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Updated May 18, 2020 - 8:54 PM EDT
No, ISIS Isn't Resurging Amid the Pandemic
  Al-Qaeda and ISIS Cross Swords in Sahel
The Trump Administration Kills Coldly in Yemen
  Raytheon Finds Ally in Trump Aide: Selling Bombs Killing Yemenis
Afghan Leaders OK Power-Sharing, End Dispute
  Afghan Power-Sharing Deal Would Promote General Accused of Rape
  Pentagon: Afghanistan Drawdown Continuing, Timeline Will Be Met
Iran Complains to UN Over US Threats on Fuel Shipments
  Five Iran Tankers Sailing to Venezuela Amid US Pressure Tactics
  Letter and Contract Put Guaido at Center of Failed Venezuelan Coup
Israeli Strike Kills 7 Iraqi Fighters on Iraq-Syria Border
item The Trump Administration Kills Coldly in Yemen, Putting Jobs Before Lives  by Doug Bandow
item Papa Adelson's Emerging Tawdry Ties to the CIA  by Kelley Beaucar Vlahos
item Sham Prosecution of Gen. Flynn Reveals Broad Corruption in Russiagate  by Glenn Greenwald
item No, ISIS Isn't Resurging Amid the Pandemic  by Daniel R. DePetris
item Poll: Americans Reject Israeli Annexation  by Grant Smith
item The ICC Is Investigating War Crimes in Occupied Palestine  by Ramzy Baroud & Romana Rubeo

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So Far, No Covid Spike in Places Reopening: Health Secretary
Germany Exports Millions in Arms to Libya Belligerents, Despite Embargo
German FM: Authoritarians Are Using Coronavirus
Coalition of 62 Countries Back Australia's Push for Coronavirus Pandemic Probe
The War at Home
Trump's Emergency Powers Worry Some Senators, Legal Experts
Inspector General's Firing Puts Pompeo's Use of Taxpayer Funds Under Scrutiny
Maine Trooper Claims Police Illegally Surveilled US Camp for Israeli, Arab Teens
Maine State Police Illegally Collected Data, Trooper Claims in Whistleblower Suit
Man Who 'Threatened to Kill' Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer Faces Terrorism Charge
Veterans Worry About Going to VA Hospitals Amid Covid-19
US Military
13 Sailors on the USS Theodore Roosevelt Test Positive for Covid-19 After Recovering From Virus
For the Second Week, Covid-19 Recoveries Among Troops Outpaced New Diagnoses
The Space Force Just Launched the Mysterious X-37B Space Plane
Questions Linger for Family of Marine Killed in Training Accident
Pompeo Welcomes Afghan Power-Sharing Deal, Chides Leaders for Lost Time
'Taliban Killed 120 Civilians Since Start of Ramadan': Afghan Govt
Afghan Army Member Killed in Unknown Gunmen Attack in Kabul
Afghan VP Blames Taliban for Kabul, Nangarhar Attacks
China/Hong Kong
China Emerges as Potential Strain on US-Israel Relationship
Pompeo Warns China Over Alleged Interference in US Reporting in Hong Kong
Alleged Victim of Beating by Hong Kong Police Sentenced to Six Months in Jail for Assaulting Officer and Another Man
India to Ease Restrictions on Foreign Ownership in Defense Ventures
Four ISIS Terrorists Killed in Encounter in East Pakistan
Western Mercenaries Arrived in Libya to Support Haftar: UN
Five-Year-Old Among People Killed in Tripoli Bombing
Egyptian Military Kills Seven Suspected Militants in Sinai
Independent Egyptian Media Outlet Says Top Editor Arrested
Rwanda Genocide Suspect Felicien Kabuga Arrested in France
'He Wouldn't Say a Word' – Rwanda Genocide Fugitive Lived Incognito in Paris
Militia Massacre: 20 Villagers Killed in Northeast DR Congo
Burundi Defies Covid-19 for Election Ending a Bloody Rule
Angola Teen Killed by Soldier During Coronavirus Mask Operation
Second Somali Governor Killed in Al-Shabaab Suicide Blast in Just Weeks
Sudanese Anger After Soldier Kills Two on Rickshaw
Netanyahu Inaugurates Israel Unity Government With Renewed 'Illegal' Annexation Pledge
Ebullient Netanyahu Laughs Off the Notion That New Government Will Be His Last
Dozens of Israeli Leaders Call for Strengthening Israel's Relationship With US Jewry
Palestinians Tear Gassed in Protests Against Settlements
Israeli Forces Shoot, Assault and Injure Five Palestinian Protestors Near Nablus
Two Police Officers Shot in Central Israel
EU Says Will Work to 'Discourage' Any Israeli Annexation Initiative
Israeli Hospital Guards Kill Epileptic Palestinian Man
Israeli Troops Throw Fire Bombs, Burn Palestinian Homes, Farm Land in Hebron
Hundreds of Artists Urge Israel to End Gaza Blockade
Iran Supreme Leader Says Americans Will Be Expelled From Iraq and Syria
Rouhani: Iranians to Mark Quds Day in Vehicles, Not Marches
Iran Officials Confirm 'Minor Damage' by Fire at Tomb of Mordechai and Esther
Iran Sentences French Academic to Six Years in Prison
Family of UK-Australian Academic Jailed in Iran Denies Reports of Torture, Suicide Attempts
Syrian State Media Reports Explosion in Aleppo
Seven ISIS Militants Escape Jail in NE Syria; Four Caught
Middle East
Iraq Daily Roundup: 15 Killed; Fresh ISIS Attacks
South Yemen Fighting Between STC and Pro-Government Forces Leaves 14 Dead
Saudi Arabia's Leading Women Activists Mark Two-Year Prison Anniversary Despite Kingdom's 'Reform Drive'
Lebanese Are Despairing Over Their Next Meal as the Economic Crisis Worsens
British Police Arrest 19 at London Protest Against Social Distancing
Imperial College Model Britain Used to Justify Lockdown a 'Buggy Mess', 'Total Unreliable', Experts Claim
Police Tear Gas Protesters in Poland Calling for Businesses to Reopen
Germans Stage Protests Against Lockdown Measures, Social Distancing Rules
Bosnian Protests at Mass for Croatia's Pro-Nazi WWII Regime
Albania Protesters Clash With Police Over Theater Demolition
Police Raid in Quarantined Brazil Slum Kills 10
'Express Burials' Raise Fears That Nicaragua Is Hiding Virus Tragedy
Mexican Journalist Killed in Armed Attack
Salvadoran President Declares Emergency Without OK From Congress, Sparking Controversy
Canadian Air Force Pilot Dies After Jet Crashes During Coronavirus Tribute
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