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Updated June 22, 2020 - 8:51 PM EDT
US-Russia Arms Control Talks Begin
Israeli Demolitions in Palestine Soaring in June
China: Decoupling by US Not Realistic or Wise
  China Lays Claim to Galwan Valley, Blames India for Border Clash
  China Likely Lost at Least 40 Soldiers in Border Clash: Indian Minister
Yemen Govt, Southern Separatists OK Ceasefire
  Losing Key Island, Yemen's Hadi Accuses Saudis of Betrayal
Bolton Tells How Iran Hawks Set Up Syria Kurdish Disaster
  Trump Was Prepared to Back Israeli Strike on Iran, Bolton Says
Inadequate US Airstrike Investigations on Somalia: HRW
US Airstrikes Destroy ISIS 'Summer Camp' in N. Iraq
item Destroying Syria: 'I'm From the US Congress and I'm Here to Impoverish You'  by Doug Bandow
item New Film Explores US Suppression of Key Footage From Hiroshima and Nagasaki  by Greg Mitchell
item What Is Over $610 Million in USAID to Venezuela Actually Funding?  by Barbara Boland
item As Covid-19 Rips Through Yemen, Saudi Bombs Continue to Fall  by Dave DeCamp
item Turning China Into a Hermit Empire Won't Work  by Matt Purple
item Bolton Tells How Iran Hawks Set Up Trump's Syrian Kurdish Disaster  by Matthew Petti

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UK Labels Stabbing 'Atrocity' in Town Park as Terrorism
One Dead, One Wounded in Shooting at Seattle Protest Zone
Judge Rejects White House Bid to Block Bolton Book
The War at Home
CIA's Massive 'Vault 7' Leak Resulted From 'Woefully Lax' Security Protocols, an Internal Report Found
Rep. Engel Bragged of Sitting Down With AIPAC on Every Piece of Legislation That Comes Out of Foreign Affairs
IRS Used Cell Phone Data to Try to Track Potential Suspects
Pompeo Calls UN Rights Body 'A Haven for Dictators'
Tennessee Paper Religious Ad Claims 'Islam' Will Detonate Nuclear Bomb in Nashville
Israeli Contact Tracing App Raises Privacy Concerns in US
Roger Waters: Sheldon Adelson Is 'Puppet Master' Pulling Trump, Pompeo's Strings
Injuries at Protests Draw Scrutiny to Use of Police Weaponry
Trump Fired New York Prosecutor After Standoff With Barr
US Military
Protests Force US Military Reckoning on Race
Tinder, Sailor, Hooker, Pimp: The US Navy's Sex Trafficking Scandal in Bahrain
Why the US Navy Struggled to Convict in Bahrain Sex Crime Cases
Foul Play Suspected in Death of Fort Hood Soldier Whose Skeletal Remains Were Found in a Field
Army Mum About Covid-19 Scare at Fort Leonard Wood
Trump Nixing Promotion of Army Impeachment Witness Could Politicize Military, Senators Warn
House Panel Launches Investigation Into USS Roosevelt Coronavirus Outbreak After Captain's Firing Upheld
US Says Its Embassy in Kabul Battling Coronavirus Outbreak
Afghan Healthcare Deliberately Targeted, Says UN
Intra-Afghan Talks to Be Scheduled After Prisoner Swap
Negotiation Team Prepares for Afghan Peace Talks
Afghan Special Forces Accused of Mistreating Villagers in Ghazni
Two Afghan Forces Commanders Killed in Taliban Attack in Helmand
Afghan Mothers Appeal to MSF to Continue Maternity Program
Nuristan Governor Survives Gunmen Attack in Kabul
Afghan Parliament Opposes Amendments to Mass Media Law
Afghan Foreign Minister Visits Iran Amid Tensions Over Migrant Deaths
Iran Denies Receiving Evidence of Afghan Migrant Drownings
Four Militants, Including a Pakistani, Killed by Indian Forces in Srinagar, Kulgam
Two Soldiers Killed in Militant Attack Near Afghanistan Border: Pakistani Military
Indian Fire Kills Pakistani Girl, Wounds Family in Kashmir
Pakistan to Reopen Routes for Afghan Exports
China/Taiwan/Hong Kong
Harboring Hong Kong Rioters Will Harm Taiwan, China Says
