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Updated August 4, 2020 - 9:05 PM EDT
Massive Beirut Blast: 73 Dead, 3,700 Wounded
Trump: US Should Get a Cut of Tiktok Sale Price
  TikTok Ban: For National Security or US Tech Firms?
Pompeo Calls Taliban Chief on Peace Process
  ISIS Attacks Eastern Afghan Jail, Hundreds Escape
  Deadly Attacks Spark Fear of ISIS Resurgence in Afghanistan
  US Still Doesn't Know How Many Afghan Security Forces Exist
Raytheon Makes Deal to Make Iron Dome in US
Gadhafi's Prophecy Comes True as Powers Battle for Oil
National Guard Readies for War With Russia and China
UN: 125,000 Civilians at Risk in Fighting in Libya's Sirte
item US Cold War China Policy Will Isolate the US, Not China  by Medea Benjamin & Nicolas JS Davies
item AFRICOM Denies Reports of 3 Somali Children Killed in US Strike  by Brett Wilkins
item Why Isn't the US Compensating Families Torn Apart by Air Strikes?  by Daphne Eviatar
item I Was Wrong: Congress Isn't Cowardly; It's Evil!  by Danny Sjursen
item Countries Should Mind Their Own Business  by Stephen M. Walt
item Afghan Warlord's Promotion Highlights Bankruptcy of America's Longest War  by Emran Feroz

More Viewpoints

Police Bodycam Footage of George Floyd Arrest Leaked, Published Despite Public Distribution Being Prohibited
Zoom to Halt Direct Sales of Services to Users in China
Putin Signs Law Legalizing Bitcoin, Other Cryptos
AFRICOM Plans to Move Their HQ, but Not to Africa
White House Still Mulling Annexation, Which Could Happen This Month: Source
Israeli Jets Strike Hamas Targets in Gaza: Military
Soldiers Injure Dozens of Palestinians, Including Children, Near Jenin
Emboldened by Promises of Annexation, Israeli Settler Attacks Soared in July
Third Lawyer Joins Netanyahu Defense Team in His Corruption Trial
Israel Approves Raft of New Envoys, Including Controversial Ambassador to UK
Middle East
Iraq Monthly Roundup: 230 Killed or Found Dead in July
Yemen's Houthis Down 'US Spy Drone' Near Saudi Border
12 Pro-Govt, 6 Rebel Fighters Die in Syria Clashes: Monitor
Turkey Condemns US Oil Deal With Syrian Kurds
Lebanon Foreign Minister Resigns Citing Risks of a 'Failed State'
Serbian Purchase of Missile Defense System Shows Ties Deepening With China
Germany Debates Curbing Freedom of Assembly After Coronavirus Protests
Poland's Top Court Confirms Duda's Reelection for President

Some British Lawmakers Push Back on Tiktok's Possible HQ Move From California to London, Sources Say

Russia Says Suspected Mercenaries Detained by Belarus Were Going to Latin America
Anti-Kremlin Protests Continue in Russia's Far East for 24 Days

Ukrainian Police Arrest Uzbek Man With Explosives at Kyiv Bank

Spain's Former King to Leave the Country Amid Corruption Claims
France Halts Ratification of Extradition Treaty With Hong Kong
The War at Home
Internet Freedom Is in Imminent Danger, Claims Twitter Boss Jack Dorsey in Attack on Other Tech Companies
'An Insult to Muslims': Rights Group Denounces Trump's Pick for Top Pentagon Post
Homeland Security Seized $2 Billion in Cash From Travelers at US Airports
US Military
Body Found Near Fort Riley Confirmed to Be Missing Soldier
Marines Killed, Presumed Dead in California Training Exercise Identified
The Pentagon Wants to End Its Reliance on China for Rare Earth Minerals. but Can It Be Done?
Daniel Hokanson Takes Top Spot at National Guard, Joins Joint Chiefs of Staff
With Eye on China, India Looks to Increase Barriers on Imports From Asia
India Imposes Curfew in Kashmir Ahead of Clampdown Anniversary
Joint US Military Drills Get Thumbs Down From Thais Amid Virus Fears
Thai Protesters Openly Criticize Monarchy
Thais 'Cast a Spell' for Democracy in Harry Potter-Theme Protest
Libyan Commander Responds to Federal Lawsuits in Virginia
Mali Soldiers Killed by Rebels Amid Heightened Political Crisis
Nile Mega-Dam Talks Resume to Resolve Years-Long Dispute
Zimbabwe Continues Arrests of Critics, Says Opposition Party
Algeria Journalist 'Press Freedom' Trial Opens
Journalist and Police Guard Killed in Southern Mexico
Panama Proposes Flying Haitian Migrants Home After Clash
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I Was Wrong: Congress Isn't Cowardly; It's Evil!

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The Coronavirus May be Novel, But It's the Same Old Foreign Policy

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When Should the US Go to War?

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The Russian Bounties Hoax

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Health Professionals Show What Matters. Hint: It's Not Health

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Jackson State and Forgotten History

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Mad Man Modly: The Secretary of the Navy Gets the Boot

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Jerusalem, the Capital of Apartheid

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