks and Sharp Objects
Israeli Bulldozers Raze Palestinian Farm Lands Near Nablus
Iraq Daily Roundup: 10 Killed; Dumped Bodies Found
Three Explosions Heard Near Iraqi Base Housing US Troops
UN Calls for Total Ceasefire in Syria to Focus on Coronavirus
Russia Sends Ship With Military Ambulances Towards Syria After Virus Outbreak
Two Turkish Soldiers Wounded on Idlib Patrol
Water Cuts in NE Syria Intensify Coronavirus Risk: UNICEF
Hand-Washing: A Luxury Millions of Yemenis Can't Afford
Yemen's Houthis Block UN Ship From Leaving Hodeidah
Hit by War and Oil Blockade, Libya Prepares for Pandemic
Several Killed in Tripoli Mortar Attacks by Haftar's Forces: GNA
Prison Shelled in Libyan Capital Despite Ceasefire Pleas to Focus on Coronavirus
Libya Sees 1st Virus Case as More Curfews Called in Mideast
Libya Says Oil Shutdown Losses Exceed $3.5 Billion
Boko Haram Kills 92 Chadian Soldiers in Seven-Hour Attack
Some 70 Nigerian Soldiers Killed in Northeast Militant Ambush
Several Dead in Unrest in Southern Guinea
'We Are Dying': Residents Lament Attacks in Northern Mozambique
Egypt Detains Family of YouTube Host Who Shared Video Showing Alleged Abuses
Seven Kidnapped From Container Ship Off Gabon
Prominent Algerian Activist Scheduled for Release but Sentenced to a Year in Prison
North Macedonia Expected to Join NATO Within Days
Putin Dons Hazmat Suit as Moscow Says Coronavirus Outbreak Is Worse Than It Looks
German-Afghan Spy Gets Nearly Seven Years for Passing State Secrets to Iran
Cuban Government Bans Cubans From Leaving Island, Suspends Schools Over Coronavirus
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