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Updated June 17, 2020 - 8:58 PM EDT
Dozens of Troops Killed on Indo-China Border
North Korea Blows Up Diplomatic Office
  North Korea Rejects South's Offer of Envoys, Vows To Return Troops
Israel Increases Nuclear Stockpile to 90 Warheads
  UK PM Boris Johnson: Israeli Annexation Breaches International Law
Trump Confirms Plan to Cut Troops in Germany
US Wants In-Person Meetings With Iran on Prisoners
Syrian al-Qaeda Figures Killed With Variant of Hellfire Missile
US Now Has Three Aircraft Carriers Patrolling the Pacific
Brass Salute Constitution.
Will They Let Trump Start Unconstitutional War?
 by Paul W. Lovinger
US to 'Reinterpret' Arms Pact To Sell More Drones  by Brett Wilkins
US Police Act Like Occupying Armies. They Literally Studied Their Tactics  by Stuart Schrader
Foreign Policy Establishment:
US Must Forever Defend Everyone
 by Doug Bandow
US Leads a Coalition of One Against China  by Ted Galen Carpenter
Mission Creepy: DEA Swims in Alphabet Soup of Protest 'Security'  by Kelley Beaucar Vlahos

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Julian Assange in Limbo
by Patrick Cockburn
Protester Shoved by Buffalo Police Is Unable to Walk, Attorney Says
Justice Clarence Thomas in Public Disagreement With Top Court on 'Qualified Immunity' for Police
'Major Breakthrough' as UK Scientists Find $6 Steroid Cuts Covid-19 Deaths
CIA Blasted for 'Woefully Lax' Cybersecurity
For Much of Europe, Reopening Day Is Here
The War at Home
Trump Signs Executive Order on Police Reform After Weeks of Protests Sparked by Death of George Floyd
Richmond Police Chief Resigns After Viral Footage of Police SUV Driving Into Crowd
US Borders With Mexico, Canada to Remain Closed Over Coronavirus Concerns
More Than 7 in 10 Americans Won't Use Contact-Tracing Apps, Data Shows
Google Bans Zerohedge From Its Advertising Platform, Issues Citation Against The Federalist
US Military
Air Force Sergeant Charged in Drive-By Shooting of Federal Officers
Three Years After Fatal Collision, the USS Fitzgerald Rejoins the Fleet
Army Now Offering $25,000 Reward for Information Regarding Missing Fort Hood Soldier
Travis Airman Suspected in Killing of Federal Officer Linked to Far Right 'Boogaloo' Movement
UN Rights Experts Condemn Israel's Annexation Plan, US Support
Israeli Settlers Vandalize Palestinian-Owned Property Near Nablus
German Party Calls for Sanctions on Israel After Annexation
Despite Annexation Plan, Top UAE Official Urges Greater Cooperation With Israel
Israeli Army 'Arrests' Palestinian Young Man in Ramallah Raid
Jordan's King Says Regional Stability Put at Risk by Israeli Annexation
Russia Hosts Zarif, Promises to Stand by Iran on Nuclear Deal
France Says Working With Partners to Pressure Iran at IAEA on Inspector Access
Iraq Daily Roundup: Four Killed in Attacks
Turkey Airlifts Troops Into Iraq to Use Against Kurdish Militants
Turkish Warplanes Strike Kurdish Targets in Northern Iraq
Rockets Hit Near Baghdad Airport: 4th Attack This Week
UN Envoy Hopes for New Syria Talks and Warns of Dire Economy
For Syrian Family With 16 Children, Life at Turkish Border Only Gets Harder
Middle East
UN Slammed for Taking Saudi Coalition Off Child Rights Blacklist
US Considers Withholding Aid to Jordan to Force Extradition
US Sanctions Aim to Starve Both Lebanon and Syria: Nasrallah
Venezuela Top Court Ousts Leaders of Opposition Parties in Run-Up to Congress Vote
Venezuela Court Orders Takeover of Two Major Political Parties
Venezuelan Oil From US-Sanctioned Regime Lines Up Off China
Canadian CF-18 Upgrade Package OK'd by US
'Snowden Refugees' Call for Family Reunification in Canada Amid Coronavirus Crisis
Kremlin Calls for 'Restraint' Amid North Korea Escalation
South Korea Says Will No Longer Accept Unreasonable Behavior by North Korea
US Says in 'Close Coordination' With South Korea After North Korea Destroys Liaison Office
India-China Border 'Face-Off': All You Need to Know in 500 Words
China Military Demands India Stop All Provocations, Return to Dialogue
China Hawks Eye a New Target: Airport Jet Bridges
Beijing Residents Are Rounded Up and Put in Quarantine as the City Goes Back Into Lockdown
Taiwan Jets 'Drive Away' Intruding Chinese Fighter Plane, Third Intrusion in Days
India Urged by UN to End Torture, Use of Pellet Guns Against Minors
Afghan Media Raises Alarm Over Proposed Media Law Amendment
Afghanistan Still Deadliest Place for Children: UN
Despite US Sanctions, Int'l Criminal Court Will Keep Investigating Afghan War Crimes
George Floyd Killing Gives France Its Own Reckoning on Race
Clashes at Health Worker Protest in Paris; Police Blame Anarchists
Balkan Foes Head to White House as US Swipes Talks From EU
Austria: Man Fined for Farting 'With Full Intent' at Police
Italy's Ruling Five Star Denies Receiving $3.9m From Venezuela
Russian Police Injured in Clashes With Azeris Stranded by Coronavirus Travel Curbs
Bodies of Children and Others Found in Libyan Town After LNA Retreat, Red Crescent Says
Merkel, Erdogan Agree UN Process for Libya Should Be Bolstered
France Wants Talks Over 'Aggressive' Turkish Posture in Libya
EU Chief Urges Bloc to Increase Support for Libya Mission
Turkey Accuses France of Exacerbating Libya Crisis
DR Congo
Six Killed as Militia Torches Homes in East DR Congo
DR Congo Judge Died by Being 'Stabbed in the Head' Not Heart Attack as Reported
Mali's Keita Says Abducted Opposition Leader Cisse Alive
Why Zimbabwean Women Are Being Dragged to Court Accused of Lying
Egypt Arrests Journalist After Al Jazeera Appearance
Brazilian Police Arrest Organizers of Pro-Bolsonaro Protests
Guyana in Crisis Due to Dispute Over Election Fairness
Mexican Federal Judge and Wife Shot Dead in Violent Western State
New Zealand
New Zealand Military to Oversee Quarantine Facilities After New Covid-19 Case
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