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Updated July 18, 2020 - 9:55 PM EDT
Trump Considering Troop Reduction in S. Korea
  Pompeo Hopes for Senior Talks With North Korea
'Putin Hacked Our Vaccine' Is Dumbest Story Yet
  Graham Releases Newly Declassified Documents on Russia Probe
  Russia Bounty Story Falls Flat
Israel Hopes To Start War With Iran Before US Vote
  US General Predicts Iran Will 'Respond' to Recent Israeli Attacks
Trump Vets Afghan War Skeptic for Ambassador
US Has Two Carrier Strike Groups in South China Sea
item Making America Feared Again: Trump Admin. Considers Resuming Nuke Testing  by Lawrence Wittner
item Travesty: UK Is Greenlighting Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia Again  by Akshaya Kumar
item US Surveillance Leads EU Court to Reject EU/US Privacy Shield  by Mike Masnick
item Russia Bounty Story Falls Flat  by Reese Erlich
item Trump Insiders: Trump Wants North Korea Deal Before Election  by Harry J. Kazianis
item Defund the Pentagon:
The Conservative Case
 by Andrew Lautz & Jonathan Bydlak

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Pompeo Says US Should Limit Which Human Rights It Defends
Hamas Bars Two Saudi-Owned Networks From Gaza for Reports on Alleged Spies
Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Targeted by French Torture Probe
Two Years After Failed Bomb Plot, Iranian Opposition Rallies Backers Online
Iran Police Vow to Deal 'Decisively' With Any Further Protests
Internet Disrupted in Iran Province as Police Disperse Rally
Iran Split Over 25-Year China Plan Still Shrouded in Mystery
Israel's 'Collective Punishment of Palestinians' Condemned by UN Expert
Israel to Shut Down on Weekends in Response to Virus Surge
Dozens of Palestinian Protesters Injured in Clashes With Israeli Soldiers in West Bank: Medical Sources
For Third Time This Week, Hundreds Demonstrate Against Netanyahu Outside Home
Palestinian With Cancer and Covid Stuck in Israeli Prison
Israeli Company Accused of Spying Can't Duck Whatsapp Lawsuit
Iraq Daily Roundup: Six Killed in Attacks
Iraq Army Commander Killed in Terror Attack
US Lauds Deal to Connect Iraq to GCC Electric Grid
Minister: Iraq to Face Severe Water Shortages as Turkey Projects Decrease River Flows
Middle East
Major Beirut Medical Center Lays Off Hundreds as Crisis Bites
Turkey Repatriates Five Moldovan Nationals From Syria Camp
Politicians, Activists Fear Erdogan's Agenda After Hagia Sophia Mosque Ruling
Armenia and Azerbaijan: A Decades-Long and Volatile Rivalry
Azerbaijani FM Sacked Amid Tension With Armenia
Russia's Putin Orders Massive Snap Military Drills
Russia Police Raid Opposition Leader Alexei Navalny's Offices
European Union
EU Blasts US Threat of Sanctions
Veteran US Diplomat Richardson Fails to Secure Release of Americans Jailed in Venezuela
Young Man Shot and Killed in Venezuela Protesting Gasoline Shortages
Mexico Puts Military in Charge of Customs Operations
US Sanctions Son of Nicaragua President Daniel Ortega
The War at Home
Federal Law Enforcement Use Unmarked Vehicles to Grab Protesters Off Portland Streets
Feds Vowed to Quell Unrest in Portland. Local Leaders Are Telling Them to Leave
Border Patrol Was Responsible for an Arrest in Portland
US Palestinians Release List of 2020 Principles for 'A Political World That Too Often Ignores Our Voices'
The Pentagon Finally Reveals What Trump's Mysterious 'Super Duper Missile' Actually Is
US Government Executes Third Man This Week After 17-Year Hiatus
Military Medics Deploy in California, Texas as Virus Surges
Defense Secretary Mark Esper Bans Confederate Flags on Military Bases
China/Taiwan/Hong Kong
Taiwan Holds Live Fire Drill in Tense South China Sea
China Says a US Travel Ban for China Communist Party Members Would Be Absurd
US Sanctions Four China-Based Individuals, Firm Over Fentanyl
Source: Hong Kong Demands Taiwan Officials Sign 'One China' Document for Visa Renewal
Taliban Make Big Changes Ahead of Expected Talks With Kabul
Afghan President: Fate of Imprisoned Govt Forces Must Be Clarified
South Korea Revokes Licences of Two Propaganda Balloon Groups
Minority Body Faults Police Role in Anti-Muslim Riots in Delhi
Pentagon Report: Turkey Sent Up to 3,800 Fighters to Libya
France Says US Should Do More to Enforce Libya Embargo
Turkey's Erdogan Says Egypt's Actions in Libya Are 'Illegal'
Sudan Drops Islamic Social Laws in Historic Move Sparking Joy and Fury
Dozens Protest Against Sudan Reforms
Ethiopia Filling Mega-Dam That Egypt Calls an 'Existential' Threat
Mali PM Apologizes for Security Force 'Excesses' During Protests
Nigerian State Offers Cows for Guns to Halt Attacks
'War on Terror'
1st Lt. From Folsom (CA) Dies in Non-Combat Incident in Afghanistan, Leaves Behind Pregnant Wife
Louisiana Military Policeman's Death at Texas Joint Base Under Investigation
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