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Updated April 2, 2020 - 8:39 PM EDT
Trump Accuses Iran of Plotting 'Sneak Attack'
  Iran Warns US on Warmongering, Top Iran General Visits Baghdad
  Official: US Intel Points to Deniable Iran-Backed Attack in Iraq
  Netanyahu Shared Fake Video as Proof of Iranian Virus Cover-Up
Trump Orders Anti-Drug Navy Ships to Venezuela
  Trump Announces Enhanced Counternarcotics Op at Covid Briefing
Afghan Govt, Taliban Agree to First Prisoner Swap
  Taliban Ready to Begin Ceasefires in Virus-Hit Afghan Areas
  Roadside Bombing in Afghanistan Kills 8, Mostly Children
Energy CEOs Will Meet With Trump Friday
Israel Links Covid Aid for Gaza to Recovering Soldiers
EU to Deploy Warships Off Libya in Hard-Power Display
item We Need a Coronavirus Truce  by John Feffer
item Take Rights Seriously, Even During a Pandemic  by Andrew P. Napolitano
item The FBI Is Routinely Screwing Up FISA Warrants Targeting Americans  by Scott Shackford
item Coronavirus Lays Low the Military  by Daniel Lazare
item Endless War Makes America Less Safe  by Daniel Larison
item Citizen Gorbachev Speaks  by Mikhail S. Gorbachev

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Covid Could Travel 27 Feet, Stay in Air for Hours: MIT
Doctors Warning Assange in a Covid Breeding Ground
US Orders 100,000 Body Bags
Egypt: Security Forces Disappear, Torture Children
The War at Home
Defense Chief Says States Can Use National Guard to Enforce Stay-At-Home Orders
Lockdowns, Closures: How Is Each US State Handling Coronavirus?
Soldiers' Home Staff Cite Dangerous Conditions Fueling Covid-19 Outbreak
Coast Guard Directs Cruise Ships With Infected Passengers to Stay Offshore 'Indefinitely'
8 Strains of the Coronavirus Are Circling the Globe. Here's What Clues They're Giving Scientists.
UN Nuclear Agency Sending Coronavirus Testing Gear to 40 Countries
Trump Administration Won't Station US Troops Near Canadian Border
Trump to Approve 90-Day Delay for Some Tariff Payments
US Lawmakers Want 9/11-Style Commission to Probe Coronavirus Crisis
US Oil Industry Pumps Near Record Volumes Even as Demand and Prices Collapse
US to Rent Out Federal Storage Space to Oil Industry
Pentagon to Send 540 More Troops to Southern Border Amid Coronavirus Concerns
'Demographic Flooding': India Introduces New Kashmir Domicile Law
Kashmiris Equate India's New Domicile Law With Israel's 'Settler-Colonial' Project
'Shoot Them Dead': Duterte Warns Against Violating Lockdown
Duterte Presses on With 'Drug War' Despite Coronavirus Lockdown
Turkmenistan Bans Use of Word 'Coronavirus,' Threatens Jail for Anyone Wearing a Mask
China Hid Extent of Outbreak, US Intelligence Reportedly Says
Afghan Peace Negotiating Team Draws International Reactions
Myanmar Charges Journalist Under Terrorism Law, Blocks News Site
Sweden Defies Lockdown Trend, Bets on Citizens Acting Responsibly
Sweden Pushes Back After Allies Ditch Military Exercise
Russian Plane With Coronavirus Medical Gear Lands in US After Trump-Putin Call
Russia Decides Not to Boost Oil Output
Putin Grants Government Emergency Powers to Fight Coronavirus
More Than 350,000 People Fined in France for Breaking Lockdown Rules
British Govt Set to Release 'Contact Tracking' App Which Detects Nearby Virus Carriers
European Experts Ready Smartphone Technology to Help Stop Coronavirus
Australia Starts Putting Time Limits on 'Draconian' Virus Measures
US Military
US Navy May Punish Captain Who Criticized Coronavirus Response
With Covid Threat to Increase, Air Force Takes Steps to Protect Its Most Important Missions
Navy Leaders: 2,700 Sailors Will Be Taken Off Aircraft Carrier With Coronavirus Outbreak
Sailors From Coronavirus-Stricken Aircraft Carrier to Quarantine in Guam Hotels
Pentagon Use of New Buying Tools Increased Nearly Tenfold in Five Years
World's Largest Aircraft Will Now Test Hypersonics for the Military
Space Force Awards Contracts Worth as Much as $1 Billion for New Modems
In the Midst of Global Pandemic, Israeli Occupation Thrives
Palestine Says Israeli Settlements 'Loophole' in Fight Against Covid
Palestine Solidarity Activism Hasn't Stopped: Watch These Webinars, Interviews, and Virtual Rallies While Social Distancing
Israeli Forces Demolish Palestinian Home, Deliver Stop Work Order for Livestock Barn
Palestinian Shot by Israeli Army Succumbs to Wounds
Palestinian Prisoner Contracts Coronavirus in Israeli Jail
Israeli Army Tanks Invade Parts of Gaza, Raze Palestinian Farmlands
Iraq Daily Roundup: 8 Killed
Fractures Grow Among Iraq Militias, Spell Political Retreat
PKK Claims Suicide Attack on Turkey-Iran Pipeline, Killing 30 Turkish Soldiers
US Believes Iran Was 'Directly Involved' in Killing of Iranian Dissident in Turkey
Turkish Defense Ministry Sends Covid Supplies to Italy and Spain
Turkey's Prisoner Release Should Not Exclude Political Detainees: Rights Groups
Erdogan, Putin Discuss Ways of Cooperation Against Covid-19
Middle East
Saudis Boost Oil Output, Defying Trump's Plea to End Price War
Hezbollah Asserts Role in Lebanon's Coronavirus Fight
Pro-Govt Yemeni Naval Forces Kill Three Houthis in Hodeidah
New Evidence US Airstrike Killed Teenage Girl in Somalia: Report
A Family Mourns as US Drone Attacks in Somalia Continue
Libyan PM Denounces Haftar as 'War Criminal'
Kenyan President Apologizes for Police Violence During Curfew
'Thank You China!' Mexico Grateful for Medical Supplies
As Gangs Ravage Mexico Town, Mayor Seeks Answers to Husband's Killing
El Salvador Homicides Drop; Experts Point to Virus Lock-Down
Peru Calls Up 10,000 Army Reserves to Enforce Quarantine
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