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Updated July 5, 2020 - 9:50 PM EDT
US Confronts China With Massive Navy Exercises
Israeli Cyberattack Caused Fire at Iran Nuclear Site
  Iran Triggers Nuclear Deal Dispute Mechanism
In Militia Standoff, Iraqi PM Learns His Limits
  Coalition Planes Attack Shi'ite Militias in Eastern Syria
Trump: Leave 4,000 Troops in Afghanistan Past 2020 Vote
Annexation: Israelis, Palestinians Wonder What's Next
item The Police and the Pentagon Are Bringing Our Wars Home  by William J. Barber & Phyllis Bennis
item The Return of the Anti-Antiwar Left  by James W. Carden
item Most Senate Republicans Abandon 'America First' Foreign Policy in Afghanistan  by Brad Polumbo
item Time to Rethink the US-South Korea Alliance  by John Feffer
item It's Bad Politics for Democrats to Be Hawkish on Foreign Policy  by Stephen Miles
item Victoria Nuland Alert
 by Philip Giraldi

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Colombia Will Contest Court Order Suspending Activities of US Troops
Colorado Police Officers Fired After Photos Mocking Death of Black Man Surface
Philippines' Duterte Pleads for Calm After Police Fatally Shoot Troops
China/Taiwan/Hong Kong
Taiwan Expels Two Chinese Journalists Over Political Shows
Hong Kong Files First Charges Under New Law, Bans Rallying Cry
Hong Kong Government to Target Teaching Materials Deemed Politically Biased
Stay Out of Hong Kong Affairs, City Warns US Again After National Security Law Sanctions Bill Clears Senate
Watchdog Urges Taliban to Allow Probe of Sangin Attack
Taliban's Use of US Weapons Muddled Two Death Inquiries in Afghanistan
Afghan Warlord Accused of Rights Abuse Awarded Highest Military Rank
Modi Takes Veiled Dig at China on Visit to Disputed Border Area
India Approves Purchase of 33 Russian Fighter Jets
Philippines Warns China of 'Severest Response' Over Drills
Philippine President Approves Widely Opposed Anti-Terror Law
South Korea Shakes Up Security Team After North Korea Setbacks
Turkey Signs a Military Agreement With Libya's GNA
Russia to Reopen Its Embassy in Libya, Says FM Lavrov
Ethiopia PM Says Hundeessa Killing Part of Plot to Sow Unrest
Ethiopia's PM Accuses Dissidents of Taking Up Arms in Unrest
Cameroon Govt, Anglophone Separatists Start Ceasefire Talks
Nine Mali Soldiers Killed in Ambush: Army
Sudan Says Talks With Egypt, Ethiopia on Nile Dam Resume
France Returns Remains of Algerian Anti-Colonial Fighters
Former Soldiers Angered by UK Plans for Iraq War Crimes 'Amnesty'
Woman Jailed for Plotting to Bomb St. Paul's Cathedral in London
Germany: Afghan Boy Shot With Plastic Round in Chemnitz
Germany Puts Syrian Woman on Trial Over ISIS Marriages
Russia's Constitutional Changes to Come Into Force on July 4
French Court Sentences Homegrown Militant to 30 Years in Prison for Crimes in Syria
US Military
Navy to Sailors: Don't Buy LSD on the Dark Web
Theodore Roosevelt Sailor Dies After 'Medical Emergency'
LULAC President Urges Latinas Not to Join the Military After Disappearance of Fort Hood Soldier
Saudi Arabia/Yemen
Fiancee Appears at Jamal Khashoggi's Murder Trial in Turkey
Yemen's Houthis Say Targeted Saudi Airport, Air Base With Drones
With Annexation Faltering, Israelis, and Palestinians Look to Future
Netanyahu Said to Threaten Gantz With New Elections in Tiff Over Budget
Settlers and Palestinians Unite in Opposition to Israeli Annexation
While Netanyahu Keeps Annexation Alive, Palestinians Close Ranks
Clashes With Israeli Soldiers in West Bank Wound Dozens of Palestinians: Medics
In Gaza, Families Plead for Help After Two Infants Die Awaiting Permits for Medical Treatment in Israel
Former World Leaders Warn Against Israel Annexation Plan
Israeli Court Awards Jerusalem Church Properties to Settlers
Israeli Troops Disperse Muslim Worshipers on Threatened Palestinian Land
Hamas Claims to Bust Israeli-Run Spy Ring Planning 'Sabotage'
Israeli Defense Companies Sign 'Historic' Deal With UAE Artificial Intelligence Firm
Iraq Daily Roundup: Six Killed in Attacks
Turkish Jets Destroy Terror Targets in Northern Iraq
Iraq Sets Up Border Posts to Try to Prevent Turkish Advance
Terror Attack Kills 1, Injures 2 in Northern Syria
Syrian Soldiers Killed, Injured in Rebel Attack Near Damascus
Middle East
Turkey Convicts Four Human Rights Activists of 'Terror' Charges
Dozens Mourn Man Who Killed Himself in Busy Beirut District
Canadian Soldier Rams Gate Outside PM's Home
Trudeau Suspends Hong Kong Extradition Treaty on China Law
Canada's Strict Border Closures Shut Out Hong Kong Asylum Seekers Even as Interest Spikes
Mexican Soldiers Kill 12 in Cartel Clash Near Border
Mexico Closes Border in Arizona as Coronavirus Cases in Both Countries Surge
Indigenous Leaders Angry About Coronavirus Risk From Brazilian Military Visit
Americans Still Dying
US Army Soldier From Largo (FL) Dies in 'Non-Combat-Related Incident' in Jordan
Pilot Killed in Shaw F-16 Crash 'Loved His Family, His Country and Loved to Fly'
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