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Updated August 27, 2020 - 8:42 PM EDT
China Fires Missiles into Sea 'in Warning to US'
  Taiwan Fears US-China Tensions Put Them in Crosshairs
  US Admits Monitoring China Drills After Being Warned To Stop
  Philippines: 'If China Attacks Our Navy, We'll Call the US'
MbS Pulls Out of DC Meeting With Netanyahu
  State Dept: Positive Conversations Underway on F-35 Sales to UAE
Syria: Collision With Russians 'Injures US Troops'
Israeli Air Strikes on Hezbollah in Lebanon
Sweden Invades Tourist Island, Fearing Russian Games
US Nukes Budget Could Skyrocket if Russia Treaty Ends
Iran Will Allow More IAEA Visits to Accused 'Secret' Sites
item After Beirut Blast, Israel Revives Tale of Hezbollah Ammonium Nitrate Terror Plots  by Gareth Porter
item Netanyahu vs. Gantz: Gaza Escalation as Reflection of Israel's Political Rivalry  by Ramzy Baroud
item The UAE-Israel Deal Is a No-Win Choice for King Salman
 by Madawi al-Rasheed
item Belarus: Why the Ongoing Political Unrest Is Unlike Maidan  by Gilbert Doctorow
item US Cannot Afford To Risk Another Endless War  by Daniel L. Davis
item Biden Wants to Return to a 'Normal' Foreign Policy. That's the Problem  by Emma Ashford

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Facebook Shuts Down Gaza Health Ministry Page
Mexican Army to Probe Soldiers in Border Deaths
Modern Spy Satellites in an Age of Space Wars
Polish, USAF Participate in Bilateral Exercise
The War at Home
17-Year-Old Arrested in Killing of Two People in Kenosha Protests
ACLU Suing Trump Administration Over Portland Protest Tactics
Latest Variant of Patriot Missile Misfired in Major Test of Command System
Brother of Army Officer Who Testified Against Trump Alleges Widespread Abuse, Retaliation at National Security Council
Officials Investigate Sailor for Arson in Navy Warship Fire in July
Family of Fort Hood Soldier Demands Answers After Body Found in Texas, Attorney Says
SIGAR: 50% Police in Afghan South Use Drugs, 50-70% 'Ghost Soldiers'
Afghanistan Policewoman Turned Filmmaker Wounded in Gun Attack
Afghan Govt Circles Accused of Building Militias, Arming Local Strongmen
US Offers $5m Reward for Two Men Kidnapped in Afghanistan
China/Hong Kong
US Imposes Sanctions on Chinese Defense Firms Over Maritime Dispute
Hong Kong Police Arrest Two Legislative Council Members
Thai PM Warns Nation Could Be 'Engulfed in Flames' if Division Persists
Thai Protest Boycotts Force Businesses to Pick Sides
Thai Minister Says Clampdown Won't Stop as Facebook Plans to Fight Order
Why Are Thai Students Protesting Against King Vajiralongkorn?
India Indicts Pakistani Militant in 2019 Kashmir Bombing
UK Govt Says Payouts for Iraq Abuse Claims 'Too Many to Count'
Labour Party Halts UK Government 'Amnesty' Bill for Soldiers Accused of Torture and War Crimes
British Soldier Says UK Has Yemeni 'Blood on Its Hands' Over Saudi Arms Sales
UK News Coverage of Terrorism Puts 'Disproportionate Focus on Muslims'
UK Free to Give Evidence on ISIS 'Beatles' to US, British Court Rules
Belarusian Police Disperse Minsk Protesters, Detain Dozens
Belarus Leader Among 118 on Lithuania's Sanctions List
Greece, Cyprus, Italy, France to Hold Military Exercises From Wednesday
Germany to End Mandatory Tests for Travelers, Bans Protests
Dutch Minister Discusses Rights With Chinese Counterpart
Montenegro President: Independence at Stake in Upcoming Vote
Australia/New Zealand
Australian Law to Target States' Deals With Foreign Governments in Anti-China Move
Christchurch Mosque Attacks: Terrorist Sentenced to Life in Jail Without Parole
Gaza Fears the Worst as Israel Ratchets Up Its Siege
Likud Claims Prosecution Encouraging 'Violent Anarchy' With Stance on Protests
Netanyahu Incites Violence by Casting Protesters as Clear and Present Danger
Israel: As Anti-Netanyahu Protests Grow, the Russian Community Joins the Fray
Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Resigns From UAE Peace Forum Over Israel Statement
Netanyahu Vows to Raze Palestinian Suspect's Home After Fatal Attack
France Sends Reform Roadmap to Crisis-Ridden Lebanon
Lebanese Forces Used Excessive Force in Blast Protests: HRW
'Doing the Government's Job': Beirut Volunteers Steer Relief Effort
Iran MPs Submit Motion to Ban All 'Foreign Messaging Apps'
British Team Help Free Iranian Sailors Held in Longest-Ever Somali Hijacking
Iraq Daily Roundup: 27 Killed in Attacks and Operations
Roadside Explosion Injures UN Staff Member in Iraq
US Calls for Turkey-Iraq Cooperation to Tackle PKK
UN Envoy: Pandemic Increased Poverty in Iraq by Over 10%
Erdogan Says Turkey to Get Rights in Seas Around It
Turkey Says 'No Concessions' in East Mediterranean Row
Saudi Arabia
Mounting Discontent Among Leading Saudi Royals Over MBS' Rule
Saudi Arabia's Most Famous Prisoners Cut Off From Contacting Families
Saudi Arabia Sees Oil Revenues Plunge in June
Middle East
Bahrain Rejects US Push to Normalize Relations With Israel
Displaced Yemenis Suffer as Aid Shortfall Closes Clinics
Pompeo Exchanges Views on Israel, Libya Conflict and Iran With UAE Counterpart
Libya Ceasefire: Window of Opportunity or Doomed to Fail?
Libya's Capital Under 24-Hour Curfew as Youth-Led Protests Mount
Rights Group Urges Release of Abducted Libyan Protesters
Amnesty: Armed Men Abducted 6, Wounded Others in Libya Rally
DR Congo Army Says Islamist Militia Kills 20 in East
US Says Airstrike Kills Six al-Shabab in Somalia After Ambush
Sudan and US Near Deal on Paying Victims of Terror Attacks
EU Freezes Missions Training Mali Army and Police After Coup
France Must Clean Up Algerian Nuclear Test Sites: Group
Between the Lines: Egypt's Censorship Crackdown Targets Foreign Book Translations
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