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Updated September 4, 2020 - 8:48 PM EDT
Assange's Extradition Hearing Resumes Monday
  Journalists Cheered Assange's Abuse. They've Paved His Path to Gulag
  US Determined to Make Assange Pay for Exposing Its War on Iraq
Pompeo: Whole World Uniting Against China
  As US Tensions Rise, China's Rhetoric on Taiwan Grows More Harsh
US Govt Seizes Websites of Iraqi Govt-Backed Militia
Israeli Airstrikes Kill 16 Pro-Govt Fighters in Eastern Syria
Pompeo Tells Venezuela Opposition to Boycott Election
US Groups Failed to Disclose Grants From Israeli Govt
NSA Spying Was Illegal and Not Very Useful, Court Says
item Assange's US Extradition Hearing Resumes Monday – We Need to Step Up the Fight  by Nozomi Hayase
item Israel's Friends: 'Christian Zionists' Dictate the Agenda of the GOP  by Ramzy Baroud
item Rand Paul Is Right About the Need to End Wars, but Trump Hasn't Ended Any  by Scott Shackford
item Novichok and Nonsense: From a Post-Factual to a Post-Logic World  by Gilbert Doctorow
item Stationing US Troops in Poland Is a Bad Idea  by Gil Barndollar
item Extending the New START Will Help Stabilize US-Russia Relations  by Daniel DePetris

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Trump Expected to Name New Ambassador to Afghanistan
TikTok Video Shows US Troops Hunting for a Porn Star in Syria
North Korea Waiting for US Elections To Resume Talks, SK Envoy Says
The War at Home
Facebook to Limit Political Advertisements Before US Elections
EU Says US Sanctions on ICC 'Unacceptable'
NTS Board Faults US Navy for Fitzgerald Collision
Navy Destroyer Captain Fired Amid Investigation
Second Army Reservist in Florida Dies From Covid-19
Ex-Twitter Employee Accused of Spying for Saudi Arabia Pleads Not Guilty on 23 Charges
Afghan Officials Primed for Talks With Taliban After Deal on Prisoners, Sources Say
Taliban Prisoners to Be 'Moved to Qatar' Ahead of Talks
Three Civilians Killed, One Wounded in Afghanistan IED Blast
Naderi Officially Introduced as Afghan State Minister for Peace Affairs
Afghans Return to Games, Parks, Weddings Despite Virus Fears
Inside India's Elite Force of High-Altitude Tibetan Commandos
How Facebook Stifles Local Media in India to Protect the Ruling BJP
Facebook Bans Politician From India's BJP for Hate Speech
Indian MPs Grill Facebook Over Hate Speech, Allegations of Bias
US Claims China's 'Manipulation' of Mekong River Is 'Urgent Challenge' for Southeast Asia
Pakistani Officials: Roadside Bomb Hits Army, Kills Three Troops
Philippine Appeals Block Release of US Marine Convicted in Killing of Transgender Filipino Woman
Singapore Seeks Adversarial Training for Local and US-Based Fighter Pilots
Nepal Police Clash With Devotees Defying Virus Ban for Festival
Senior Cambodian Opposition Figure Allowed Back in Politics
Libyan Interior Minister Restored to Post After Talks
Families Sue Libyan Warlord Khalifa Haftar in US Court for Death of Relatives
Despite Coup, France and Allies Push on With New Mali Task Force
ISWAP Fighters Kill Nine Troops in Nigeria's Borno State
Egypt Targets Rape Witnesses in Attempt to Bury Case That Shocked the Nation
Ethiopia Tried to Muzzle Migrant Workers Stuck at Deadly Saudi Camps
Rival Palestinian Factions Hold Rare Joint Meeting Over Israel-UAE Deal
Unending Blockade: Gaza Ceasefire Reinstates Israel's Preferred Status Quo
Abbas Urges Arabs Not to Normalize Ties With Israel
Abbas: 'No One Authorized to Speak on Our Behalf'
Israeli Soldiers Shoot Palestinian Man From Watchtower in Bethlehem
Israeli Security Officials Said to Believe PA Interested in Reestablishing Coordination
Palestinian Prisoner Dies of Heart Attack in Israel's Ofer Jail
National Carrier El Al Announces Weekly Air Cargo Service to Dubai
French Spy Master Joins Effort to Deliver Lebanese Reforms, Sources Say
Over Four Tons of Ammonium Nitrate Found Near Beirut Port
Iraq Daily Roundup: Five Killed in Various Attacks
US Seizes Terrorist Websites Used to Recruit, Destabilize Iraq
Turkey's Defense Minister Pilots F-16 Fighter Jet Over Aegean Sea as Tensions With Greece Intensify
Turkey Says Russia Will Hold Live-Fire Exercises in Mediterranean
Middle East
42 Bodies Found in ISIS Mass Grave in NE Syria
Yemeni Parliament Member Killed in Houthi Clashes
Arab Artists Boycott UAE After Israel Deal
US Military Sales Would Hinder Cyprus Resolution, Turkey Says
NATO Says Greece and Turkey Agree to De-Escalation Talks, but Athens Denies a Deal
Russian Spy Chief Says Western Provocation Cannot Be Ruled Out in Navalny Case
Montenegro President Accepts His Party Lost Election
Belarus Leader Reshuffles Lieutenants to Tighten Control
EU Executive Says of Bulgaria Protests: Any Use of Force Must Be Proportionate
Venezuela Opposition Must Stop Pretending to Be Government, Capriles Says
Venezuela Opposition Figure Calls for High Election Turnout
Colombia Arrests 3 Venezuelans Tied to Anti-Maduro Plot
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