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Updated April 4, 2020 - 9:13 PM EDT
UN: 11 Countries Considering Global Ceasefire
  Restrictions on Religious Gatherings Prompt Clashes With Police
Netanyahu: 'Deep State' Controls Israel
  Ultra-Orthodox Jews Cough on Israeli Police, Calling Them 'Nazis'
Rep. Clyburn: Virus Is 'Tremendous Opportunity'
  Distillers Pressure FDA To Free Hand Sanitizer From Excise Tax
Analysts See a Lot of Potential Goals for US War in Iraq
Ghani Suggests Rival Take Charge of Afghan Peace Council
Court Orders FBI to Review Errors in Wiretap Applications
Sailors Cheer Relieved Captain, Officials Defend Firing
item Annexation Under Cover of Covid Containment  by Sari Bashi
item Raytheon Lobbyist Turned SecDef Offers Proposal to Preserve the Swamp  by Mandy Smithberger
item US Response to Covid in N. Korea Can Save Lives and Lead to Peace  by Christine Ahn & Kevin Martin
item The Blob Sucked Away Your Public Health and Gave You War Instead  by William S. Smith
item Will Covid-19 Kill the Constitution?  by Jacob Sullum
item Maximum Pressure on North Korea Is a Total Failure  by Henri Féron

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Pentagon Denies It Seeks to Hide Future Budget Info
Thousands of Federal Employees Have Coronavirus
Google Knows if Everyone in Your County Is Actually Staying Home or Not
US Embargo Blocks Cuba Aid Shipment From Asia
The War at Home
Advocates Raise Questions About Proposal to Allow Some Nuclear Waste to Be Disposed in Landfills
Anyone Near Trump or Pence Will Be Given Rapid Coronavirus Test: White House
Cuomo Signs Order for New York to Commandeer Ventilators, Protective Gear
Oil Giants Meet at White House Amid Talk of Buying Strategic Reserves
Trump Aims to Ease US Oil Industry's Cash Crunch, No Plan to Trim Output
Oil Surges More Than 13% on Hopes of Output Deal
US Not Negotiating With Saudi Arabia, Russia; Wants Them to Reach Oil Deal
NASA, SpaceX to Launch Astronauts in May Despite Coronavirus Pandemic
Lockheed Adds 1,000 Employees Amid Coronavirus Crisis, Wants to Hire 5,000 More
CIA Attempting to Uncover More Accurate China Coronavirus Numbers
China Asked to Write Off More African Debts as Coronavirus Hits Economies
Pakistani Taliban Down but Not Out, Says Ex-Spokesman
Pakistan Re-Arrests Four Men Acquitted for Daniel Pearl Murder
World Bank Approves $100m in Aid for Afghanistan
Under Modi, India's Press Is Not So Free Anymore
Myanmar Journalists Who Quoted Rebel Spokesman Face Arrest
Bangladesh Braced for Huge Outbreak in One of World's Largest Rohingya Refugee Camps
Russia, Italy Spar Over Alleged Coronavirus Spies
Chechnya Becomes First Russian Region to Impose Covid Curfew
Russia Detains Activists Trying to Help Hospital Amid Virus
Russia to Halt All Flights at Midnight on Friday, Including for Repatriation
Putin Suggests Sizable Oil Production Cut as Prices Fall
Silver Lining? Russia's Cossacks Don Modified Masks Against Coronavirus
Germany and France Blame Americans for Playing Dirty Over Masks
General: Pentagon Brought 3.5m Test Swabs From Italy to US
Swiss Government Expands Powers to Force Firms to Make Supplies to Fight Covid-19
Brazil Looks for Solutions as Bidding War Over Chinese Supplies Leaves Country Without Medical Equipment
Netanyahu's Embrace of Bolsanaro Echoes Hidden History of Israeli Support for Authoritarians in Brazil: Cables
EU Backs US Plan for Venezuela Transitional Government
Mexico Murder Rate Reaches New High as Violence Rages Amid Covid-19 Spread
Trudeau Hints at Retaliation After White House Orders 3m to Halt 'Critical' N95 Mask Exports to Canada Health Workers
US Military
Lawmakers Call for Investigation Into Aircraft Carrier Captain's Firing
'It Doesn't Add Up to Me': Current and Former Navy Officials Question Captain's Abrupt Dismissal
'Best Captain We Ever Had' – Watch the Crew of USS Roosevelt Give Their Fired Skipper a Triumphant Send-Off
Coronavirus: Pentagon Adjusts Screening Process for Care on Hospital Ship
Military Personnel to Handle Coronavirus Patients at Facilities in NYC, New Orleans, and Dallas
Boeing Stops Work at Philadelphia Facility, Halting Production of H-47 and V-22 Aircraft
Iraq Daily Roundup: Six Killed; Protest Violence Resumes
Coronavirus Cases in Iraq 'Thousands More' Than Reported by Government, Say Doctors
Iraq Bans Reuters for 90 Days Over Whistleblower Report Claiming Coronavirus Cover-Up
Medical Workers Warn of 'Disaster' if Pandemic Hits Iraq's Sinjar Region
Netanyahu and Gantz Meet, Issue Joint Statement on 'Progress' Toward Unity
With Gantz on Patio and PM Quarantined Inside, Progress Made Toward Unity Deal
How Digital Surveillance in Israel Virus Fight Watches You More Closely Than Any GPS
After Weeks of Ignoring Its Palestinian Citizens, Israel to Step Up Testing in Arab Towns
Israel and Palestine Weigh 'Opportunity' for Prisoner Exchange Deal
EU Condemns Israel's Detention of PA Minister Fadi Hidmi
10 Palestinian Prisoners at Ofer Embark on Hunger Strike
PLO Official Decries Israeli Actions Amidst Spread of Coronavirus
Israel Arrests Palestinian Official in East Jerusalem
Israel Locks Down Ultra-Orthodox Town Over Coronavirus
Norway Pleads for More Aid to Help Palestinians Tackle Coronavirus
Turkey Imposes Curfew on Youth, Shuts Borders of 31 Cities
28-Year-Old Turkish Singer Helin Bolek Dies Following Hunger Strike Over Government Treatment
Yemen/Saudi Arabia
Yemen: US-Saudi Aerial Aggression Targets Citizen's House in Sa'adah, Casualties Reported
Saudi Deploys 'Counter-Insurgency Force' to Impose Riyadh Coronavirus Lockdown
Workers in Libya Struggle Under Oil Blockade
Three Warplanes Belonging to Haftar Militia Downed
Algeria Accused of Using Coronavirus Pandemic to 'Settle Scores' With Media
Mali: Abducted Opposition Leader 'Doing Well', Release Talks On
Eritrea Urged to Free Political Prisoners Amid Covid-19 Threat
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