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Updated March 31, 2020 - 9:55 PM EDT
US May Ease Iran Sactions Over Coronavirus
US Outlines Plan for Venezuela Transition
US Deploys Patriot Missiles in Iraq Bases
  Pentagon May Keep Paratroopers in Mideast to Counter Iran
  US Repositions Troops in Iraq, Preparing for Fight Against Iran
  Iraqi PM Warns Against Attacks as Pentagon Plans to 'Destroy' Militias
Taliban Team in Kabul To Supervise Prisoner Release
  At Least 27 Afghan Security Personnel Killed in Taliban Assaults
For Autocrats, Covid-19 Is a Chance to Grab More Power
North Korea Says US Clearly Doesn't Want Nuclear Talks
Pentagon Seeks to Classify Future Defense Spending Plans
Saudi Airstrikes Pound Sanaa, Scores of Horses Killed
item The Military's Cult of Readiness Is Sabotaging Its Efforts to Slow the Spread of Covid-19  by Jeff Schogol
item Netanyahu Uses Covid-19 to Lure Rival Gantz Into 'Emergency' Govt  by Jonathan Cook
item From Electoral Politics to Covid-19: In Israel, Apartheid Mentality Reigns  by Miko Peled
item The Quiet and Lethal Wars Against Iran  by Ted Snider
item Stop the Presses: This Top Marine Wants to Shrink the Corps  by Jeff Groom
item Trump's Narcoterrorism Indictment of Maduro Already Backfires  by Leonardo Flores

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Iran Sanctions: Biden 'Does Not Have Enough Info Yet'
International Red Cross Calls for Action Against Covid-19 in War Zones
Hungary's 'Coronavirus Bill' Hands Orban Unchecked Power
The War at Home
Covid-19 Drives Command Teams Charged With Homeland Defense Into Cheyenne Mountain Bunker
First Known Federal Inmate Dies of Coronavirus
Coronavirus Hits Hundreds of US Police Amid Protective Gear Shortages
Fearing 'Humanitarian Disaster' US Senators Call for Renewed US Aid to Palestine
DoJ Investigates Lawmaker's Stock Trades Ahead of Coronavirus-Driven Decline
'A Huge and Timely BDS Victory': Microsoft Divests From Israeli Tech Firm Anyvision
Oil Drops Below $20 Barrel Mark in 18-Year Low for US Producers
Trump Says US to Send Medical Supplies to Italy, France, Spain
House Panel Delays Consideration of Annual Defense Policy Bill
Mark Meadows Resigning From Congress to Become Trump's Chief of Staff
US Military
Coronavirus Is Rising Around US Military, Defense Infrastructure, Analysis Shows
DoD's Top Watchdog Will Lead Pandemic Response Oversight
Navy Hospital Ship Arrives in New York
Marines Pause Sending New Recruits to South Carolina Boot Camp
Pentagon Signs $84m Deal to Buy 8,000 Ventilators
What the Space Force Is Doing to Reduce the Spread of Covid-19 After Three Test Positive
Space Force Logs Another Cost Increase for Raytheon's Next-Generation GPS Ground Station
Don't Politicize Medical Supply Problems, China Says
Taiwan Military Is Prepared for Any Chinese Attack, Says Defense Minister
India's Internet Curbs in Kashmir Hamper Coronavirus Fight
Indian Police Fire Tear Gas at Jobless Workers Defying Coronavirus Lockdown
North Korea Test Fires Missiles Amid Worries About Outbreak
US Spies Find Coronavirus Spread in China, North Korea, Russia Hard to Chart
Gunmen Kill New Zealand Man at Freeport Mine Office in Indonesia's Papua
Kremlin Fights US Sanctions, Backs Maduro in Rosneft Deal
Ex-Venezuelan Spy Chief Carvajal Discussing Surrender With US Authorities
Venezuela's Maduro Says Post-Pandemic Recovery Requires OPEC+ Deal
Solar Array Problem Killed Venezuela's Venesat-1: Officials
Israel Could Hire Controversial Spyware Firm NSO for Coronavirus 'Grading System'
Hebron in Lockdown After New Coronavirus Cases Confirmed
Fearing Gaza Virus Spread, Hamas Preps for Mass Quarantines
Renowned British Surgeon Says Gaza 2018 Protest Injuries Still Untreated
Israel's Netanyahu Tests Negative for Coronavirus After Aide Confirmed Carrier
Israeli Authorities to Uproot Ancient Palestinian Trees in Northern Nablus
Palestinians Cancel Land Day Demonstrations for the First Time Since They Began in 1976
Palestinians Rally Online for Land Day
Remembering Palestinian Land Day Under Lockdown
Iran Virus Cases Top 40,000
Iran Plans Tougher Restrictions as Coronavirus Toll Rises
US Expected to Renew Sanctions Waivers Allowing Iran Nonproliferation Work: Sources
Iran Says 54 Inmates at Large After Mass Jail Break
Iran Extends Temporary Release of Prisoners as Coronavirus Death Toll Rises
Iraq Daily Roundup: Four Killed
American Forces Hand Over Their Positions in Mosul to Iraqi Forces
In Iraq, No Resting Place for Coronavirus Dead
Iraqis Criticize Muqtada Al-Sadr for Blaming Coronavirus on Same-Sex Marriage
Middle East
Saudi Arabia Reportedly Tracked Phones by Using Industry-Wide Carrier Weakness
Activists Say ISIS Prison Riots Break Out Again in Syria
Somalia: Puntland Governor Killed in Al-Shabaab Suicide Attack
Egypt's Sisi Tells Authorities to Boost Strategic Food Reserves
Libya Frees More Than 450 Prisoners to Stem Spread of Coronavirus
Algeria Journalist Jailed in Pre-Trial Detention
Russian Regions Join Coronavirus Lockdown as Toll Rises
Ukraine Parliament at Odds Over Bills Needed to Secure $8 Billion IMF Package
Tiny Andorra Gets 39 Cubans to Battle Coronavirus
Norway to Admit Non-Resident Europeans Working in Oil, Agriculture, Easing Some Coronavirus Curbs
Colombian Rebel Group Calls Temporary Ceasefire Over Pandemic
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