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Updated March 28, 2020 - 9:57 PM EDT
Trump Moves Full-Speed Against US 'Foes'
  Snowden Warns of Long Lasting Govt Surveillance Amid Covid-19
Commander Opposes Plan to Wipe Out Iraq Militia
  Turkish Army Sets Up US Air Missile System in Idlib
Afghan Diplomats Face Doubts Amid Political Turmoil
  Iran's Coronavirus Zone, Now Moving Across Afghanistan
  Death by Drone: America's Vicious Legacy in Afghanistan
US Act Backs Taiwan, China Threatens 'Strike Back'
US Granting Iran Sanctions Waivers to Help Fight Covid
US Cancels Military Drills With Philippines Over Covid
item Secret US Intel Files Provide History's Verdict on Argentina's Dirty War  by Peter Kornbluh
item Why Foreign Interventionism, Especially Now?  by Jacob G. Hornberger
item Coronavirus Should End 'Maximum Pressure' Against North Korea  by Elizabeth Beavers & Catherine Killough
item Farewell to Sanctions
 by Daniel Larison
item Vigil for Peace in Yemen, a New Norm  by Kathy Kelly
item Coronavirus Is a Reminder That Gaza's Siege Is a Death Sentence  by Mary Turfah

More Viewpoints

Travel Restrictions, Border Shutdowns by Country
WHO Chief's Questionable Past Comes Into Focus Following Response
Raytheon-UTC Merger Wins OK, Pending Divestitures
Understaffed and Under Equipped in Gaza
Trump Phones Netanyahu to Congratulate Him That He'll Form, Head Next Government
Israel's Gantz Angers Supporters With Move Towards Unity Government
Israel to Use Military to Enforce Coronavirus Lockdown
Coronavirus Cases Spike in West Bank as Laborers Return From Israel
Palestinians Face Two Enemies: Occupation and Pandemic
Palestinian Detainees in Israeli Jails Fear the Worst
Israel Says Gaza Militants Fired Rocket at Israeli Town
Israeli Settlers Exploit Lockdown to Annex Palestinian Land
Palestinian Activists Say There Is a Facebook Purge Against Them as Algorithms Replace Coronavirus-Hit Staff
Human Rights Group: During the Coronavirus Crisis, Israel Confiscates Tents Designated for Clinic in the Northern West Bank
Palestinian Shed and Water Well Destroyed by Israeli Forces in West Bank
Johns Hopkins Covid-19 Map Faulted for Erasing Palestinians
Iran's Army Sets Up Hospital in Capital as Virus Toll Climbs
80 Inmates Escape From Prison in Western Iran
Iran Urges US to Release Iranian Scientist Amid Coronavirus Pandemic
Iranian Diplomats Instigated Killing of Dissident in Istanbul, Turkish Officials Say
In Iran, the False Belief That Toxic Methanol Fights Covid-19 Kills Hundreds
Iraq Daily Roundup: Turkish Soldiers Among 16 Killed
In Iraq, Coronavirus Terrifies Even Doctors Hardened by Conflict
US Withdraws 'Non-Emergency' Staff From Iraq and Kurdistan Diplomatic Missions
Syria Bans Most Domestic Travel in Coronavirus Lockdown
Syria, UAE Leaders Discuss Coronavirus, a Thaw in Relations
Middle East
Travel Restrictions, Border Shutdowns Across the Mideast
Houthis Propose Exchange of Captured Saudi Pilot for Hamas Prisoners
Turkey Cancels International Flights, Bans Travel Between Big Cities
Fighting Escalates in Libya Despite Threat From Pandemic
Guinea Voters Back Controversial Constitution Changes
Algeria Extends Curfew to Nine More Provinces Over Coronavirus Outbreak
Maduro Pushes Back on DoJ Charges, Calls Trump 'Racist Cowboy'
Ex-Venezuelan General Charged With Drug Trafficking Surrenders to DEA
Venezuela's Only Telecoms Satellite Is Lost in Space
Russia Calls US Sanctions on Venezuela a 'Tool of Genocide' Amid Epidemic
US Military
Pentagon Eyes Chicago, Michigan, Florida, Louisiana as Coronavirus Spreads
Pentagon Reports More Than 600 Covid Cases and 2 Deaths
Trump Authorizes DoD to Recall Members of Ready Reserve
Army Corps of Engineers Eyes 114 Sites to Convert to Hospitals in Coronavirus Fight
Navy Hospital Ship Arrives in Los Angeles
US Army Finds Funds for Future Attack Recon Aircraft After FY20 Budget Cut
Air Force Academy Cadet Found Dead, Investigation Underway
Here's How Covid-19 Is Impacting the US Air Force's Most Important Weapons Programs
Trump Names New Defense Production Act Coordinator for Coronavirus Fight
The War at Home
White House Releases National Strategy for 5G Security
Musk's SpaceX Wins Nasa Award to Supply Planned Lunar Space Station
FBI Chief Says Bureau Won't Stop 'Finding Out What Happened' to Ex-Agent
Afghanistan Government Announces Team for Taliban Talks
Kabul Lockdown Begins Saturday: Officials
EU Calls for Permanent Ceasefire in Afghanistan
Graham Backs Reduction in US Aid to Afghanistan
Health Minister Calls on Afghans to Take Coronavirus Seriously
Trump Pledges Cooperation With China's Xi After Phone Call
To Slow Virus, China Bars Entry by Almost All Foreigners
China and US Promise to Cooperate in Fight Against Coronavirus – but How Long Will It Last?
North Korea Seen Expanding Rocket Launch Facility It Once Promised to Dismantle
Police Kill Suspected Militant, Arrest Two in Indonesia Raid

Internet Ban in Bangladesh's Rohingya Camps Will Cost Lives During Covid-19 Pandemic, HRW Warns

The War at Home
British PM Boris Johnson and Health Secretary Matt Hancock Test Positive for Covid-19
Mosques Close Doors in UK to Support Fight Against Coronavirus
Poll Finds Russians Split Over Allowing Putin to Extend Rule
Russia's 2020 Satellite Launch Program Hit by Production Halt: Roscosmos
NATO Announces North Macedonia as 30th Alliance Member
Finland Begins to Block Roads to Helsinki
No Lockdown Here: Belarus's Strongman Rejects Coronavirus Risks. He Suggests Saunas and Vodka.
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