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Updated July 9, 2020 - 8:47 PM EDT
Poll: 60% in US Believe Fake Russia Bounty Story
  How Pentagon Failed To Sell 'Bountygate' Story to US Intel Agencies
  General Is Skeptical That Bounties Led to US Troop Deaths
Israel Shifts to Direct Attacks on Iran Program
  US Denounces UN Report on Iran General's 'Unlawful' Killing
  Iran, Syria Deal to Bolster Damascus Defenses, Counter US 'Pressure'
General 'Confident' Iraq To Ask US Troops to Stay
  Iraq Intel Chief Sacked in New Premier's Latest Military Shakeup
China Conditions Nuclear Talks on Drastic US Reductions
North Korea Rejects Talks as US Envoy Visits Seoul
item How Pentagon Failed To Sell Afghan Govt's 'Bountygate' Story to US Intel Agencies  by Gareth Porter
item On Israel's Bizarre Definitions: The West Bank Is Already Annexed  by Ramzy Baroud
item Russia-Baiting Is the Only Game in Town  by Philip Giraldi
item Congress Wants More Unnecessary Anti-China Weapons Programs  by Michael T. Klare
item Now Is Time to Shed Our Middle Eastern Burdens  by Ted Galen Carpenter
item Bolton Weaves a Tall Tale in His Venezuela Chapter  by Leonardo Flores

More Viewpoints

Democrats Demand Trump Clarify Side Deals in US-Saudi Arms Sales
Indian and Chinese Troops Start Pulling Back in Disputed Region
Kosovo President to Be Interviewed on War Crimes Charges
Colombia ELN Rebels Call for 90-Day Bilateral Ceasefire
Death Toll in Ethiopia Over Singer's Killing Hits 239
Israel's Annexation Plans 'May Still Be Revealed in July' as US Officials Meet
IDF Cancels Large Drill Planned for September, Citing Financial Woes
Israeli Man Says He Was Beaten by Police and Jailed for Four Days for Not Wearing Mask
Israeli Bulldozers Raze Land for Settler-Only Road Near Nablus
Elderly Palestinian Dies After 26 Years in Israeli Prison
Iraq Daily Roundup: Four Killed, Found Dead
Iran-Backed Militia Says Iraqi PM's Actions Could Bring Escalation
Hezbollah Says It Is Attempting to Secure Iranian Fuel Supplies for Lebanon
Lebanon Economic Crisis: Food Prices Are So High Not Even Shops Can Afford Them
Protests Erupt in Lebanon Over US Army Commander's Visit
Accused Hezbollah Financier Arrives in Lebanon After US Release
Libya: Foreign Interference at 'Unprecedented Levels', Says UN Chief
Russia Working on Immediate Libya Ceasefire With Turkey
DR Congo
Protests Over Election Chief Dispersed in Two DR Congo Cities
DR Congo Virus Funds Embezzled by 'Mafia Network', Says Deputy Minister
US Threatens to Stop Burkina Faso Aid Over Reported Army Killings
Death or Jail: Egypt's Medics Battle Covid-19 and State Persecution
Two Policemen Killed in Roadside Blast in Mogadishu, Witnessess Say
France Calls for Release of Mali Opposition Leader Cisse
US, Kenya Formally Launch Trade Deal Talks
Thousands Protest Against Serbian Leader Despite Warnings of Virus Risk
Russian Journalists Fear Growing Media Persecution After Treason Arrest
Greek Government Seeks Curbs on Right to Protest, Unions Push Back
British MPs Slam 'Outrageous' Decision to Resume Saudi Arms Sales Despite Civilian Deaths in Yemen
Mexico's President Uses US Visit to Tout Ties With Trump
Most Mexicans Say Country Should Be Closer to US
President Bolsonaro Vetoes Covid-19 Aid for Indigenous
The War at Home
DoJ to Resume Executions Next Week for First Time in 15 Years
Illinois Whistleblower Police Officer Placed on Leave
Air Force Puts Up $10 Million to Make Flying Cars a Reality
After 6 Months of Sickness, Death, and Turmoil, the USS Theodore Roosevelt's Cruise Is Ending
Facebook Says It Took Down Network Affiliated With Roger Stone That Included Fake Accounts
Congressman Plans to Force Vote to Block Decriminalization of Psychedelics in DC
China/Hong Kong
Pompeo: Chinese Action in India Clash 'Incredibly Aggressive'
China to Impose Tit-for-Tat Visa Curbs on US Officials Over Tibet
Google Scraps Cloud Initiative in China and Other 'Sensitive Markets'
Chinese-American Scientist's World Upended After He Is Swept Up in US National Security Net
Australia Suspends Extradition Treaty With Hong Kong
China Threatens Australia Over Helping Fleeing Hong Kong Citizens
'Historic Moment': China Opens Security Office in Hong Kong
Hong Kong Civil Servants Employed From July 1 to Be Required in Writing To Swear Allegiance, Uphold Basic Law
Ghani: 'Afghan People Will Have Final Say on Peace Process'
Suicide Attack, Roadside Bomb Kill Six Police in Afghanistan
President's Bodyguard Found Dead in Bamyan River
Taliban Suicide Bomber Kills Three as Violence Rises Despite Peace Push
Afghanistan Police Chief Killed in Blast
Taliban Urged to End Violence Amid Hopes for Intra-Afghan Talks
Pro-India Leader, His Two Family Members Killed in Kashmir
Indian Border Forces Killed 25 Bangladeshis This Year
Former India Navy Officer Refuses to Appeal Spying Death Sentence in Pakistan
Pakistan Court Dismisses Challenges to Hindu Temple Construction
Myanmar Airstrike That Killed
7-Year-Old Boy a 'War Crime,' Rights Group Says
Japan's Abe in Security Talks With Australia as They Seek to Counter China
Maduro Shuffles Military High Command in Venezuela
US Seizes 81 Vehicles in Venezuela Smuggling Ring
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