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Updated June 18, 2020 - 8:43 PM EDT
Turkish Ground Offensive Against Kurds in N. Iraq
  Iran Fires Artillery Against Iraqi Kurds in Support of Turkish Offensive
Caesar Act: How Will New Sanctions Hit Syria?
  Turkey Sends Troops Into N. Syria, Anticipating Kurdish Attacks
China Adopts Conciliatory Tone With India After Clash
  Chinese Reportedly Beat Indian Troops With Barbed Wired-Batons
Pentagon: Must Ensure Space Superiority for Future Wars
US Raids in Somalia in Early 2020 Killed 7 Civilians: HRW
Saudis Say No Civilians Killed in Yemen Airstrike
item Kim's Well-Timed 'Surprise' Portends Another Nuke Crisis  by Harry J. Kazianis
item US Engagement in Africa Should Be Led by Civilians, Not Military  by Elizabeth Shackelford
item Qualified Immunity Is How the Police State Stays in Power  by John W. Whitehead
item Who Really Infiltrates the Peaceful Protests?  by Ted Snider
item Execution of Disabled Palestinian Is a War Crime  by Maureen Clare Murphy
item America Once Tried to Get Rid of This Refugee Camp. Now Turkey Is Bombing It.  by Matthew Petti

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North Korea Threatens to Beef Up Military Presence Around DMZ
Taliban Raids on Afghan Security Posts Kill 18
Facebook to Allow Users to Block Political Ads
How Much the 10 Largest US Cities Spend on Police
Egypt's Mohamed Morsi Mourned on First Anniversary of His Death
Netanyahu Aides Fear US May Drop Annexation if PM Can't Reach Deal With Gantz
Two Arab Israeli Men Murdered in North, Marking 38 Killed in Community This Year
Arab Israeli Diplomat Says Security Guards Choked Him
UAE Official: Israeli Annexation May Increase Calls for Single Binational State
Settlers Torch Construction Site in Palestinian Village
Man Shot, Severely Injured in Northern Israel
Israeli Forces Confiscate Palestinian-Owned Bulldozers, Equipment
Israeli War Crimes Fugitive Receives German Peace Prize
EU Cuts Grant to Palestinian Group Refusing to Sign Anti-Terror Clause
Iran to Send Black Boxes From Downed Ukrainian Airliner to Ukraine: Minister
Iran Slams UN Dropping Saudi-Yemen Coalition From Blacklist
Iraq Daily Roundup: Nine Killed; Dumped Bodies Found
Nationwide Anger as Iraq Announces Pension Cuts
Syria Devalues Currency as New US Sanctions Hit
Kurdish Women Take Up Arms to Protect Crops From ISIS Arson Attacks in Syria
Why Is Turkey the Key to Unlocking a NATO-EU Naval Operation?
Face Masks Outside Now Compulsory in Major Turkish Cities
Ukraine Receives US Military Aid Worth More Than $60m
US State Dept. Clears $600m Deal With Ukraine for Patrol Boats, Guns and Sensors
EU Wants Explanation After Lawmaker Reports Police Violence
Pressure on Italy to Scrap Planned Arms Deal With Egypt
France Sentences Syrian Leader's Uncle to Four Years in Prison
US: 2,000 Russia-Backed Mercenaries Fighting in Libya
Turkey Says It Discussed Lasting Ceasefire During Libya Trip
Turkish Military Official Denies French Claim That Warship Was Harassed
South Sudan Leaders Reach Key Deal on Control of States
Mali Protest Leader Urges Mass Anti-Government Rally
Malawi Lawyers Protest Chief Justice's Pre-Vote Forced Retirement
The War at Home
Atlanta Police Officer Charged With Murder of Rayshard Brooks
Facial Recognition Tools Under Fresh Scrutiny Amid Police Protests
Poll: Over 60 Percent of Voters Believe George Floyd's Death Was Part of a Larger Pattern in Policing
Top Democrat Plans to Ask Bolton for Information on Turkey Probe After Bolton Claims
US Military
The Army Wants to Bring in 10,000 New Soldiers During a Three-Day Recruiting Spree
US Fighter Jets Intercept Russian Aircraft Off Alaska Coast for 2nd Time in Week
After Fatal Jet Crash, the Pilots Were Blamed. Then the Air Force Banned the Flight Maneuver
Special Operations Marine Dies During Airborne Training at Fort Benning
China/Taiwan/Hong Kong
China Should 'Lay Down Its Cards' and Push for More Talks With US, Former Top Chinese Diplomat Says
Pompeo Meets Chinese Counterpart in Hawaii to Talk Trade, Hong Kong, Human Rights
Trump Signs Uygur Human Rights Bill Into US Law, Authorizing Sanctions Against Chinese Officials
Taiwan Appoints Tsai Ing-Wen Confidant as US Envoy
US Wants Undersea Data Cable to Skip Hong Kong Over Beijing Worries
Group of Seven Countries Urge China to Reconsider Hong Kong National Security Law
Chinese Human Rights Lawyer Sentenced to Four Years in Prison
China Keen to Play Down India Clash Before Key Meeting With US, Insiders Say
How Indian and Chinese Media Reported the Deadly Ladakh Clash
Pakistan Army Says Indian Fire Kills Four Civilians in Kashmir
Pakistan Rejects India Statement on 'Abducted' Diplomats
India's Defense Industry Is Set to Lose $3 Billion From Lockdown
Honduran President Says He Is Infected With Coronavirus
Iconic Amazon Indigenous Chief Paiakan Dies of Virus
Police Beating of Indigenous Chief Fuels Canadian Anti-Racism Protests
New Zealand
Ardern Calls in Military After New Zealand Quarantine Bungle
UN Security Council
Mexico, India, Ireland, Norway Elected to UN Security Council, One Seat Still Open
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