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Updated September 20, 2020 - 8:41 PM EDT
US Deploying More Troops to Syria
Afghan Airstrikes Kill 24 Civilians
  Pakistani Taliban Targets Forces in NW Border Regions
UK, France, Germany Spurn US on Iran Sanctions
  South Africa: Insufficient Evidence of Iranian Plot to Kill US Envoy
Trump Backs Off Tiktok Ban, Judge Blocks Wechat Ban
  US Spy Planes Disguising as Civilian Airliners Near China's Coast
US Had a Plan To Drop 80 Nukes on North Korea
US Envoy: Annexation 'Will Happen' Despite UAE Deal
US, Guyana to Launch Joint Patrols Near Venezuela
US Demands Concessions From Russia To Extend START
item The China Conundrum: Deterrence as Dominance  by Andrew J. Bacevich
item How To Deescalate America's Warmongering With Iran  by Daniel R. DePetris
item Fake News About Iran, Russia, China Is US Journalism's Daily Bread  by Bernhard
item The Time to Stop Coddling Saudi Arabia Is Now  by Ivan Eland
item Back Off of Venezuela Already  by Stephen Kinzer
item Assange Court Told of Political Prosecutions Under Espionage Act  by Kevin Gosztola

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Assange Hearing: US Says Journalists Not Exempt From Espionage Act
Trump 'Offered Assange Pardon' in Return for Hacked Emails Source
ISIS's 'Canary Caliph' Gave Intelligence to US in 2008, Documents Claim
The War at Home
Lawsuit Accuses Facebook of Using Mobile Phone Cameras to Spy on Instagram Users
Turkey's HalkBank Urges Dismissal of Iran Sanctions Criminal Case in US
US Military Working Dogs Should Be American-Born, Senator Says
Pentagon Unveils New Religious Liberty Policies After Pressure From Conservative Lawmakers
USS Dextrous Sailors Say Their Captain Has Made the Ship a 'Miserable Prison.' The Navy Doesn't Seem to Care
US House to Consider Bills on Chinese Goods Made With Forced Labor, Pelosi Says
Beijing Holds Military Exercises Near Taiwan as US Diplomat Visits
Taiwan Scrambles Jets as 18 Chinese Planes Buzz During US Visit
Pompeo Dismisses China's 'Actual Combat Exercises' in Taiwan Strait as 'Military Blustering'
China Slams Pompeo for 'Spreading Rumors' During South America Trip
China Aims to Operate Regular Space Flights by 2045: Official
Canada Has Abandoned Free-Trade Talks With China, Says FM
Trump Says US Dealing Well With 'Tough,' 'Smart' Taliban
UN Security Council Welcomes Start of Intra-Afghan Talks
Indian Army Admits Wrongdoing in Killing Three Kashmiris
Belarus Borders Remain Open Despite Lukashenko's Closure Threat
UN Steps Up Monitoring of Reported Abuses in Belarus, Raising Stakes
EU Set to Miss Monday Deadline to Impose Belarus Sanctions: Diplomats
Man Sets Himself on Fire Outside Police Station in Belarus
Russian Military Says US Flights Near Crimea Fuel Tensions
Vehicle Intercepted Breaching US Ambassador's Residence in Moscow
US F-16s Head to Bulgaria for Thracian Viper Exercise
Erdogan Willing to Meet Greek PM Over East Med Tensions
Palestinian Worker in Israel, Stabbed in the Neck by Group of Israelis
Israel's Envoy to US: at Least Two More Arab States Will Normalize Ties by January
Palestinians: Man Dies of Heart Attack After IDF Stun Grenade Bursts Next to Him
Three Palestinians Killed by Unidentified Gunmen in West Bank
'Clusters of 20': Israeli Police Announce New Rules for Protests During 3-Week Lockdown
Yemen: 'Choices Have Been Made to Abandon These People', Says UN Official
Yemeni Warring Sides Hold UN-Sponsored Talks on Prisoner Swap
Saudi Arabia Pledges $204m to UN Yemen Aid
Kuwait Offers $20mn in Yemen Aid After UN Dressing-Down
Iraq Daily Roundup: Seven Killed
Roadside Bomb Hits US-Led Coalition Convoy in North of Baghdad
Two Turkish Troops Killed in Attack in Northern Iraq
UN Calls on Turkey to Investigate Possible War Crimes in Northern Syria
Turkey Rejects UN Human Rights Violation Claims in Syria
Syrian Forces Target Two Turkish Armored Vehicles in Idlib
Dutch Government Seeks to Hold Syria Accountable for Torture
Form Government Without Delay, France Tells Lebanese Politicians
Somalia Names New Prime Minister, Unveils Plan for Elections
Haftar Announces Conditional Lifting of Libya Oil Blockade
Bolivia Election Race Heats Up as Field Tightens
Pompeo Visits Refugees in Brazil, Pressuring Venezuela's Maduro
Americans Still Dying
Senior Airman (CA) Killed in a Single-Vehicle, Non-Combat Related Accident in Kuwait
Another Fort Hood Soldier (NM) Dies, 5 Days After He Collapsed Following Physical Training
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