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Updated May 12, 2020 - 9:06 PM EDT
Iran's Friendly Fire Missile Strike Kills 19 Sailors
Venezuela Exposed US 'Mercs' Plan Weeks Earlier
  Guaido Advisers Quit Following Bungled Venezuela Raid
  US Wants Release of Vets Who Led Failed Invasion of Venezuela
  Vet Pitched Coup to Colorado Investors, Claiming Trump Ties
Afghan Officials Say Taliban Aligning With Qaeda
  Retired Afghan General Joins Taliban as Concerns Rise Over Defections
Yemeni Govt, Separatists Fight in Zinjibar, 10 Die
  WHO Orders Staff Out of Houthi-Held Areas of Yemen
  Coronavirus in Yemen: Aden Declared 'Infested' City as Toll Rises
item Should the United States Have Fought in World War II? No  by John L. Chapman
item US Wants Release of Two Vets Who Led Failed Coup Invasion of Venezuela  by Dave Lindorff
item High Stakes: Gambling on
Biden's Foreign Policy
 by Maj. Danny Sjursen (ret.)
item Why Keep on Confronting?  by Brian Cloughley

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The Day Police Bombed a US City Street: Can Scars of 1985 MOVE Atrocity Heal?
NATO Chief Backs Germany's Vow to Keep War-Ready US Nukes
Trump Says Not in Favor of Reopening China Trade Deal
British Propaganda in Syria May Have Broken UK Law
The War at Home
Elon Musk Reopening California Factory Against State Order
Pennsylvania Governor Threatens to Withhold Federal Aid to Counties That Open Prematurely
Twitter Launches Labels, Warnings on Misleading Covid-19 Information
Sioux Tribes Reject South Dakota Governor's Request to Take Down Coronavirus Checkpoints
Los Angeles Sheriff: Inmates Deliberately Trying to Catch Coronavirus in Attempt to Secure Release
Postal Service Blames 'Error' After Woman With Coronavirus Told She Would No Longer Get Mail
US Republicans Threaten Jordan With Sanctions for Refusing to Extradite Ahlam Tamimi Over Israeli Bombing
Democrats Blast 'Blatant Misuse' of Russia Deterrence Funding on Border Wall
How the Marine Corps Fails to Weed Out Senior Officer Misconduct
US Navy Sends Ships to Confront China, Warns China Against 'Bullying'
Chinese, Indian Troops Engage in 150-Strong Border Brawl With Fistfights and Stone Throwing, Delhi Says
Trump Says Not in Favor of Reopening China Trade Deal
China Warns of Retaliation Over New US Visa Rule
A Chinese Rocket Fell Back to Earth Totally Out of Control
Afghan Capital Rocked by Four Bomb Blasts
Afghanistan Arrests Regional ISIS Leader
Nepal Is Angry Over India's New Road in Disputed Border Area
Putin Announces Easing of Russian Lockdown
Interpol Issues Wanted Notice for Wife of US Diplomat Sought Over Fatal UK Car Crash
Serbian Police Separate Pro-Government, Opposition Rallies
France Requires Face Masks but Still Bans Islamic Face Coverings
Mexico Authorizes Military Policing for Four More Years
Lopez Obrador Accused of Militarizing Mexico With New Security Decree
Mexican President Says New York Times 'Lacking in Ethics' Over Coronavirus Report
Brazil Launches Military Operations in the Amazon Rainforest
Canadian Military Postpones Overseas Missions Due to Covid
Israel Government Swearing-In Delayed a Day by Pompeo Visit
Israeli Troops Shoot, Injure and Abduct Two Palestinian Youths
Israeli Forces Destroy Home of Palestinian Prisoner
Netanyahu Appoints Gilad Erdan to Double Role of Ambassador to US, UN
Palestinian Worker Shot, Injured by Israeli Forces in West Bank
France Pushing for Tough EU Response to Any West Bank Annexation: Diplomats
Yemen's Separatists Take State Revenues in Aden to Tighten Southern Grip
War in Yemen Forces More Girls Into Child Marriage
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia to Deploy Its Own Missile-Defense Systems at Oil Facilities After US Withdrawal
Saudi Arabia Cuts Handouts, Triples Vat in Multibillion Dollar Austerity Drive
Saudi Arabia to Cut Oil Output by Another 1 Million Barrels a Day
US Tells Iran to Send Plane So Washington Can Deport 11 Iranian Nationals
Iran Set to Reopen Mosques Despite Spike in Covid Cases
Iraq Daily Roundup: Three Killed; ISIS Sets Fire to Crops
Trump Tells Iraq's New PM: US Willing to Give Economic Help
Iraq's New PM: Protesters Will Be Protected From Violent Attacks
Basra Protesters Call for Resignation of Local Governor
Iraq Security Forces Arrest Armed Men After Protester Killed
Amnesty Accuses Damascus, Moscow of 'War Crimes' in Idlib
Syrian Kurdish Authorities Ban Journalist Who 'Offended Martyrs'
Middle East
Thirteen Lebanese Military Court Soldiers Contract Coronavirus
Bahrain Shuts Down Event Criticizing Normalization With Israel
Turkey to Start Power Generation in Huge Tigris Dam Impacting Iraq Next Week, Erdogan Says
As Covid-19 Spreads, Sissi Sees Opportunity to Tighten His Grip
Detained Egyptian Filmmaker Shady Habash Died From 'Alcohol Poisoning', Government Claims
Report: Child Soldiers Deployed to Libya by Turkish-Backed Syrian National Army
African Nations Seek Their Own Solutions in Virus Crisis
Lesotho PM Thabane's Coalition Folds, Leaves May 22: Speaker
Grenade Attack Kills Two in Burundi Bar Ahead of Polls
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