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Updated September 23, 2020 - 9:24 PM EDT
Pentagon Gave Covid Aid Money to Contractors
  $2 Million in Covid-19 Funds Went to Buy Army Greens Uniforms
Pentagon Begins Preparing Full Afghan Pullout
  US Says Afghan Violence Too High, Officials Trade Blame Over Fault
Esper: US Will Maintain Israel's Military Edge
  Reuters: US Seeks F-35 Deal With UAE by December
Rouhani: US Can't Impose Negotiations or War
  Iranian Supertanker Will Defy US Threats, Ship Venezuelan Crude
Trump Rails Against Beijing in UN Speech
Saudi Airstrike Hits Plastic Factory In Yemen
Trump Admin Frustrated With Russia Over New START
Swiss Plan to Buy $6.6 Billion in Planes 'a Waste of Money'
item Will Michele Flournoy Be the Angel of Death for the American Empire?  by Medea Benjamin & Nicolas JS Davies
item The Biggest Insult to the American Military Is Our Foreign Policy  by Bonnie Kristian
item Study: As Many as 59 Million Displaced by America's War on Terror  by Barbara Boland
item NATO Continues Forever as 'North America and the Others'  by Doug Bandow
item Redefining Anti-Semitism on Facebook  by Neve Gordon
item To End Endless War, We Must Repeal the 2001 AUMF  by Sam Rogers & Nate Anderson

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Judge Rules Snowden to Give Up Millions From Book, Speeches
Psychiatrist: Assange a Suicide Risk if Extradited
Navalny Aide Warns Against Broad Sanctions on Russia Over Poisoning
The War at Home
Facebook to 'Restrict the Circulation of Content' if Chaos Results From Election
Federal Agencies Tapped Protesters' Phones in Portland
Poll: Two-Thirds Believe US Cities 'Under Siege' by Protesters
Police Are Using $1.6 Billion in Surplus Military Gear Doled Out Since 9/11
Schumer Interrupted During Live Briefing by Heckler: 'Stop Lying to the People'
US House Passes Forced Labor Bill That Would Bar Xinjiang Imports
Ann Arbor Lawmakers Vote to Decriminalize Psychedelic Mushrooms
US Military
Fort Bliss Widens Search for Missing Soldier as Case Details Change
Automatic Citizenship Has Been Restored for Some Troops' Children Born Abroad
Are Military Efforts to Clean Up and Replace Toxic 'Forever Chemicals' Cutting It?
Funds for Attack Sub Boise Overhaul Cleared After Five-Year Wait
In Biden, China Sees an 'Old Friend' and Possible Foe
Facebook Takes Down Chinese Accounts Active in US and Philippines Politics
China, India Agree Not to Send More Troops to Border: Chinese Defence Ministry
Exclusive: Pompeo Threatens China With Sanctions Over Iran Arms Deals
Taiwan Tells China to 'Back Off' as Airspace 'Incursions' Rise
China Ramps Up US Crude Oil Imports as Elections Near
Vatican and China Prepare to Renew Historic Deal, Angering US
China's Unreliable Entity List Gives Beijing 'Leeway' to Take Punitive Actions Against Foreign Firms
Govt, Taliban Blame Each Other for Rising Violence
Afghan President in UN Speech Reiterates Call for Ceasefire
Pakistan Court Rules 2012 Blaze as Arson, Sentences 2 to Death
Virus Fears Stop Indian Sikhs Visiting Pakistan Site for Festival
Filipino President Rebukes China While Emphasizing Fear of 'Nuclear War'
In UN Speech, Philippines President Defends Drug War but Tempers Tone
Sri Lanka: Bill Granting More Powers to President Tabled
Vietnam Jails 20 for Terrorism Over Police Station Bombs
Former Rebel Leader Elected Bougainville President
Boat Intercepted in 2018 Carried Would-Be Kim Jong UN Assassins, Ex-Official Says
EU Sanctions Three Firms for Breaking Libya Arms Embargo
Egypt's Sisi Committed to Ridding Libya of Militia, Regional Interference
Cameroon Police Break Up Opposition Protests With Tear Gas, Water Cannon
Cameroon Opposition Say 1 Killed in Protest Against Veteran Ruler
New Anti-Sisi Protests Break Out in Egypt as Security Forces 'Detain Hundreds'
Insurgency in Mozambique Threatens Food Security, Says World Food Program
Mali Military Leader Asks for End to ECOWAS Economic Sanctions
Ivory Coast Ruling Party Says Will Hold Election With or Without Opposition
Sudan Delegation in UAE 'Won't Discuss Israel Normalization'
Iran Says 'Internal Agents' May Be Responsible for Natanz Blast
Legacy of Iran-Iraq War Still Reverberates 40 Years Later
Iranians Break Taboos With Their Version of #metoo
Russia Says US Sanctions on Iran Will Not Affect Moscow-Tehran Cooperation: IFAX
Palestine Quits Arab League Role in Protest Over Israel Deals
Gantz in US Talks of Iran, Israel's QME in Shadow of F-35 Sales to UAE
Pandemic Strains Rafah's Health Services
Netanyahu, Bahrain Leader Speak on the Phone
Palestinian Factions Fatah and Hamas to Hold Talks in Ankara
Explainer: Where Do Arab States Stand on Normalizing Israel Ties?
At UN, Qatar Emir Questions World Inaction on Israeli Occupation
Israel Joins New Regional Forum in Hope of Selling Gas to Europe
Palestinian Security Forces Arrest Aides of Abu Dhabi-Based Dahlan, Accused of Role in UAE-Israel Normalization
France Warns of Lebanon's Collapse if No Government Formed
Four Dead in Lebanon 'Hezbollah Arms Depot Explosion'
Lebanon: Hezbollah Arms Depot Blast Caused by 'Technical Error'
Lebanon Mulls Fifth Lockdown as Covid-19 Cases Rise
Lebanon's President Renews Calls for Return of Syrian Refugees
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia Says Any Nuclear Deal With Iran Must Preserve Non-Proliferation
Saudi Arabia to Begin Allowing Lesser Pilgrimages in October
Turkey Says EU Sanctions on Turkish Firm Over Libya Embargo Show Bias
Jailed Kurdish Politician Handed Another Year for Insulting Turkey's Erdogan
Turkey, Greece 'Ready to Resume' Exploratory Talks Over East Med
Middle East
Iraq Daily Roundup: 11 Killed
Here's What World Leaders Said About the Middle East at UN General Assembly
Abu Dhabi Abolishes Permit System for Alcohol Purchase
US Troops to Stay Longer in Lithuania, Defense Minister Says
Serbia's Vucic Plays Down Hopes for Quick Deal With Kosovo
Russia's Putin Hits Sanctions at UN Amid Tension With West
UK Shares Evidence With US in Case of Two ISIS 'Beatles'
Egypt, Greece, Cyprus Form Six-Member Mediterranean Gas Group
France's Decades-Long Feud Over Hijab Takes Center Stage
Italian Referendum, Regional Vote Make Early Election Unlikely
US Blacklists Venezuelan Lawmakers, Alleging Election Manipulation
Venezuela Launches London Appeal in Battle for $1 Billion in Gold
Venezuela, Cuba Denounce US 'Hegemony' in United Nations Speeches
Mexican Soldiers May Be Arrested in Infamous Missing Students Case
'Unacceptable' if Mexicans Subjected to Medical Abuse in US Custody, Minister Says
Brazil's Bolsonaro Blames Indigenous People for Amazon Fires in UN Speech
Colombia Court Must Decide Who Can Grant Freedom to Uribe, Judge Says
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