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Updated September 17, 2020 - 9:27 PM EDT
Dems Announce $350 Billion Plan to Counter China
  US Is Planning Huge Arms Sale to Taiwan
  US Marines Simulate Seizure of Hostile Ship in the South China Sea
  Pentagon Chief Calls for Increased Spending to Make More Ships
  Chinese and Indian Troops Exchanged Gunfire Last Week
Trump, Biden, Jorgensen Discuss Military Issues
  Space Force Chief Says US Needs To Be Ready To Fight Space War
  Post-9/11 Conflicts Increased Civilian Police Militarization: Study
US To Enforce Iran Sanctions Without UN Approval
  NY Judge Blasts US Prosecutors' Conduct in Iran Sanctions Case
Israel Asks US for $8 Billion 'Edge' in Warplanes
State Department Defends Saudi Arms Sales
Al-Jazeera Slams US Order to Register as Foreign Agent
Daniel Ellsberg Testifies in Defense of Julian Assange
item How USA and Turkey Plunder and Loot Syria With Impunity  by Rick Sterling
item A 'Persistent Eye in the Sky' Coming to a City Near You?  by Medea Benjamin & Barry Summers
item When It Comes to Iran, How Many Failures Is Enough for Pompeo?  by Muhammad Sahimi
item The West Shouldn't Intervene in Belarus  by Ted Galen Carpenter
item Faux Peace: Israel and Arab Gulf Royals  by Jamal Kanj
item Over and Over and Over Again, History Has Vindicated Edward Snowden  by Branko Marcetic

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Witnesses at Trial Say Assange Could Spend Rest of His Life in US Prison
Assange Hearing Day Seven: Report
Air Force: 98 Airmen Have Committed Suicide So Far in 2020
Israel and UAE Normalization Agreement Doesn't Mention Annexation or F-35s, Despite Abu Dhabi Claims
Israeli Jets Bomb Gaza After Rocket Fire Clouds Peace Deal Signing
Government, Police Said Seeking to Limit Numbers at Israeli Protests During Lockdown
Tel Aviv Bars Rebrand as Synagogues to Protest Virus Lockdown Rules
Gantz Warns of Harsher Response to Gaza as IDF Said to Boost Defense Batteries
Mossad Chief Indicates Saudis Could Join Nations Normalizing Ties With Israel
ICC Rejects Appeal Against Probe of Raid on 2010 Gaza Flotilla
84% of Canadians Think the ICC Should Investigate Israeli Officials Over Alleged War Crimes
Syria Calls US a 'Rogue State' Over Trump's Kill Al-Assad Plan
'Physical Evidence' of Killings Presented at Syrian Officials' Trial in Germany
Turkish Police Detain 106 Over Alleged Gulen Links
Turkey Open to Mediterranean Sea Talks but 'Determined': Erdogan
Turkey Approves New Trade Deal With Libya Government Amid Talk of Energy Exploration
Erdogan Told Germany's Merkel: Turkish Drill Ship Did Not End Operations in Eastern Mediterranean
US Sanctions 'Ruining Lives', Iran Tells United Nations Court
US Threatens Sanctions for China and Russia Over Iran Arms Deals
Middle East
Another Airman Dies in a Vehicle Accident in Kuwait – Second in Two Days
Iraq Daily Roundup: Two Killed
Yemen Warring Sides in 'Final' Talks on Prisoner Swap Deal
HRW Urges Lebanon Donors Not to Distribute Aid Through Government
All Armed Groups Commit to Ceasefire in DR Congo's South Kivu
Al-Shabab Militant Jailed in Somalia for Attack on US Base in Kenya
Sudan Seizes Explosives Large Enough to 'Blow Up the Entire Capital'
Uganda Jail Break: More Than 200 Prisoners Escape Moroto Facility
Mali Junta Moves Toward Selecting Interim President After Embargo Threat
The War at Home
Attorney General Bill Barr Encourages Federal Prosecutors to Charge Violent Protesters With Sedition
I Am Vanessa Guillen Act Unveiled to Reform How Military Addresses Sexual Misconduct
Minnesota Man Facing Terrorism Charges for Aiding ISIS in Syria
US Charges 5 Chinese Nationals, 2 Malaysians in Hacking of More Than 100 Targets
Russia Accuses US of Promoting Revolution in Belarus, Toughens Stance
Belarusian Leader Says He Asked Putin for Weapons
Belarus Charges Protest Leader for Undermining National Security
Torture Rife in Belarus Police Stations, Rights Groups Say
Belarusian Police Say Officers' Personal Data Leaked Online
Cyprus Accuses Turkey of Expanding 'Illegal Drilling' in East Med

Russia: Navalny Sanctions Talk Is Affecting Its Borrowing Plans

France Sees Joint European Military Drone Project Launched This Year
Greece Denies Arms Spending Will Cost 10 Billion Euros
Germany Offered US $1.2b to Save Nord Stream 2
Nine Serbs Held Over 1992 Bosnia Killings of Muslims
China/Taiwan/Hong Kong
Taiwan Says Chinese Anti-Submarine Aircraft Off Its Coast
China Says Military Drills Near Taiwan Were a 'Necessary Action'
Senior US Official to Visit Taiwan This Weekend
Taiwan Ties of Japan's New Defence Minister Nobuo Kishi Sparks Reaction From China
Hong Kong Formally Demands US Drop 'Made-In-China' Labelling Regulations by Trump
South Korea Warns of Underwater Missile Test Launch by N. Korea
No Ceasefire Until Cause of War Is Discussed: Taliban Spokesman
Head of Libya's Tripoli Govt Says He Wants to Quit
UN Chief to Appoint Special Envoy to Mediate Libya Conflict
Jailed American Accused by Venezuela of Spying Was Not Sent by US: Official
Barbados Plans to Remove Queen Elizabeth as Head of State
Canada Says Former Ambassador to US Violated Conflict-of-Interest Law
Bolivia Poll Suggests Outright Victory for Morales' Candidate
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