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Updated September 25, 2020 - 8:55 PM EDT
Report: US Top Supplier of Arms in the Mideast
Yemen: Over 900 Strikes on Farms in Three Years
  US Rationale for Military Aid to Saudis in Yemen War Is Fraying
  Will UAE-Israel Deal Draw Tel Aviv Into Yemen's War?
  Those Who Destroyed Yemen Must Be Prosecuted for War Crimes
US Imposes New Sanctions on Iran
  Iran To Help Syria Rebuild Air Defenses After Months of Israeli Attacks
  US Extends Iraq's Gas Waiver for Iran, but for Shorter Period
US, UK, and France to Sanction Belarus
Scores Killed in Heavy Fighting Across Afghanistan
Congress Frets Israel's Military Edge Over UAE F-35 Sale
US Spy Plane Disguised Itself While Flying Over Yellow Sea
Steele Dossier Sub-Source Was Subject of FBI Probe
item 37 Million Have Been Displaced by America's Never-Ending Wars  by José Niño
item What US Troops Are Really Doing in Syria  by Michael Hall
item A Ukrainian/CIA Plot to Incite Belarus Unraveled – the NYT Is Hiding the Failure  by Bernhard
item A $13 Billion Contract for ICBMs: What's the Rush?  by William D. Hartung
item A Peace Deal Like No Other  by Philip Giraldi
item WWII Was Not Fought to Save Anyone From Death Camps  by David Swanson

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The 1961 Amendment That Imperils Assange
Doctor Diagnosed Assange With Asperger's Syndrome
Assange Prosecution Witness Tries to Play Judge
Senate Panel Plans to Issue Subpoenas to CEOs of Google, Facebook, Twitter
Fatah and Hamas Agree to First Palestinian Elections in Nearly 15 Years
Arab and European States Call on Israel and Palestine to Restart Talks
Hundreds of Protesters Gather Outside Israel PM's Residence, Vow to Keep Demonstrating
Israel's Netanyahu to Meet Sudan General in Uganda Amid Normalization Speculation
Declassified: 'Golden' Communique That Could've Averted Yom Kippur War Disaster
Bahrain King Calls for 'Intensified Efforts' to Implement Two-State Solution
Air Force Chief: UAE F-35 Sale Could Be 'Less Optimal' for Israel in Long Term
UAE, Israeli Cyber Chiefs Discuss Joining Forces to Combat Common Threats
Israel, Italy Swap Helicopters and Missiles in New Arms Deal
Iran Accuses Saudis of Shifting Blame for 'Crimes'
Russia Dismisses US Threats of Sanctions on Iran
Hunger-Striking Iranian Human Rights Lawyer Back in Prison, Husband Says
Lebanon on Verge of Another Garbage Crisis, Warns HRW
Lebanese Official Says 'Dangerous' Containers Still at Beirut's Port
Iraq Daily Roundup: Three Killed
Violence Mounts Against Iraqi Doctors as Covid Cases Spike
Iraq Cracks Down on Illegal Arms Flow to Militias, Armed Groups
British Ex-Soldier Cleared Over Iraqi Teenager's Death
Iraqi Cleric Sadr Calls on PMF to Stop Affiliated Groups From Conducting Rocket Attacks and Assassinations
Middle East
Bahrain Claims Deal With Israel Halted Annexation
New York City Mayor Boycotts Summit in Saudi Arabia Over Rights Concerns
Eight Yemeni Soldiers Killed in Houthi Missile Attack
Syria's HTS 'Renounces' Use of Suicide Car Bombings in Latest Rebrand Attempt
Russia's Season of War Games Unites West-Weary Allies
Kremlin Critic Navalny's 'Bank Accounts Frozen, Apartment Seized'
Value of Russia's Oil Reserves Drops by $129 Billion
Cyprus Says Committed to Peace Talks, but Not at Gunpoint
Kosovo War Crimes Court Arrests First Suspect
Video Shows Taxi Driver Helping Protester Escape Police in Belarus
Russia Says Regrets Bulgaria's Decision to Expel Diplomats, Promises Retaliatory Measures
The War at Home
Judge Orders US to Delay TikTok Ban or File Arguments Supporting It by Friday
40 Groups Call on House Panel to Investigate Pentagon's Use of Coronavirus Funds
Zoom Criticized for Canceling Webinar With Palestinian Activist Leila Khaled
Senate Panel Plans to Issue Subpoenas to CEOs of Google, Facebook, Twitter
Fort Hood Home to a 'Toxic Culture of Fear, Intimidation, Harassment and Indifference,' Lawmakers Say
Camp Lejeune (NC) Marines Warned to Stop Running in the Dark After 4 Coyote Attacks
US Envoy Wants Dialogue With Iran on Afghanistan
Ceasefire Is 'Urgent Priority,' Says Ghani to UN
Gen. Miller: Violence Must Be Reduced, Afghans Want Peace
Afghan Air Force Helicopter Crashes, Two Pilots Killed
North Korea
For North Korea, UN Membership Is a Key Link to Larger World
North Korea Nuclear Talks an Opportunity for Cooperation, Chinese Ex-Vice Minister Says
Pakistan's Opposition Takes Blunt Aim at Country's Military
Pakistan Hindus Rally in Islamabad Over India Migrant Deaths
Philippines Says US Lawmaker's Bid to Halt Security Aid Won't Succeed
'Our First Dictatorship Is School': Thai Kids Revolt
China Unveils 'Strategic Emerging Industries' Plan in Fresh Push to Get Away From US Technologies
Thailand Parliament Delays Vote Over Constitutional Reform
Libya PM Voices Alarm at Militias Amid Ceasefire
Down but Not Out, Haftar Still Looms Over Libya Peace Process
Sarkozy Loses Legal Challenge Over Claims He Accepted Libyan Cash
US Prepares to Take Sudan Off List of States That Support Terrorism
Sudan Says US Deal on Embassy Attacks Reparations 'Close'
IMF Endorses Sudan's Reform Plan for Battered Economy
Eleven Killed, 1,000 Homes Torched in DR Congo Clashes
Suspected Extremists Abduct 3 Non-Muslims in Kenya's North
Mali's Designated Interim President Makes First Appearance
Zimbabwe Leader Tells UN That Sanctions Hurt Development
Ethiopia Accused of Political Motivations After 2,000 Are Charged Over Violence Sparked by Pop Star's Death
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Regarding Seth Rogen: Some Feelings Ought To Be Hurt

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Jackson State and Forgotten History

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