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Updated July 24, 2020 - 9:49 PM EDT
US Fighters Buzz Iranian Airliner, Causing Injuries
  A Near-Miss Over Syria and Our Illegal Military Presence
China Orders US to Close Consulate in Chengdu
  China 'Must Retaliate' After US Closes Consulate
  Pompeo: US Will No Longer Tolerate China
  US Commander: Missile Defenses Needed in Guam in Five Years
Trump to Send Federal Agents to Multiple Cities
US Gen.: ISIS Not Resurging in Iraq, US Can Cut Troops
item Massacre at No Gun Ri
 by Brett Wilkins
item Why Palestinian-Israeli Prisoners Exchange Deal May Happen Soon  by Ramzy Baroud
item Congressman Funded by Arms Manufacturers Defends 'Robust' Pentagon Spending  by Eli Clifton
item Prophetic Anti-Zionists  by Sheldon Richman
item Washington Tries to Preserve Strategic Primacy in East Asia  by Ted Galen Carpenter
item The Hypocritical Embargo Against Cuba  by Jacob Hornberger

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Pompeo: 1940 Soviet Occupation of Baltics 'A Criminal Act'
Portland Mayor Tear-Gassed Amid Protests Over Federal Agents
Libyan National Army Downs Turkish Drone West of Sirte
Putin, Trump Discuss Arms Control Issues in Phone Call
$21B for Defense Included in Covid Aid Proposal
The War at Home
Senate Passes Bill With Plan to Change Confederate-Named Bases Over Trump Veto Threat
Trump Says He Would Consider Pardons for Those Implicated in Mueller Investigation
US Judge Finds Michael Cohen Target of Retaliation, Orders Release
Watchdogs to Review Conduct of US Agents in Portland, DC
Federal Judge Temporarily Bars Federal Officers in Portland From Taking Actions Against Journalists, Observers
Judge Rules Media Outlets Have to Turn Over Images, Footage of May Seattle Protest to Police
Twitter Says Hackers Likely Had Access to Direct Messages of 36 Users in Last Week's Attack
US Military
Cost Tripled for Missile Defense Warhead, Despite Prior Warnings, GAO Finds
Army Considers Shuttering Its Pathfinder School
Space Force Unveils New Logo, Motto: 'Semper Supra'
AOC Proposes Measure to Put an End to Military Recruiting Using Esports Teams, Livestreaming
US Diplomats Head to China Despite Row Over Houston Consulate
Tianwen-1: China Launches First Independent Mission to Mars
FBI Interviewing Chinese Visa Holders Across US About Possible Military Ties: Justice Department
Taliban Says Ready for Talks Next Month if Prisoner Swap Complete
Why Did Australian Special Forces Pose With a Confederate Flag in Afghanistan?
All-Girl Robotics Team From Afghanistan Debuts Low-Cost Ventilator for Coronavirus Patients
India-Pakistan Border Violence May Be Worsening
In Disputed Kashmir, Pakistan Accuses India of Increased Shelling
In Modi's Hindu Nationalist India, Anti-Christian Violence Rising
Pakistan Denies Reports Funds for Fighting Covid-19 Misused
Mexico Minister Resigns in Protest Over Militarization of Ports
Colombia Seizes Properties of Businessman Tied to Maduro
Bolivia Postpones Elections Again Citing Coronavirus Risks
Israeli Army Reinforces Lebanon Border After Hezbollah Warnings
Hamas Accuses US Ambassador to UN of 'Political Bullying'
Preliminary Analysis of Data From Ukraine Jet Downed in Iran Is Done: Canada
Was Executed 'Spy' in Iran a Victim of IRGC Internal Rivalry?
Iraq Daily Roundup: Two Killed in Attacks; Two Bodies Found
Iraq Resumes Commercial Flights Despite Rise in Coronavirus Cases
Pentagon Identifies US Soldier Killed in Syria
Deadly 'PKK Bombing' and Syrian Rebel Clashes Kill Civilians
After McGurk Calls Out Russian Harassment in Syria, US General Says It's Not That Bad
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia Pressuring Local Businesses to Not Trade With Turkey, Say Sources
Saudi Arabia's King Salman Has Successful Gallbladder Surgery
Jordan Court Affirms Muslim Brotherhood 'Does Not Exist' in Latest Twist Over Rival Groups
French Soldier Killed in Mali Combat Operations
Influential Cleric Dicko Emerges as Driver of Mali Protest Movement
West African Leaders on High-Stakes Mission to End Mali Standoff
Sudan Finds Mass Grave Believed to Have Bodies of Officers Executed by Bashir
Prominent South Sudan Critic Says Government Sent Hit Squad for Him; Juba Denies
Ivory Coast Opposition Calls for Delay in Presidential Poll
Zimbabwe Politician Denied Bail in Anti-Government Protests Case
US Accuses Russia of Testing Anti-Satellite Weapon in Space
Belarus: Leader Threatens to Expel Media Over Election News
Dutch Lawmaker Wilders Says Twitter Hack Could Expose Dissidents
Ukrainian Anti-Graft Group Says Razing of Activist's House Was Assassination Bid
South Korea, US Drills Should Be Put Off to Draw North Korea Into Talks, Nominee Says
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