Trump Says He Held Off on Sanctions Over Xinjiang Camps Because of Ongoing China Trade Talks
Hong Kong Unions, Students Fail to Get Support for Strikes
North Korea Threatens to Pour 'Leaflets of Punishment' Over South Korea
Internet Blackout in Myanmar's Rakhine Enters Its Second Year
Dutch Arrest Hundreds at Virus Protest Clashes
Kurdish Iranian Politician Survives Assassination Attempt in the Netherlands
Ruling Populist Party Claims Landslide Win in Serbia Vote
Police Clash With Music Festival Attendees in Paris and Nantes
British Jews Condemn Appointment of Hardliner Tzipi Hotovely as Israel's Ambassador to UK
Controversial Lenin Statue Unveiled in Germany's Gelsenkirchen
Protests Continue in Belarus Following Detention of Top Challenger in Presidential Election
Iran Calls France's Testing of Nuclear Ballistic Missile a Threat to World Peace
Talks With US 'Strictly Forbidden': Iran's Parliament Speaker
Iran's Currency Hits Record Low Amid Sanctions, Virus, International Pressure
Coronavirus: Yemen's Hungry Turn to Begging as Crisis Deepens
The African Refugees and Migrants Trapped Inside Yemen's War
UN Security Council to Hold Open-Door Discussion on West Bank Annexation
Hundreds of Soccer Fans Riot in Israel, Shout 'Death to the Arabs'
Haredi Leaders Tell PM They Won't Back Election Before Budget Passed
Breaches in Israel's Security Fence Are No Secret. Why Do Troops Still Ambush Palestinian Laborers Who Cross?
Israeli Military Expands a Settlers-Only Bypass Road in Bethlehem City
Palestinian Authority Closes West Bank Cities as Covid Cases Spike
Palestinians Fear Israeli Annexation Could Further Limit Dead Sea Access
Losing Sight of the Future: Palestinians Blinded in One Eye
Israeli Navy Forces Palestinian Fisherman Off the Coast of Gaza
Palestinian Family Forced Out of Home as Israel Gears Up for West Bank Annexation
Israeli Forces Shoot, Injure Three Palestinians, Cause Suffocation Near Ramallah
Missing Soldier Found Dead Outside Base in Southern Israel
Iraq Daily Roundup: 11 Killed
Iraqi Hospitals Become Nexus of Infection as Coronavirus Cases Rise Dramatically Among Doctors
Christian Locals in Northern Iraq Terrorized by Turkey's Bombings
Was US Secretive 'Ninja' Missile Used Again in Syria Saturday?
Why Syria Isn't Firing Its S-300 Missiles at Israeli Jets
Nine Govt Fighters Killed in Bomb Blast in Syria's Daraa Province
Hezbollah Video Threatens Guided Missiles on Tel Aviv
Lebanese Activist Arrested and Accused of 'Spying for Israel' Amid Crackdown on Speech
Middle East
Turkey's Pro-Kurdish Party Vows to Continue Protests After MPs Barred From Parliament
Saudi Dissident Warned by Canada That He Is 'Potential Target' for Gulf Kingdom
Egypt Has a Legitimate Right to Intervene in Libya, Sisi Says
Libyan Official: Egypt's President 'Beating the Drums of War'
Egypt Says Turkey/Qatar-Backed Assault on Sirte Is Red Line
Turkey Says Haftar Forces Must Withdraw From Sirte for Lasting Libya Ceasefire
Tripoli Government 'To Boycott' Arab League Talks on Libya
Libyan National Army Closes 200 Km of Airspace Over Sirte
Egypt's El-Sisi Orders Army to Be Ready for Missions Abroad
'Fear Is Overcoming Me': Egypt Cracks Down Harder on Media Amid Pandemic
Sisi Says Egypt Is Committed to Diplomatic Solution to Ethiopia Dam Crisis
Somalia: At Least Seven Killed in Two Bomb Attacks
Somali Soldiers End Protest Over Unpaid Salaries
Algeria Says Soldier Killed in Clash With Armed Islamists
Sudan Warns Against Escalation in Nile Dam Dispute
West African Bloc Urges Mali to Re-Run Disputed Elections Amid Mass Protests
Iran Sends Shipment of Food to Venezuela in Latest Delivery
Mexican Cartel Chief Threatens Govt After Mother's Detention
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