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Updated July 22, 2020 - 9:03 PM EDT
House Defeats Move To Pull Out of Afghanistan
  House Passes 2021 NDAA in a 295-125 Vote
  House Defeats Amendment To Cut Defense Spending Levels by 10%
  House Votes to Block Funding for US Nuclear Test
US Orders China To Close Houston Consulate
  Pompeo: World Must Unite Against China
  Esper: US Ships Won't Be Stopped by Anybody in South China Sea
Iraq PM Won't Allow Threats to Iran From Iraqi Soil
Pentagon to Limit Release of Unclassified Information
Senate Rejects Limit on Military Equipment Going to Police
item Turkey No Longer Much of an Ally: US Should Say Goodbye and Set Both Nations Free  by Doug Bandow
item US Military Is Using Online Gaming to Recruit Teens  by Jordan Uhl
item Powell and Iraq – Regime Change, Not Disarmament: The Fundamental Lie  by Scott Ritter
item To Annex or Not to Annex – Is the Question Moot?  by Sheldon Richman
item Okinawa: Will the Pandemic Transform US Military Bases?  by John Feffer
item Israeli Impunity Is Coming to an End  by Maureen Clare Murphy

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Pentagon Concerned About Law Enforcement Dressing Up in Military Uniforms
US, Indian Navies Conduct Joint Military Operations as Tensions Simmer With China
Gunmen Kill 18 Wedding Guests in Northern Nigeria
Russia, Hit by Covid Crisis, Mulls Military Spending Cuts
Gaza's Cancer Patients Trapped by Coronavirus and Politics
Israel Demolishes Palestinian Covid Testing Center in Hebron
41 Former Israeli Security Officials Thank Dems for Opposing Annexation
Israelis Urge Netanyahu to Quit Over Covid, Corruption Charges
34 Held at Anti-PM Protest; Anger Over Topless Woman Atop Menorah Near Knesset
Jordan PM Hints at Support for One Israeli-Palestinian State
PLO Accuses Israel of Stealing Christian Artifact From Bethlehem
Iraq Daily Roundup: Four Killed in Attacks
Iraqi PM Mustafa Al-Kadhimi Arrives in Iran in First Trip Abroad
German National Kidnapped in Baghdad: Iraqi Interior Ministry
US Service Member Dies in Non-Combat Incident in Syria
Hezbollah Says One of Its Fighters Killed in Israeli Strike in Syria
Syria's Ruling Party Wins Expected Majority in Parliamentary Polls
Erdogan: Turkey Will Stay in Syria Until the 'People Are Free'
The UK Media Company Silencing Syrian Activists on Facebook
It's Official: US Air Force to Buy Turkish F-35s
Social Media Faces Tighter Controls in Turkey Under Draft Law
Germany Warns Turkey on Mediterranean Drilling
Turkey Court Halts Five-Day Broadcast Ban on Opposition Channel Tele1
Oman to Impose 'Total Lockdown' Over Eid Due to Spike in Covid
Ukraine Police Free 13 Hostages Trapped on Bus After Stand-Off
Two Explosive Devices Disarmed at a Market in Kyiv, Mayor Says
German State Bans Burqas in Schools
Greece Says Turkish Plans to Map Sea Encroach on Its Territory
US Offers $5 Million Reward for Arrest of Venezuela Chief Justice
Violence Forces Exodus of Former FARC Guerrillas
The War at Home
Heavily Armed US Agents on City Streets: Can Trump Do That?
DHS's Portland Stunt Could Undermine the Agency for Years, Former Officials Warn
US Officials Defend Deployment of Federal Officers to Portland
Senators Demand Answers on Expired Surveillance Programs
US Indicts Chinese Hackers on Charges of Targeting Coronavirus Vaccine Data and Defense Secrets
Exclusive Area 51 Photographs Show Rarely Seen Angles of Secret Base
Seven Soldiers Have Died in the Fort Hood Area So Far This Year
China/Taiwan/Hong Kong
Pentagon Chief Looking to Visit China This Year Amid Tensions
US and UK Discuss Plans for Coalition to Resist China
Taiwan Rejects Permits for Two Hong Kong Officials as Visa Row Escalates
Chinese Genetics Company BGI Denies US Human Rights Accusations
South Korea
Pentagon Considers 'Adjustments' to US Troop Levels in South Korea
SpaceX Launches South Korea's First Military Communications Satellite
30 Killed in Violence in Afghanistan
Afghan Security Adviser Vows Response to Pakistani Shelling
Afghan Teen Wielding an AK-47 Kills Two Taliban Fighters After Parents Were Murdered
Prominent Pakistani Journalist Free After Disappearance
Myanmar Leader Suu Kyi to Run Again in November Election
Ethiopia, Egypt, Sudan Reach 'Major Common Understanding' on Dam
Twelve Killed in DR Congo Militia Attacks
Mass Arrests in Zimbabwe Over Coronavirus Regulation Violations
Egyptian Army: Two Troops Killed in Militant Attack in Sinai
Sudan's Bashir on Trial Over 1989 Coup That Brought Him to Power
France Says Voice Data From Ukrainian Jet Shot Down by Iran Has Been Recovered
Huawei Will Not Be Prevented From Investing in France: Le Maire
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