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Updated September 16, 2020 - 9:36 PM EDT
NYT: US Wants to Expand Drone War Into Kenya
Trump Would Sell Other Gulf Countries Weapons
  Israel Signs Normalization Treaties With UAE and Bahrain
  Pelosi Vows Israel Will Maintain 'Qualitative Military Edge'
State Department Defends Saudi Arms Sales
  UN Warns of Famine in Yemen Over Aid Cuts
  US Officials Fear Arrest Over Saudi War Crimes in Yemen
Taliban Say They Don't Aim to Seize Power
  US Commander: Intel Still Hasn't Corroborated Russia Bounty Story
S. African Intel Doubts Iran Plot to Kill US Envoy
  Iran Warns US Not to Make a 'Strategic Mistake' After Trump Threat
  US Space Force Confirms Satellites Tracked Iranian Missiles
Trump Says He Wanted to 'Take Out' Assad
item Trump and Biden Should Tell Americans When They Plan To Go to War  by Doug Bandow
item Election Meddlers Find a Scapegoat  by Peter Van Buren
item The Assange Case Threatens All Journalists Who Scrutinize Govt Conduct  by J.D. Tuccille
item Are Christian Zionists the 'Largest Pro-Israel Lobby'?  by Grant Smith
item Peace Plans That Have Nothing to Do With Peace  by Ted Snider
item How the Homeland Security Dept Controls Its Image in Film and TV  by Tom Secker

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Assange Prosecutor Says Government Can Prosecute Journalist for Publishing
Two Hackers Charged With Defacing US Websites After Death of Iranian General
US Justice Department Subpoenas Publisher of John Bolton's Book
Netanyahu Has 'No Intention' of Talking to Palestinians: Opposition Chief
Trump Says 'About Five' Countries Are Close to Normalizing Ties With Israel
UAE Official Says US Mediation an Assurance Suspension of Israeli Annexations Will Hold
Qatar Rules Out Normalizing Relations With Israel
Abraham Accords: Full Text
Full Text of the 'Treaty of Peace' Signed by Israel and the United Arab Emirates
Gantz Lauds Normalization, but Says No Stability Without Talking to Palestinians
Protests and Rockets as Persian Gulf States Sign Deals With Israel
More Than 200,000 Sign Anti-Normalization 'Palestine Charter'
Palestinians Need to 'Stop Curses' and 'Help Themselves', Says Leading UAE Diplomat
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia Rebuked at UN Over Jamal Khashoggi Killing, Abuses
UN Nuclear Watchdog in Talks With Saudi Arabia as Reactor Nears Completion
Riyadh Allowed Raunchy Netflix Shows in Exchange for Removal of Anti-Saudi Satire Show
Iran Boosts Oil Output at Oilfields Shared With Iraq
Iran: Govt Distances Itself From Execution of Wrestler Afkari
Iraq Daily Roundup: Three Killed
US Gives Peshmerga $250 Million in Military Assistance
Roadside Bombing Targets British Convoy in Iraq
Syria Drone Strike Kills Top Tunisian Jihadist Sayyaf Al-Tunsi
Turkish-Backed Forces May Have Committed War Crimes in Syria: UN Commission
UN War Crimes Experts Urge Turkey to Rein in Rebels in Syria
Coalition Helicopter Makes Emergency Landing in Syria. Officials Say No Injuries, No Hostile Fire
Middle East
Pompeo Says Hezbollah Weapons Risk Torpedoing French Efforts in Lebanon
Yemen Warring Parties to Travel to Switzerland to Discuss Prisoner Releases
Turkey's Arrest of Lawyers Draws International Criticism
UN Demands All Countries Enforce UN Arms Embargo on Libya
Libya East-Based Force: Seven Militants, Foreign Fighters Killed
Possible Resignation of Libya's PM Raises Questions Over Ankara-Tripoli Ties
UN Chief to Appoint Special Envoy to Broker Peace in Libya
More Than 50 Prisoners Starve to Death in East DR Congo Prison
West Africa Bloc Fails to Reach Agreement With Mali Military
Burkina Faso Army 'Dismantles' Jihadist Base, Says Kills Two
US Sanctions Wife of Former Gambia Leader Jammeh
Algerian Journalist Sentenced to Two Years in Prison on Appeal
The War at Home
Revealed: US Air Force Secretly Built and Flew a New Fighter Jet
Fort Bliss Soldier Shot After Allegedly Pointing Gun at Military Police
US Withdraws Canada Aluminium Tariffs Amid Retaliation Threat
WTO Says Trump's Tariffs on Chinese Goods Violate Global Trade Rules
China/Hong Kong
China Invites EU Leaders to 'See Real Situation in Xinjiang' Amid Claims of Detention and Abuse
US Issues Restrictions on Import of Xinjiang Cotton and Apparel Products, Citing Forced Labor
Britain Warns It Citizens of Risk of Arbitrary Detention in China
China Denies Reports of Troops Laying Cables at India Border
US Imposes Sanctions on Chinese Firm Over Cambodia Project
Trump's Attack on the 'Hong Kong Label' Expected to Hurt Some Firms but Not Local Pride in Brand
Pompeo: Efforts Underway With North Korea for Progress in Nuclear Talks
South Korea Insists Joint Military Plans With US Do Not Involve Nuclear Weapons, Disputing Claims in Bob Woodward Book
No Compromise on Type of Govt in Talks, Says Afghan VP
Pompeo Says Fewer Than 200 Al Qaeda Left in Afghanistan Today
Mysterious Drone Incursions Have Occurred Over US THAAD Anti-Ballistic Missile Battery in Guam
Indonesia to Beef-Up Patrols After China Coastguard Raises Suspicion
Japan's Suga to Formally Take Up PM Job, Announce Cabinet
India Says It Has Doubled Budget for Roads and Bridges on China Border
Belarus Won't Rule Out 'Forceful Response' to Military Threats
EU: 'We Don't Recognize Lukashenko as Legitimate Belarus President'
Belarus Says Lithuania Broke International Law by Recognizing Tsikhanouskaya as Leader
Russian Loan Won't Keep Lukashenko Afloat for Long
European Space Agency Signs Deal for Asteroid Defense Mission
French Air Force Changes Name as It Looks to the Stars
Greece Says Ready for Talks With Turkey
Spain Wants to Ramp Up Search for Franco Victims in Mass Graves
Venezuela Says Arrested American Was Planning to Sabotage Oil Refineries
Pompeo to Visit Brazil Border as US Ramps Up Pressure on Maduro
Venezuela Reaches Out to Bondholders After Months of Silence
Former Commanders of Colombia's Demobilized FARC Rebels Apologize for Kidnappings
US-Canada Border Shutdown Likely to Extend Through Nov., Ottawa Cool to More Exemptions
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