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Updated March 30, 2020 - 8:59 PM EDT
US Repositions Troops in Iraq to Fight Iran
  Commander Opposes Plan to Wipe Out Iraq Militia
  Iraqis Rotate To Maintain Anti-Govt Protests Amid Covid Lockdown
Taliban Rejects Afghan Negotiation Team
  Afghan Army Kills 13 Taliban Fighters After Peace Team Rejection
Guaido Urges Military, Others Back Him in Ousting Maduro
  William Barr Greenlit Bush's Invasion of Panama, Is Venezuela Next?
Pentagon Homeland Teams Retreat to Mountain Bunker
US Sanctions Deny Iran Access to Drugs, Medical Equip.
Crisis in Sahel Becoming France's Forever War
item Barr Greenlit Bush's Invasion of Panama, Is Venezuela Next?  by Dave DeCamp
item How US Military Aid Threatens to Upend Europe's Long Peace  by Luke Nicastro
item Palestinians Are Essential to Israeli Healthcare, But Excluded From Government  by Philip Weiss
item Orwellian 'Enemies': The Enduring Utility of 'Axes of Evil'  by Maj. Danny Sjursen (ret.)
item Escalation in Iraq Would Be Insane  by Daniel Larison
item Iran Sanctions Are Biological Warfare Against Civilians  by Richard Eskow

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History of the Deadly 1918 'Spanish' Flu
Saudis Suspected of Phone Spying Campaign in US
Virus Delays Review of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty
Army Corps of Engineers Has Two to Three Weeks to Get 1000s of New Hospital Beds Up and Running
Armed IDF Troops to Help Enforce Coronavirus Lockdown
Palestinian Political Parties Call for Digitally Marking Land Day, March 30
Gantz Accepts Liberman's Coalition Demands Against State-Religious Affairs
Netanyahu, Gantz to Meet in Effort to Iron Out Details of Unity Government Deal
'Black Flag' Activists Protest Against Gantz Outside Homes of His Party's MKs
Labor Chairman Peretz to Join Netanyahu-Led Unity Government
PLO: Israel Exploiting Coronavirus to Expand Settlements
Palestinian Groups Cancel Mass Gaza Rallies Due to Coronavirus
Israeli Navy Shoots, Injures Palestinian Fisherman Off Gaza Coast
300 Palestinian-Owned Olive Trees Cut by Illegal Settlers Near Bethlehem
Iran to Use 20 Percent of State Budget to Fight Coronavirus
As Iran Coronavirus Deaths Rise, Rouhani Hits Back at Criticism
Zaghari-Ratcliffe Considered for Clemency in Iran as Leave From Prison Extended
Iraq Daily Roundup: 9 Killed; Ongoing Anti-PKK Strikes
US Pulls Out of a Third Base in Iraq
New Zealand Finishes Defense Force Mission in Taji, Iraq
Iraq Shi'ite Pilgrims Returning From Syria Test Positive for Coronavirus: Officials
Syria Reports First Death From Pandemic
12 ISIS Inmates Escape Kurdish-Run Prison in NE Syria
Yemen's Houthis Announce Release of 14 Imprisoned Rebel Fighters
Why Houthis Offered Saudi POWs Swap for Jailed Palestinians
Fierce Battles in Yemen Stress on Unifying Ranks
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia Intercepts Missile Over Riyadh
Saudi Expands Partial Lockdown, Halts Entry and Exit Into Jeddah
Middle East
Anti-Virus Measures Spark Mideast Fears of Setback in Liberties
Jordan's Ailing Economy Rocked by Spread of Virus
Bahrain Is Angry Because Qatar Is Helping Stranded Bahrainis
Lebanese Security Forces Tear Down Camp at Center of Protest Movement
Turkey Suspends All International Flights, Expands Restrictions
Moscow Orders Partial Lockdown as Coronavirus Cases in the Capital Pass 1,000
Russia to Close Borders Starting on March 30
Crew From Two Russian Submarines Quarantined
German State Minister Kills Himself as Coronavirus Hits Economy
UK Urged to Pause Brexit During Pandemic
Ukraine Leader's Party Faces Crunch Vote for IMF Loans
The War at Home
Trump Issues Major Disaster Declaration for DC Over Coronavirus
USS Ronald Reagan Reportedly Facing Covid-19 Outbreak
In a Pandemic, US Pro-Israel Lobbies Withdraw to the Home Office
Navy's Hospital Ship Arrives in Los Angeles to Ease Surge of Coronavirus Patients
Navy Sailing Into 'Choppy Waters' After Virus Strikes Carrier, Retired Admiral Warns
'We Are Putting Lives in Danger': Recruiters Urge Boot Camp Closures Amid Pandemic
Military Leaders Ask to Delay Budget Planning to Focus on Coronavirus, Let Staff Stay Home
Coronavirus Hits Defense Contractor Jobs
More Than 9,000 Responded to the Army's Call for Medical Personnel
Microsoft Divests From Israeli Facial-Recognition Startup
Why China's 'Mask Diplomacy' Is Raising Concern in the West
Dozens Clash on Hubei Border After China Lifts Virus Quarantine
WHO Says Following Taiwan Virus Response Closely, After Complaints
Afghanistan Rules Out Any Changes in Peace Committee
Badakshan District Falls to Taliban
Japan Govt: North Korean Projectiles Fell Outside Exclusive Economic Zone
Coronavirus Rumor Sparks Prison Riot in Thailand's Buriram
India's PM Modi Seeks 'Forgiveness' Over Lockdown
Man Shot Dead by Militants in Kashmir
In Somalia, Coronavirus Goes From Fairy Tale to Nightmare
Somali's Al-Shabaab Leaders Split Over Finances
Coronavirus and Cover-Up: Egypt's Two-Fronted War
Egypt's Banks Told to Limit Withdrawals and Deposits
France and Allies Establish New Task Force in Sahel
Virus Prevention Measures Turn Violent in Parts of Africa
Mali Holds Election Despite Coronavirus and Insurgency
Nigeria Orders 14-Day Cessation of Movement in Lagos, Abuja to Fight Coronavirus
Libya Frees More Than 450 Prisoners Amid Virus Fears, Fighting
Kenya Police Under Fire Over 'Excessive Force' as Curfew Begins
Algeria Arrests Leading Journalist Drareni
Russia Nationalizes Venezuelan Assets to Skirt US Sanctions
Haiti Hospital Chief Kidnap Amid Emergency
Canada's Army Not Needed Right Now to Help Combat Coronavirus Spread, Trudeau Says
Australia to Deploy Armed Forces in Coronavirus Compliance Battle
Americans Still Dying
Longview (WA) Airman Dies in Florida Training Exercise
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William Barr Greenlit Bush's Invasion of Panama, Is Venezuela Next?

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George W. Bush Is Not Your Republican Friend With Whom You Respectfully Disagree

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Jerusalem, the Capital of Apartheid

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