Between the Covid-19 pandemic and the civil unrest in the homeland, even fewer eyes are on U.S. foreign policy than before. Hopes of a global ceasefire to combat the pandemic are long gone, and the crisis has only emboldened the War Party in Washington.

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Updated July 31, 2020 - 9:56 PM EDT
Pompeo Spars With Senators on Germany Pullout
US Frowns on Iranian Grocery Store in Venezuela
  Iran Leader: No Talks With US, Iran Won’t Give Up Nuclear Program
Pompeo: Tide Is Turning Against China
  Mike Pompeo Has Declared Cold War With China
Taliban Completes Release of Govt Prisoners
  Bombing Kills 18 in Afghanistan on Eve of Eid Ceasefire
Boeing CEO Happy No Matter Who Wins Election
Russia Intercepts US Spy Planes Over Black Sea
US Sanctions Syria, Anyone Doing Business With Them
Philippines' Duterte: Can't Afford to Go to War With China
item The Russians Are(n't) Coming!: Paul Reveres, the DC Hawks Are Not  by Maj. Danny Sjursen (ret.)
item Why South Korea Must Chart an Independent Path on North Korea  by Doug Bandow
item Iraq's Govt May Collapse – but the US Should Avoid Intervention  by Mark Kukis
item Trump's Desperate, Last-Ditch Effort to Hike Tensions With Iran  by Reese Erlich
item The US Occupation of Haiti  by Yves Engler
item It's Official: Mike Pompeo Has Declared Cold War With China  by Daniel Larison

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Israeli Forces Detain BDS Movement Leader in West Bank Raid
Pentagon Nominee Hearing Pulled Over Islam Remarks
Rights Group: Egypt's New Laws Entrench Sisi's Rule
Conservative Journalist Is Stabbed in the Back During Portland Protests
The War at Home
Trump: Feds Won't Leave Portland Until Governor Clamps Down on Protesters
Palestinian-Americans Sidelined During DNC Platform Debate
Palestinian Democrats Decry 'Bias and Censorship' in Party Platform
Arizona National Guard Soldier Collapses During Training, Dies at Hospital
China/Hong Kong
China Conducts Military Drills in South China Sea
Hong Kong: China Says It Will Not Recognize UK Overseas Passports
Activists: Three Killed as Troops Open Fire at Rally in Pakistan
US Urges Pakistan to Act After American Charged With Blasphemy Shot in Court
EU Prolongs North Korea Nuclear Sanctions for a Year
Taliban Fighters Are Reportedly Using Anti-Tank Missiles to Down Afghan Helicopters
Bangladesh Arrests 3 in Police Station Blast, Denies ISIS Link
Myanmar May Postpone Election in War-Torn Rakhine State
Eight Killed in Militia Attacks in Eastern DR Congo
Zimbabwe Security Forces Clear Streets Ahead of Planned Protests
Ivory Coast Defense Minister Bakayoko Named Prime Minister
Netanyahu Incites Violence by Casting Protesters as Clear and Present Danger
Some 2,000 Rally Against Netanyahu in Jerusalem; Rival Protests Dispersed
Israel Says It Arrested Hamas Militant Who Fled Strip by Sea
Palestinian Christians Issue a Cry for Hope, to End 'Exclusivity and Apartheid'
Iraq Daily Roundup: Five Bodies Found in Mosul Rubble
Iraq: 560 Killed in Anti-Govt Protests Since October
Two Rockets Hit Airport in Iraqi Capital
Middle East
Car Bomb in North Syria Kills, Wounds Several People
US Extends National Emergency for Lebanon Citing Hezbollah 'Threat'
Turkey Will Hold the UAE Accountable at Right Place and Time: Defense Minister
Russia Sentences US Ex-Marine Trevor Reed to Nine Years Over Police Assault
Hungary Gets First Batch of German Leopard-2 Tanks
Catalan Separatists Sue Spain's Ex-Spy Chief Over Phone Hacking
US Sanctions London-Based Cuban Bank
Vehicles Burned in Mexico to Protest US Water Payment
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The FBI vs.

Maj. Danny Sjursen, USA (ret.)
The Russians Are(n't) Coming!: Paul Reveres, the Washington Hawks Are Not

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Engagement With China Was a Success: Trade Helped Transform a Totalitarian State

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Prophetic Anti-Zionists

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The US Has No Place in the South China Sea Dispute

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Is Israel at War With Iran?

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The Russian Bounties Hoax

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Health Professionals Show What Matters. Hint: It's Not Health

Lucy Steigerwald
Jackson State and Forgotten History

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Mad Man Modly: The Secretary of the Navy Gets the Boot

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Jerusalem, the Capital of Apartheid

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