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Updated September 2, 2020 - 9:58 PM EDT
US Court: Mass Surveillance Program Was Illegal
Pentagon: Bombers Crucial to Threatening China
  Pentagon Claims China May Double Its Nuclear Arsenal by 2030
  China: US Using 'National Security' Excuse To Target Chinese Firms
  US Seeks NATO-Style Alliance Against China
DoJ: New FISA Rules Limit Surveillance of Candidates
  Mueller Lawyer Refutes NYT Russiagate Claims
  Appeals Court Keeps Flynn Case Alive, Won't Order Dismissal
  Dem Convention Didn't Mention Russiagate, Because It Was Fake
Iran Deal Parties Meet in Vienna Amid US Pressure
Afghan Govt Frees 100 'Most Dangerous' Taliban Prisoners
Toll Rises: 11 Killed in Israel's Strike on South Syria
item US Was Supposed to Be a City on a Hill, Not Model Its Foreign Policy After Nazi Germany  by Doug Bandow
item 'Dying to Fish': How Israeli Piracy Destroyed Gaza's Fishing Industry  by Ramzy Baroud
item Pompeo Tries To Extort Cash From Struggling Sudan  by Mitchell Plitnick
item Is China an Economic Threat?  by David R. Henderson
item Gulf Powers Fear Turkey's Jockeying for 'Soft Power' in Yemen  by Giorgio Cafiero & Corrado Cok
item Israel-UAE Deal Puts the 'Forever' in 'Forever War'  by Trita Parsi

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Fort Hood Commander Loses Position Following String of Deadly Incidents
French Army Says Killed Civilian by Accident in Mali
Sudan's Bashir Appears at Trial Over 1989 Coup
French President Macron Told Hezbollah MP 'Prove You Are Lebanese'
21 Injured in Beirut's Protests
Security Forces Tear Gas Anti-Govt Protesters on Centennial
All 25 Suspects in Beirut Blast Investigation Now in Custody
Iraq Monthly Roundup: 102 Killed in August
Turkish Airstrikes Leave Christian Village in Iraq Deserted
Iraq Struggles to Restart Damaged Refineries
Turkey's Erdogan Accuses EU of Using Greece as 'Bait'
Turkey Slams US Decision to Lift Cyprus Arms Embargo
Turkey Extends Mediterranean Gas Exploration Mission
Turkey Detains Top ISIS Member: Minister
Owners of Iranian Fuel Seized by US Assert Rights to Cargoes
Khamenei Says UAE 'Betrayed' Muslim World With Israel Deal
Gulf Nations
Amid Talks With Israel, UAE Pursuit of Stealth Jets Rumbles in Background
Saudi Activist Al-Hathloul's Health 'Deteriorating' Amid Hunger Strike
Mali Junta to Hold Transition Talks as Pressure Mounts
'Hotel Rwanda' Hero's Family Says Govt Kidnapped Him
Venezuela Opposition Leaders in Talks to Join Parliament Vote, Turkey Official Says
Mexican President Admits Murders Rising on His Watch
Hamas Deputy: We'll Give Israel Two Months to Implement Ceasefire
Video Shows Israeli Soldier Kneeling on Protester's Neck
Israel Approved Grant to Anti-Muslim US Christian Zionist Group
Hamas Chief Haniyeh Heads to Beirut for Palestinian Factions Meeting
IDF: 100 Hamas Targets Bombed in Past Month in Response to Fire-Balloon Attacks
UAE Official Says Annexation of West Bank Will Not End Normalization Deal
Former Afghan President Karzai Supports Abdullah's Stance on Council Structure
Afghan Soldiers Killed in Taliban Attack on Paktia Military Base
India, China Hold Talks Amid 'Volatile' Border Situation
Authorities in Belarus Target Opposition Leaders After Sunday's Massive Protest
Dozens of Belarus Protesters Missing After Third Weekend of Demonstrations, Opposition Leader Says
Ex-Candidate Says Belarusians Will No Longer Obey President
Belarus Detains Students Marking New Term With Protests
US Considers Sanctions Against Belarusians for Election Fraud and Violence Against Protesters
Scottish Nationalists Announce Plans for New Independence Referendum
North Macedonia Arrests Three Men on Suspicion of Plotting Attack
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