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Updated June 28, 2020 - 9:34 PM EDT
Trump Cuts 4,000 More Troops From Afghanistan
  Prisoner Issue Nearly Resolved, Afghan Talks Expected Soon
Celebrate 70th Year of Korean War by Leaving
  The Korean War and US 'Total Destruction' Began 70 Years Ago
  The Korean War Atrocities No One Wants To Talk About
With an Eye on US, China Asserts Itself Militarily
  Trump Administration Claims Huawei Is Chinese Military-Controlled
War Crimes Indictment Spoils Serbia-Kosovo Summit
  Remember America's Great Kosovo Ally? Never Mind the War Crimes!
  Kosovo Indictment Proves Bill Clinton's Serbian War Atrocities
Trump May End Congressional Review of Arms Sales
Esper Assures NATO US Will Consult on Troop Movements
Thousands Flee Latest Round of Fighting in South Sudan
item We Should Celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the Korean War by Leaving  by Doug Bandow
item Chokehold on Diplomat Exposes Israel's Special Type of Apartheid  by Jonathan Cook
item The 'Greatest' Generation's Refusal to Fight the 'Good War'  by Jacob Hornberger
item John Bolton Can Stomach Kim Jong Un's North Korea, but Not Iran  by Trita Parsi
item Killing Them Softly With Sanctions  by Tom Gallagher
item Israel Will Lose My Generation if It Goes Ahead With Annexation  by Sarah Farb

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Barr Creates Task Force Focused on 'Anti-Government Extremists'
EU Complicity Greenlights Israeli Executions
Facebook To Label but Leave Up 'Newsworthy' Posts That Violate Policies
In Nigeria, an ISIS-Linked Group Steps Up Attacks
The War at Home
House Approves Statehood for DC in 232-180 Vote
Appeals Court: Trump Wrongly Diverted $2.5 Billion for Border Wall
Judge Strikes Down Strict Virus Capacity Rules for Religious Services in New York
Philadelphia Officials Announce Moratorium on Tear Gas Following NYT Investigation
ACLU Files Lawsuit on Behalf of Tear-Gassed Protesters in Indiana
Lockheed Paid Suppliers $1.1 Billion, Added 8,300 Jobs Since Pandemic
US Military
As Covid-19 Spikes Across US, Troop Diagnoses Jump 20 Percent in a Week
US Navy's Chief Learning Officer Announces Departure as Pentagon Exodus Continues
US Marine Drowns at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina
Death of Malmstrom Airman Under Investigation
Air Force Civilian Allegedly Stole $1 Million in Military Funds
China/Hong Kong
US Imposes New Sanctions on Chinese Leaders Over Hong Kong Laws
House Armed Services Committee Chairman Reveals $3.6b Plan to Counter China
Afghan Forces Fighting Taliban in 15 Provinces Amid Peace Efforts
US Watchdog: Afghan Govt Weakened Ahead of Taliban Talks
UN Reports Decrease in Opium Production in Afghanistan
Afghanistan Continues to Be Plagued by Corruption: UN Envoy
US Report: Pakistan Doing Too Little to Counter Terrorism
Pakistan Airline Suspends 150 Pilots Over Alleged Licence Fraud
South Korean Police Raid Office of Anti-North Activist
Philippine Police Kill Four Suspected Militants in Manila Raid
Six-Year-Old Boy Among Five Killed in Kashmir
Thai Dissidents Are Disappearing, and Families Are Fighting for Answers
Venezuela's Illegal Detentions Are Ramping Up, Rights Group Says
Venezuela Oil Crisis Deepens With India Refiners Halting Imports
Toronto Cop Convicted in Beating of Black Man Who Lost Eye
Mexico City's Top Security Official Injured in Apparent Assassination Attempt
Eight Arrested, Including Ex-General, as Hundreds Protest Outside Netanyahu's Home
Gantz: I'll Go to Ramallah Tomorrow if Palestinians Open to Peace Talks
IDF Said Readying Reinforcements in Case of Palestinian Violence Over Annexation
Two Rockets Fired at Israel From Gaza, IDF Hits Hamas Targets in Response
Palestinian Members of Israeli Parliament Call on Democrats to Oppose Annexation
Israeli Forces Shoot Nine Palestinians at Kufur Qaddoum Weekly March
How Israel Began Seeing Turkey as a Threat Instead of a Partner
UN Rights Expert Urges EU to Punish Any Israeli Annexation in West Bank
Belgium Calls for Sanctions Against Israel if It Annexes West Bank
Iraq Daily Roundup: Turkish Soldier Among 32 Killed
Iraq: 14 Militia Members Under Investigation After Base Raid
Middle East
UN: Millions of Yemeni Children on the 'Brink of Starvation'
Iran Oil Minister Says Gasoline Sent to Venezuela 'Not for Free'
Turkey Court Sentences 121 to Life in Coup Trial
Ethiopia/Egypt/Sudan Dam
Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan Agree to Delay Filling Dam
Sudan Warns Window Closing in Nile Dam Dispute, Asks UN Help
Energy-Hungry Ethiopians Unconcerned About Egypt's Nile Dam Fears
Three People Shot Dead by Kenyan Police at Protest
Libya Accuses Foreign Mercenaries of Entering Oilfield
Female Opposition Activists in Zimbabwe Accused of Lying Get Bail
Morocco Rejects Amnesty's Allegations on Spying on Journalist
Nepalese Commander in Al-Shabaab Militant Group Killed: Somalia State Media
EU Moves Toward Urging Travel Ban on US and Entry to China
ISIS Militant Jailed in UK for Inciting Violence in Germany
Leaders of Greece, Turkey Discuss Covid-19 in Rare Call
Denmark Jails Norwegian-Iranian Man for Spying for Iran
Australian Lawmaker Ousted From Party After Report of China Links
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