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Updated September 5, 2020 - 9:46 PM EDT
New Afghanistan Envoy: Withdraw Immediately
Netanyahu Secretly Agreed to F-35 Sale to UAE
  UAE Deal Boosts Israeli Oil Pipeline Secretly Built With Iran
  Trump Nat'l Security Advisor: We're Committed to 2-State Solution
IAEA: Iran Uranium Stockpile 10 Times Agreed Cap
  IAEA Inspectors Visit Disputed Iran Site, Collect Samples
Assange's Extradition Hearing Resumes Monday
Facebook Deletes Fake Pages Run by US PR Firm
FBI Entraps Militia Idiots Into Bogus 'Hamas' Plot
Saudi Planes Mistakenly Kill Four Yemeni Soldiers in NE
US Govt Seizes Websites of Iraqi Govt-Backed Militia
item Trump Regime vs. the ICC: The Wrong Side of 'Sovereignty'  by Thomas Knapp
item NSA Ruling Reminds Us Sacrificing Civil Liberties Is a Bipartisan Impulse  by Jacob Sullum
item Get Out of Syria
 by Daniel Larison
item Lifting Embargo on US Arms to Cyprus Is Aimed Against Russia  by Paul Antonopoulos

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Palau Invites US Military to Build Bases as China Seeks Regional Clout
Greek, Turkish Politicians Reignite Clash Over Eastern Med Talks
US B-52 Bombers Fly to Ukraine to Train With Fighters There
Palestinians Agree on Launching 'Popular Resistance' Following UAE-Israel Deal
Dual Crisis: Power Outage Leaves Gaza Without Water During Pandemic Lockdown
Pregnant Woman, Three Other Palestinians Said Injured by Settler Rock Throwing
IDF to Step Up Role in Israeli Coronavirus Response as Cases Spike
IDF Says 30 Infected in Virus Outbreak on Officer Training Base
Middle East
Bahrain to Allow UAE-Israel Flights to Cross Its Airspace
Explosion in Western Iran Leaves More Than 200 Injured: State Media
'They Are Lying': Turkey Blasts Greece for Rejecting NATO Talks on Defusing Tensions
Belarus Opposition Leader Calls for UN Monitoring Mission
Britain Says Doubling Aid to Help Belarus Media, Rights Organizations
Police Drag Belarus Students From University Building, Arrest Five, Rights Group Says
Russia to Review Possibility of Murder Attempt on Navalny
Geert Wilders Guilty of Insulting Moroccans, Says Dutch Court
Gunmen Kill 22 People in 2 Attacks in Nigeria's Middle Belt
UK Court Allows Nigeria More Time to Appeal in $10 Billion Dispute
Ten Soldiers Killed in Overnight Ambush in Central Mali
UN Begins Withdrawing Troops From Protection Sites in South Sudan
Sudan, Major Rebel Group Agree to Resume Peace Talks
Militiamen Evicted After Storming Key DR Congo City in Ituri
Egypt Arrests 2 Journalists, One Sick With Covid-19
Ethiopia's Tigray Region to Hold Poll, Defying Federal Government
US Blacklists Four Individuals, Alleging Venezuela Election Interference
Jamaica's Governing Party Re-Elected in Landslide
Weekend Reviews
The War State: Summary, Analysis, and Commentary
The War That Ended Peace: The Road to 1914
How the West Stole Democracy From the Arabs
The War at Home
DHS To Label White Supremacists as the 'Most Persistent and Lethal Threat' to the US
Stars and Stripes Closure Ordered by Pentagon as Trump, Lawmakers Signal Push to Save Military Newspaper
Pentagon Awards Jedi Contract to Microsoft – Again – in Blow to Amazon
DoD Cleared to Buy US-Made Small Drones Through Blue sUAS Program
Sailors Test Positive for Covid-19 on Carrier USS Ronald Reagan
The Pentagon Used a Hypersonic Bullet to Shoot Down a Mock Cruise Missile for the First Time
Five US Military Facilities Are Among the Locations Selected for Final Coronavirus Vaccine Trials
Indian and Chinese Defense Ministers Set for Meeting in Moscow Over Border Row
US Happy to Help in China-India Border Dispute, Trump Says
India Army Chief Says Talks Can Resolve Border Row With China
Chinese State Media Accuses India of 'Jingoism' Over App Ban
China Planning Building Spree in Tibet as India Tensions Rise, Sources Say
Kashmir: 'India Using Pellet Guns to Maim, Blind, Kill'
Three Militants Killed, Three Security Personnel Injured in Encounter at Kashmir
Thousands Protest in Pakistan Over Reprinting of Mohammad Cartoons in France
Pakistan Plans Hemp Production With Eye on Global Cannabis Market
Afghan Govt Frees More Taliban Prisoners, Paving Way for Talks
Afghan Border Personnel Killed in Clash With Pakistani Forces
UN Envoy Calls for 'Humanitarian Ceasefire' in Afghanistan Ahead of Doha Talks
Afghans Urge Unity, End to Violence on Threshold of Talks
We'll Keep US Military Ties as 'We Warm' to China: Philippine Armed Forces Chief
Malaysia Won't Extradite Uighurs to China, Minister Says
Thai Protesters Tie White Ribbons at Prison for Activists
Sri Lanka Government Proposes Increased Presidential Powers
Americans Still Dying
Fort Hood Soldier (NM) Dies After Collapsing During Physical Training
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