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Updated September 27, 2020 - 9:01 PM EDT
FBI Russiagate Agent Always Doubted Collusion
  Steele Dossier Sub-Source Was Subject of FBI Counter-Intel Probe
  Putin Calls for Mutual Ban on Election Meddling With US
US Using Secret Drone Missiles in NW Syria
  What US Troops Are Really Doing in Syria
Taiwan Tests Missiles as Tensions Soar
  Top US Marine Calls for Reshuffling Pacific to Face China
  US-China Tensions Fueled by Lack of Interaction, Former US Envoy
Pentagon May Increase Navy Fleet to 500 Ships
Sudan and Oman Could Be Next to Normalize With Israel
UK 'Turning a Blind Eye' to Saudi War Crimes in Yemen
item Retired Military Brass: Stay the Never-Ending Course in Afghanistan  by Daniel R. DePetris
item Palestinians Are Not Numbers: The Future of the Palestinian Discourse  by Ramzy Baroud
item Remember Stephen Cohen's Warnings Against the New Cold War  by Caitlin Johnstone
item Biden and Trump Promise To End Forever Wars. Will They Deliver?  by Stephen Wertheim
item The Vietnam War: Brutal, Criminal, Imperialist  by Sam Carliner
item Arming the Planet: USA as the World's Leading Weapons Dealer  by Melvin Goodman

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Assange Judge Grants Defense 4 Weeks to Prepare Final Argument
DoJ Seeks Immediate Ban on WeChat in US
Trump Administration Files Legal Objection to TikTok's Efforts to Halt US Ban
Togo's PM and Govt Resign, Presidency Says
The War at Home
Democrats Push to Limit Transfer of Military-Grade Gear to Police
Police Are Using the Law to Deny the Release of Records Involving Use of Force, Critics Claim
Navy, Defense Ministry Test New Naval Missile System
Appeals Court Revives House Lawsuit Against Trump Border Wall
Marines Weigh Closing Parris Island and San Diego to Open New Coed Boot Camp
China/Taiwan/Hong Kong
Taiwan Holds Anti-Landing Drill on Frontline Island With China
Taiwan Says 46 Incidents Involving Chinese Planes in Last 9 Days
China's New York Consulate Says Pompeo Spy Charge Is 'Vicious Slander'
Hong Kong Legislators Protest Against China's Arrest of Activists
Three Dead After Huge Fire at Huawei Facility in China
New Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga Agrees to Work With Xi Jinping to Boost Stability
Japan's Suga Makes Fresh Pitch for Meeting With Kim Jong Un
Violence Increases, No Progress Reported in Afghan Peace Talks
No Doha Contact Group Meetings in Past 2 Days
Eight Militants Killed in Kandahar Clash
Two People Killed in Shooting at Wedding Party in Kabul
Prominent Kashmiri Lawyer-Activist Shot Dead in Srinagar
Israelis Appeal Against Training of India Police Accused of Kashmir Abuses
Indian Farmers Block Roads, Railways Over Farm Bills
Indian Govt 'Sponsors Islamophobia', Pakistan PM Tells UN
'Very Sorry': Kim Jong UN Apologizes for Killing of South Korean Official
Malaysia Power Struggle Set to Drag on as King Recuperates in Hospital
Pompeo to Show Support for Greece Amid Turkey Tensions
'Give Diplomacy a Chance': Greece PM Invites Turkey for Talks
Refugees Accuse Greece of Pushing Them Back Out to Sea
Two Wounded in Knife Attack Near Former Charlie Hebdo Office in Paris
British Police May Deploy Israeli Drone Used to Kill Palestinians
Italy Eyes Path Into US Army's Next-Gen Helo Program, Thanks to EU Pandemic-Relief Fund
Czech Republic Seeks to Purchase Israeli Air Defense System
Military Plane Crashes in Ukraine, Killing 25: Emergency Service
Kosovo Veterans Leader Arrested on Witness Intimidation Charges
El Salvador
El Salvador's President Says Military Files on Civil War Massacre Were Destroyed
Abbas: Normalization 'Violation of Just and Lasting' Peace
Israeli Forces Injure Palestinian Protesters, Including Journalist, in Kafr Qaddum
Hamas Charges Three Gaza Activists for Pro-Peace Video Call With Israelis
Israel Turns to Army as Pandemic Clampdown Intensifies
Army Injures Several Palestinians in Hebron
Jordan, Germany, France, Egypt Stress on Two-State Solution as Key to Achieve Peace
Israel, Lebanon Agree to Hold Maritime Border Negotiations
Palestinian Power Games: Speculation and Accusations Swirl Around Former Fatah Leader
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas Asks UN for International Mideast Conference Next Year Following Israeli Normalization
US-Seized Iranian Fuel Cargoes Stuck in Legal Limbo
Iran Official Dismisses US Sanctions Against Judges, Courts
Two Injured in Training Plane Crash in Northern Iran
Iraq Daily Roundup: Three Killed in Attacks
Iraq Reveals Plans to Build Nuclear Reactors for Research Purpose
Kurdish Arrest of Journalist Accused of 'Defaming' Iraqi President Sparks Outrage
Syria War Losses Exceed $442 Billion
Tensions Between Turkey and Russia Rise in Idlib Following Failed Talks
Turkey's Military Deterrence Breaks Down in Syria's Last Rebel Stronghold
Turkish Army Accused of Throwing Kurdish Farmers From Helicopter
Turkey Orders Dozens of Arrests Including Opposition Mayor
Lebanese Government Offers Compensation to Victims of Beirut Blast Nearly Two Months On
Israel Becomes New Obstacle for Sudan in Quest to Leave US Terrorism List
Ethiopia Tells UN 'No Intention' of Using Dam to Harm Egypt, Sudan
GNA Head Says Fragile Libya Peace at Risk by Rival Forces
One Dead, Multiple Injured in Clashes Between GNA Factions in Libya's Tajoura
Germany Presses Russia to Release UN Report on Libya Arms
Five Killed in Rebel Attack in Restive DR Congo Province
Egypt Sees 'Day of Rage' as Thousands Protest Against Sisi Across the Country
Ivory Coast: Ouattara Slams Rivals' Presidential Bids as Provocation
ECOWAS To Uphold Mali Sanctions Until Civilian PM Appointed
UN Watchdog: 'Staggering' $36m Embezzled in South Sudan
'Hotel Rwanda' Inspiration Tells Court He Did Not Direct Attacks
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Regarding Seth Rogen: Some Feelings Ought To Be Hurt

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Jackson State and Forgotten History

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