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Updated June 24, 2020 - 8:38 PM EDT
DoJ Unveils Major New Indictment of Assange
Kosovo President Thaci Indicted for War Crimes
N. Korea Suspends Military Plans Against South
  S. Korean Group Floats Leaflets Over North Border Despite Warnings
Israeli Airstrikes Hit Several Syrian Sites, 7 Killed
  Syrian FM Says US Sanctions Seek to 'Starve the People'
Trump Aides Begin Discussing Annexation
  Gantz Signals Support for Unilateral Annexation
Experts Warn Tensions Risk US War With China
  China, India Agree to Reduce Border Tensions After Deadly Clash
US, Russia End Nuke Talks, Agree to 2nd Round
Houthis Fire Missiles, Drones Towards Saudi Arabia
item The Korean War and US 'Total Destruction' Began 70 Years Ago  by Brett Wilkins
item 'Conservative' House GOP Wants America to Wage War Against All  by Doug Bandow
item Iranian Tankers and the Age of Interdiction  by Patrick Lawrence
item The 'New' American Mercenary: A Pocket History  Maj. Danny Sjursen (ret.)
item The All American Way  by Andrew Bacevich
item Who Can We Trust With the Nuclear Button? No One  by William J. Perry & Tom Z. Collina

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States Might Not Need an 'Absolute Shutdown' Again, Dr. Fauci Says
Twitter Terminates DDoSecrets, Falsely Claims It May Infect Visitors
China Dismisses Indian Reports It Lost 40 Soldiers in Border Fighting
IDF Chief Warns Anti-Annexation Unrest in West Bank Could Spill Over to Gaza
Israel West Bank Annexation Rejected by European MPs in Letter
Isolated Israeli Settlements Complicate Netanyahu's Push for Annexation
Palestinians Face Uncertainty as Israeli Annexation Looms and Financial Hardship Persists
Israeli Forces Kill Palestinian at Occupied West Bank Checkpoint
Palestinian Baby Dies After Israel Denies Permit for Medical Treatment
Palestinian Citizens of Israel Protest Against Land Grab in Negev Desert
Israel-US Defense Tech Cooperation May Soon Get a Big Congressional Boost
Israel Seeks Cypriot Help in Softening EU Opposition to Annexation
Eight Palestinians Injured by Israeli Forces in Jordan Valley Protest
PLO's Erekat Says Cop 'Executed' Cousin En Route to Pick Up Sister for Wedding
Israeli Soldiers Shoot, Injure One Palestinian, Arrest Three at Joseph's Tomb
Iraq Daily Roundup: 11 Killed
Iraq's Prime Minister to Visit Washington Next Month for Strategic Dialogue
Fear and Anger Greets Turkish Air Strikes in Northern Iraq
Eight Killed in Explosion in NE Syria
Turkish Drone Strike Kills Three Women in North Syria's Kurdish City of Kobani
Huge Mass Grave Found in Former ISIS Capital Raqqa
British Aid Worker Arrested by HTS Militants in Idlib
Middle East
UN Security Council to Start Talks on US Bid to Extend Iran Arms Embargo
Saudi Crown Prince Pressures Ex-Intel Official's Family Over Documents
Turkey Arrests Four Accused of Spying for France
Yemen Cracks Down on Emirati Charities for 'Undermining Stability' Amid Separatist Power Play
After Talks With Libya's GNA, US Delegation Draws a Ceasefire Line Beyond Sirte
Arab League Urges Withdrawal of Foreign Forces From Libya
Al-Shabab Claims Suicide Attack Outside Turkish Base in Somalia
UN Warns Violators of Central African Republic Peace Deal May Face Sanctions
Five Jailed After Banned Algeria Demonstration
Egyptian Activist Sanaa Seif Detained, Family Decries 'Abduction'
Sudan Says Near Settlement With US for 1998 East Africa Embassy Bombings
Vote Counting Under Way in Malawi's Presidential Election Rerun
Kenya Policeman Charged With Murder After Curfew Killing of Teenager
The War at Home
Pompeo: Bolton Left Out of Meetings 'Because He Was Leaking or He Would Twist Things or He'd Lie'
Helicopters Over Downtown Washington Protests: A Low-Flying 'Show of Force'
Protesters Attacked a Journalist at the DC Protests. Then the Police Handcuffed Her.
US Republicans Urge Trump to Reconsider Germany Troop Cut
Twitter Again Slaps Warning on Trump Tweet Threatening Force Against Protesters
US Set to Release Convicted Hezbollah Financier on 'Compassionate' Grounds
DHS Insider Threat Program Expanding to Anyone Who Accesses Agency Info
US Military
'Breakdowns' in Vetting Let in Saudi Gunman Who Killed Three Sailors at NAS Pensacola
The Pentagon's Research Chief and His Deputy Are Resigning
The Pentagon Spent $300 Million on Defective and Missing F-35 Parts Over the Last Five Years, and Lawmakers Are Furious
China Think Tank Calls for US to Keep Military Communications Open
Beijing Steps Up Presence in 'Military Grey Zones' to Pressure Taiwan
China Puts Final Satellite Into Orbit to Try to Rival GPS Network
Huawei Exec's Canadian Extradition Case Will Stretch Until April 2021, Potentially Prolonging China's Anger
Four Afghan Soldiers Killed in Car Explosion in Kandahar
Hunger or Coronavirus? In Fast-Growing Kabul, Poor Afghans Dice With Death
Afghan Govt's Reform Policy in Finance Ministry a Failure: Watchdog
Afghan Journalists Still Wary After Recall of Amended Media Law Draft
India, Pakistan to Expel Embassy Staff in Tit-For-Tat Spy Dispute
Two Pakistani Journalists Allegedly Tortured by Paramilitary Force for Coronavirus Coverage
China Quietly Shipping Grain to North Korea, Port Sources Say
A Journalist's Conviction Spells Trouble for Democracy in the Philippines
More Children Getting 'Killed, Maimed' in Myanmar Conflict
Japan's New Missile Defense Destroyer Starts Sea Trials Amid Aegis Ashore Saga
Dozens Affected by Toxic Exposure From Fire at Hazmat Storage Facility at Kadena AFB, Okinawa
US Army Training Resumes in Europe Amid Pandemic and the Threat of Troop Cuts
European Union Considers Banning Americans From Travel as Cases Rise in US
US Ex-Marine Will Not Appeal Russia Spy Verdict in Hopes of Swap
US Navy Conducts FONOPS Off Venezuela Amidst Heightened Tensions
US Deports Ex-Paramilitary Leader 'Toto' Constant to Haiti
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