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Updated July 20, 2020 - 9:57 PM EDT
House Votes to Block Funding for Nuclear Testing
China Envoy: US Must Make 'Fundamental Choice'
  The US Has No Place in the South China Sea Dispute
  Are China-US Relations Drifting Closer Towards War?
US Officials Speak at Iran Regime Change Meet
  More Mysterious Explosions Hit Iran
  The Undeclared War Against Iran
DHS Chief: Portland Crackdown Will Be 'the Norm'
  OR Sen. Says Bar Trump From Sending Paramilitary Onto US Streets
UK Carried Out Major Op Against ISIS in Iraq
Trump Vets Afghan War Skeptic for Ambassador
item Destroying Libya: It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time  by Doug Bandow
item The Undeclared War Against Iran  by Paul R. Pillar
item Death by Drone: How Can States Justify Targeted Killings?  by Mia Swart
item The US Has No Place in the South China Sea Dispute  by Dave DeCamp
item A World of 'Killer Robots' but Not 'National Security'  by Michael Klare
item The Washington Post and Its Cold War Drums  by Melvin Goodman

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Anniversary of 1st Atomic Test Fuels Nuclear Debate
First UAE Space Mission to Mars Launches From Japan
Twitter Says Hackers 'Manipulated' Employees to Access Accounts
The War at Home
Federal Agents Deployed to Portland Did Not Have Training in Riot Control
Protesters Hit With Gas as Locals Demand Feds Leave Portland
US Attorney Calls for Probe Into Federal Crackdown on Portland Riots
Portland Mayor Demands Trump Remove Federal Agents From City
Oregon Sues Federal Agencies Over Allegations They Violated Protesters' Civil Rights
More Than 39,000 Federal Employees Have Tested Positive for Covid-19
US Military
Trump Says Bases Named for Confederates Won't Be Renamed: 'I Don't Care What the Military Says'
Sailors Test Positive for Coronavirus After Sharing Firefighting Gear During USS Bonhomme Richard Fire
Here's What the Damage Inside the Bonhomme Richard Looks Like
US Navy Teams Deployed in Texas to Combat Covid-19
China/Hong Kong
TikTok Eyes New Foreign Headquarters to Distance Itself From Chinese Ownership
UK Ratchets Up Criticism of China Over Uighurs, Hong Kong
UK Signals It Will Suspend Extradition Treaty With Hong Kong
China Says It Will Respond Resolutely if UK Sanctions Officials
Taliban Blames Govt for Delay in Peace Talks
District Police Chief Killed in Afghanistan Roadside Mine Blast
Iran Does Not Trust US Intentions for Afghan Peace: Iran Deputy FM
Philippines Defends Anti-Terror Law Before US Congress
India-Pakistan Fighting in Kashmir Kills Three, Wounds Two
Libyan GNA Fighters Head for Front as Battle for Sirte Looms
France, Germany, and Italy Threaten Sanctions Against States Violating Libya Arms Embargo
Sudan's Army Launches Legal Action Against 'Insulting' Activists
Sudan Force Says 160 Libya Bound 'Mercenaries' Arrested
Fighting Between Armed Groups in Eastern DR Congo Kills Dozens
Four Killed in Sierra Leone Protest After Police and Army Open Fire
Benin Crackdown on Online Media Fuels Press Fears
Mali Opposition Rejects Regional Mediator's Unity Govt Idea
Kite-Flying Boom in Egypt Leads to Govt Crackdown
Burkina Faso's Anti-Jihad Volunteers Stir Praise and Controversy
Turkey Sends Virus Aid to Venezuela
Half of Virus Patients in Baja California Hospitals Dying
Honduran Journalist Dies of Covid-19 Contracted in Prison
Rouhani Says 25 Million Iranians May Have Been Infected With Coronavirus
Iranian Health Officials Play Down President's Figure of 25 Million People Infected
Iran Halts Execution of 3 Young Men Over November Protests
Canada Confirms Black Boxes of Downed Ukrainian Airliner Arrive in Paris
Houthis Accuse UN Envoy of 'Prolonging' Yemen War
Yemen Army Says Rebel Commander Killed in Clashes
Yemen's UAE-Backed STC Vows to Take Over Hadramawt
Iraq Daily Roundup: 17 Killed in Recent Attacks; 100 Killed in Ongoing British Operation
Rockets Hit Baghdad's Green Zone While Iran Foreign Minister Visits Iraq
Syria Goes to the Polls as New Sanctions Hit War-Ravaged Economy
Blast Kills Five, Wounds Dozens in Rebel-Held Northwest Syria
Syria Launches Parliamentary Elections Amid War, Economic Woes
27 ISIS Suspects Held in Turkey as Attacks Planned
Turkey's Erdogan Visits Hagia Sophia After Reconversion to Mosque
Fatalities in Eastern Turkey Migrant Boat Sinking Rise to 56
Netanyahu's Trial to Start January 2021, Calling Witnesses Three Times a Week
Police Begin Arresting Tel Aviv Protesters Amid Clashes With Cops
Israelis Protest Netanyahu, Govt Handling of Covid-19
Israel PM Seeks to Axe Covid Panel Head, Again, After She Questions Latest Measures
Netanyahu Attacked After Threatening to Fire Head of Parliamentary Coronavirus Panel
Dozens of Palestinians Choke on Tear-Gas in Hebron Protests
Palestine Says to Sign Deals With ICC for Investigating 'Israeli War Crimes'
IDF Troops 'Take Action' Against Lebanese Drone That Apparently Crossed Border
Saudi Arabia
Fugitive Ex-Saudi Official 'Embezzled $11 Billion in State Funds'; Family Arrested
Russia Holds Military Exercises in Southwest Amid Flare-Up Between Azerbaijan and Armenia
Tens of Thousands Stage Anti-Kremlin Protest in Russia's Far East
Russia Plans to Replace Arrested Governor Despite Far East Unrest
Kaczynski: Poland to Propose Limits on Foreign Media Soon
US Ambassador Says EU Criticism of Poland 'Overblown'
German States Appeal to US Congress Not to Withdraw Troops
Pressure From Trump Led to 5G Ban, Britain Tells Huawei
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L'etat C'est Moi! (I Am the State!)

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Mad Man Modly: The Secretary of the Navy Gets the Boot

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Jerusalem, the Capital of Apartheid

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