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Updated August 8, 2020 - 9:55 PM EDT
Russia To View All Incoming Missiles as Nuclear
  US Changes Deployment of Marines in Norway to Shorter Terms
CIA Says Tiktok Not Giving Its Data to China
  Trump's WeChat Ban Brings Cold War With China Into a Billion Homes
  US Sanctions Hong Kong Leader Carrie Lam
Biden Intervened to Keep Israel 'Occupation' Out of Platform
  DNC Delegates: Biden Foreign Policy Team 'A Horror Show'
UN Condemns Saudi Strikes on Yemen That Killed Children
Poll: 75% in US Support Leaving Iraq, Afghanistan
item Dropping Nukes on Hiroshima and Nagasaki Was Unnecessary  by Gar Alperovitz & Martin Sherwin
item Apartheid or One State: Has Jordan Broken a Taboo?  by Ramzy Baroud
item Elliott Abrams Failed in Venezuela – Now He Will Take On Iran  by Tom O'Connor
item India and China: Behind the Conflict  by Conn Hallinan
item Truman's 'Human Sacrifice' to Subdue Moscow  by Peter Kuznick
item Can Israelis Broaden Their Protests Beyond Netanyahu?  by Jonathan Cook

More Viewpoints

Trump Imposing 10 Percent Tariff on Canadian Aluminum
Canada to Impose Tariffs on $2.7 Billion in US Goods
UN Security Council Set for Showdown Over US Iran Arms Embargo Push
Standoff With China Will Be Long, India Warns in Pulled Statement
Lebanon President Says He Knew of Chemicals at Port in July
Beirut Explosion: Former Port Worker Says Military Wanted Chemicals at Port Despite Protests
Lebanon's Hezbollah Leader 'Categorically Denies' Storing Arms at Beirut Blast Site
Lebanon Arrests Customs Chief Over Beirut Blast
Lebanon President Rejects Global Probe Into Port Blast as Search Efforts Go On
Lebanon Faces 'Grim' Prospect of Food, Medical and Housing Shortages
Trump to Attend Paris Conference to Help Support Lebanon
Israeli Army Says Downs Drone Arriving From Lebanon
Palestinian Woman Killed by Israeli Gunfire During West Bank Clash
Saudi Arabia
Belgium Suspends Arms Exports to Saudi National Guard
Federal Suit Filed Against Saudi Crown Prince by Ex-Official
Saudi Detention of Ex-Official's Children Prompts Rare Rebuke From Trump Administration
Iraq Daily Roundup: Three Soldiers Killed in Attacks
10 Marines Punished Following Investigation Into Death of Former Green Beret in Iraq
Erdogan Says Turkey Has Resumed Drilling in Eastern Mediterranean
Gunmen Kill More Than a Dozen in Attack in Eastern Burkina Faso
Gunmen Kill 21 Villagers in Northern Nigeria
Almost 150 Extrajudicial Killings by Malian, Burkinabe Troops: UN
DR Congo Says Zambian Troops Occupying Villages Have Withdrawn
Outrage Over Ivory Coast President's Third Term Bid
Weekend Reviews
The Lies and Mistakes That Led the US Into Iraq, Laid Out in a New Book
The Outpost Is a War Movie Libs Like, for Their Own Reasons
Distorting the Iranian-Saudi Conflict
Amazon's The Last Narc Suggests CIA Helped Kidnap, Murder DEA Agent
The Chickens of Empire Come Home to Roost
Apartheid Is a Crime: Portraits of the Israeli Occupation of Palestine
Nagasaki & Hiroshima
Truman's 'Human Sacrifice' to Subdue Moscow
Only Man to See All 3 Atomic Bomb Detonations on the Destruction of Hiroshima
Truman's War Crimes at Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Dropping Nukes on Hiroshima and Nagasaki Was Unnecessary
US Conservatives Are Forgotten Critics of Atomic Bombing of Japan
The War at Home
TikTok Slams Trump's Executive Order, Promises to Pursue 'All Remedies'
A US Govt Contractor Embedded Tracking Software in the Apps of Millions of Smartphone Users
Pentagon Nominee Questioned About Company's Reported Ties to Khashoggi Killers
Dems Seeking House Foreign Affairs Job Would Restrict Israel Aid Over Annexation
Army Two-Star General's Next Assignment Delayed Over Major Fort Hood Command Review
Officials Find 'Most Sophisticated Tunnel in US History' Between Mexico and Arizona
Afghan Gathering to Decide Fate of 400 Taliban Prisoners
Politicians Express Mixed Reactions to Afghan Loya Jirga
Standoff With China Will Be Long, India Warns in Pulled Statement
India Moves Kashmiri Village Leaders to Safety After Attacks
After Beirut Blast, India Seizes 740 Tons of Ammonium Nitrate in South Indian Port
Sri Lanka
Sri Lankan Parliamentary Elections: Five Key Takeaways
Rajapaksa Brothers Win by Landslide in Sri Lanka's Election
Serbia Mends Fences With Azerbaijan After Arms Sales Spat
Police Clear Anti-Government Protest Camps Across Bulgaria
US Senators Threaten German Port With 'Crushing' Sanctions Over Russian Vessels
Former Catalan Minister Puig Should Not Be Sent Back to Spain, Brussels Court Says
Americans Still Dying
Friends Remember Montebello (CA) Marine Who Died in Training Accident
Corona (CA) Marine Among Missing Service Members After Amphibious Vehicle Sank
'I Am Devastated': Family of Newlywed Marine (CA)
Mother of Oak Creek (WI) Marine Killed in Training Accident Says He Died Doing What He Loved
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