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Updated May 14, 2020 - 9:12 PM EDT
China Rejects US Talk of Sanctioning Iran at UN
FBI Unmasks Saudi Link to 9/11 Hijackers
US Spent Half of World Budgets for Nukes in 2019
  New START Treaty Looks Dead in the Water
  Covid-19 Could Start a New Fight Over NATO Military Spending
1.4 Million US Health Workers Lose Jobs
  Wisconsin Supreme Court Voids Governor's Stay-At-Home Order
  Michigan Gov. Whitmer May Extend Lockdown Due to Protests
IG: Tensions Drove Iraqis To Question US Support
  US Envoy Claims Sanctions Forcing Iran Out of Syria
Senate Votes to Let the Govt Keep Surveilling You
List of Obama Officials Who Sought to 'Unmask' Flynn
item FBI Accidentally Unmasks Saudi Link to 9/11 Hijackers  by Kelley Vlahos
item HR 6666 a Devil of a Covid-19 Govt Surveillance Plot  by Cheryl K. Chumley
item Arabs, UN Must Move to Protect the Status of Palestinian Refugees  by Ramzy Baroud
item The Foreign Policy Blob Strikes Back  by Doug Bandow
item 'See-No-Evil' Phase of Russiagate  by Patrick Lawrence
item Tom Cotton Has Been Waiting Years for This  by Curt Mills

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French Parliament Passes Law Requiring Social Media Companies Delete Certain Content Within an Hour
Niger Says 75 Boko Haram Fighters Killed in Two Ops
7 UN Agencies Urge Libya Cease-Fire to Contain Coronavius
The War at Home
Poll: US Voters Views on China Have Soured Amid Pandemic
Here Are the Navy Pilot Reports From Encounters With Mysterious Aircraft Off the East Coast
Donald Trump Extends Executive Order Aimed at Huawei to Guard US Telecoms Supply Chain
Senators Ask Trump Spy Chief Nominee to Clarify Testimony on Torture
Native American Tribe Leader Says Tribal Sovereignty Protects Coronavirus Checkpoints
US Military
Pentagon's European Exercise Campaign Resumes With US-Polish Drill
Esper Uses USS Theodore Roosevelt to Tout US Naval Supremacy Amid Covid-19 Crisis
Simultaneous T-38 Landings Halted After Fatal Crash
Taliban Say Ready to Fight Attacking Afghan Forces
Govt Blames Taliban for Attacks, Taliban Denies Involvement
Death Toll in Afghan Attacks Rises to 56: Officials
Western Kabul Residents Accuse Security Agencies of Failure
20 Newborn Babies Left Without Caretaker After Hospital Attack
Afghan Leaders Criticized as Nation Reels From Hospital Attack
Ex-Mujahideen Slams Afghan Govt Policy, Wants Military Supremacy
China/North Korea
US Sails Warship Near Taiwan Ahead of Presidential Inauguration
China Seals Off Cities Near North Korea as New Clusters Grow
North Korea Mysteriously Locks Down Major Border City
Soldiers Shoot Man Dead in Kashmir, Sparking Anti-India Clashes
How India Is Clamping Down on Muslim Activists Under the Cover of Coronavirus
Malaysian Government Illegitimate, Says Former PM, After No-Confidence Vote Blocked
Myanmar Army Admits Prisoner Abuse After Beating Video Emerges
Venezuelan Prison Director and Five Soldiers Charged in Prison Massacre Case
FBI Probes More Firms Over Venezuelan Oil Deal
Venezuelan Oil Firm Sues Former GOP Congressman Over $50m Consulting Deal
Reports of Mass Graves as Latin America Becomes New Pandemic Epicenter
Colombia Militarizes Brazil Border Amid Jump in Virus Cases
US, Cuba Trade Terrorism Accusations as Havana Blacklisted
Dozens Dying Each Day in Coronavirus 'Infested' Aden
Netanyahu to Rivlin: I Have Formed a Government
Pompeo: New Israel Government Has 'Right and Obligation' to Decide if and How to Annex
AIPAC: Annexation Should Not Change US-Israel Relationship
UK Should Answer Israeli Annexation With Harsh Economic Sanctions, MPs Say
Palestinian Teen Shot Dead by Israeli Forces
Israeli Colonists Invade Town Near Ramallah, Write Graffiti
Lost Land: Nakba Survivors Recall Rural Struggle in Mandate-Era Palestine
Iraq Daily Roundup: Four Killed; Turkish Jets Target PKK Sites
Norway's Top Military Official in Iraq Says Virus Helps ISIS
ISIS Believed Behind Crop Fires in Iraq's Disputed Territories
Iraq Agrees With Oil Majors to Cut Output, but Short of OPEC+ Target
Hassan Nasrallah: Israel Targeting Missile Sites in Syria
How a British-Backed Media Operation Tried to Turn Alawites Against Assad
Lebanon to Reinstate Total Lockdown Amid Spike in Infections
Three British Nuclear Programs Are $1.67 Billion Over Budget
UK Muslim Charity Calls for End to Statutory Inquiry After Police Return Seized Funds
Moscow Says It Ascribed Over 60% of Coronavirus Deaths in April to Other Causes
Hungary's Orban Uses Crisis Powers for Detentions Under 'Fake News' Law
Coronavirus Funding Plan Threatens EU Defense Ambitions
Ukraine Blocks Oligarch's Bid to Regain Bank and Clears Way for International Funds
Police, Protesters Clash in Montenegro's North Over Bishop's Detention
Germany Finds Arms, Explosives Cache at Special Forces Soldier's Home
Sudan Clashes Kill 26, Including Paramilitary Forces
Is Russia Pulling Support From Libyan Strongman Hafter?
Guinea: Six Protesters Killed in Clashes With Police
Ghana Jails Three Ex-Government Officials for Spyware Deal With Israel's NSO Group
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