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Updated September 21, 2020 - 8:27 PM EDT
Afghanistan: 100 Killed in Deadly Clashes
  Afghan Airstrikes Kill 24 Civilians
  Seven Afghan Soldiers Killed in Insider Attack
  Legal, Religious Efforts Remain Stumbling Blocks at Afghan Talks
US Sends Mechanized Troops Back Into Syria
  Russian Warplanes Strike Syria's Rebel-Held Idlib
US 'Reinstates' UN Sanctions on Iran – World Disagrees
  Iranian Currency Hits Record Low After Trump Announces Santions
ByteDance Disputes Trump on $5B for Patriotic Education
  Trump Backs Off TikTok Ban, Judge Blocks WeChat Ban
Russian FM: Chances of Renewing New START 'Minimal'
Yemenis Protest UAE Normalization With Israel on Socotra
item Israel-UAE Deal Requires New
US-Funded Arms Race
 by Jason Ditz
item The Merchants of Nuclear War Are Thriving Through the Pandemic  by Jasmine Owens
item An Old NATO Nightmare Returns: Possible War Between Greece and Turkey  by Ted Galen Carpenter
item Lebanon Slides Toward the Sectarian Brink Again  by Doug Bandow
item Stephen F. Cohen: In Memoriam  by Gilbert Doctorow
item Reckoning the Full Costs of Endless War  by Daniel Larison

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Report: UAE Crown Prince Skipped WH Signing Over PM's Annexation Stance
Peru's President Vizcarra Survives Impeachment Vote
France Rebuffs US Claims That Hezbollah Is Storing Explosives Across Europe
General Wants to Send Rangers After Internet Trolls
Authorities Arrest Woman Suspected of Sending Trump Letter With Poison
Iran's Zarif Says World Should Oppose US Sanctions or Expect Same
Google Again Blocks Access to YouTube Account of Iran's Press TV
Iran Commander Vows to Avenge US Assassination of Top General
Jailed Iran Human Rights Lawyer Hospitalized After Hunger Strike
Israeli Cops Thought the Palestinian Shepherd Stole a Car. So They Shot Him in the Head
Thousands of Israelis in First Protests Since Renewed Lockdown
Tens of Thousands Take Advantage of Flights to Flee Israel's Closure
ICC Closes Door on Gaza Flotilla Probe
Israeli Soldiers Injure Several Palestinians in Kufur Qaddoum
Hamas Militant Killed, Three Wounded in Tunnel Collapse in Gaza
Iraq Daily Roundup: 11 Killed
From Foe to Friend: How Iran Transformed Post-War Iraq Ties
Renewed Protests in South Iraq Condemn Crackdown, Kidnapping of Activist
Iranian-Turkish Deal to Fight PKK Risks Harming Stability of Iraq's Kurdish Region
New Documents Reveal Secret British Efforts to Arm, Assist and Propagandize 'Moderate Rebels' in Syria
16 Syrian Soldiers, 20 ISIS Militants Killed in Recent Desert Battles
Five Pro-Govt Fighters Killed in Explosion in East Syria
Riot Breaks Out at Syria Prison Holding ISIS Militants
Damascus Berates Dutch Legal Action on Human Rights Record
Yemen/Saudi Arabia
Yemen Calls for Emergency UN Security Council Session on Marib Offensive
Five Injured as Houthi Missile Strikes Saudi Village
Middle East
US Said to Redouble Efforts for Israel-Lebanon Maritime Talks After Beirut Blast
Turkey May Resume Talks With Greece, Warns Against EU Sanctions
US President Donald Trump Bestows Legion of Merit Award on Kuwait's Sick Ruling Emir
Mass Anti-Lukashenko Rally Starts After Police Crackdown
Belarus Police Detain at Least 10 Protesters in Minsk
Belarus Police Detain Hundreds at Women's Rally Against Lukashenko's Rule
Belarus Warns EU Against Inviting Lukashenko's Rival to Meeting
Police Clash With Protesters at Anti-Lockdown Demonstration in London
Protesters Say Localized Lockdowns in Madrid Discriminate Against Poor
German, French Defense Ministers Push for Eurodrone Progress
Pompeo Hails Colombia's Stance on Maduro, Pledges More Help in Drugs Fight
Colombia Police Officers Charged With Killing That Sparked Riots
Pompeo Promotes US Companies to New Oil Nations Guyana, Suriname
Honduras Says Aims to Open Jerusalem Embassy This Year
The War at Home
Six Big Takeaways From the Full Navy Investigation Into a Carrier's Covid Outbreak
Military Family Members, Veterans Sue Over Chemical Exposure at George Air Force Base
Bergdahl Lawyers Say Military Judge's Job Application Posed Conflict
Royal Navy, US Coast Guard Team Up on Three Drug Busts
China/Taiwan/Hong Kong
UN Set to Become Latest Forum for US-China Rivalry as Donald Trump and Xi Jinping Prepare to Address General Assembly
Beijing Says Firms on 'Unreliable Entities List' Will Be Banned From Trading With, Investing in China
Taiwan Scrambles Jets for Second Day as Chinese Jets Buzz Island
Hong Kong Government Defends Judicial Independence After Foreign Judge Quits Top Court Over National Security Law
Three Issues Holding Up Start of Afghan Peace Talks in Doha
Govt Forces, Taliban Families Tired of War, Seek Peace
Afghan Woman Killed in Balkh Blast, Five More Wounded
Two Security Force Members Killed in Afghanistan Blasts
Deputy Head of Paktia Provincial Council Killed in Afghanistan Attack
Surveyed Afghans: 75% in Favor of Republic
Pakistan's Opposition Parties Announce Alliance to Oust Imran Khan
Two Army Troops Killed in NW Pakistan
Security Forces Gun Down Four Terrorists in Pakistan
India Arrests Nine al-Qaeda Militants Planning 'Terrorist Attacks'
Indian Police Arrested a Local Journalist Alleging Spying for China
Thai Protesters Back on Streets to Demand Political Change
Thai Protest Leader Says Sunday Demonstration Ending
What's Behind Thailand's Protests and What Comes Next?
Briton and Australian Mapping Unexploded WW2 Bombs Killed in Solomon Islands Explosion
South Korea Police Arrests Defector Trying to Cross Back to North Korea
Former Japanese PM Shinzo Abe Visits Controversial Shrine for War Dead
Libyan Official: Sarraj Opposes Oil Deal With Rival Hafter
Libya's NOC Lifts Force Majeure on Oil in Ports Without Fighters
Trump Approves First Sudanese Ambassador to Washington in 23 Years
Sudanese Officials to Meet US Delegation in Abu Dhabi
Ivory Coast Tensions Flare as Candidate Urges 'Civil Disobedience'
Former Guard of Deposed Central African Republic President Arrested in France
Ethiopia Charges Prominent Opposition Figure With Terrorism
Anti-Sisi Protests Erupt in Egypt's Suez Ahead of Planned Demonstrations
Nigerian Opposition Governor Wins Re-Election
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