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Updated September 28, 2020 - 8:19 PM EDT
US Launches Airstrikes in Iraq From Carrier
  US Threatens To Close Iraq Embassy Over Attacks
  Iran and Iraq Agree to Boost Ties in High-Level Meetings
Yemen: Evidence of War Crime by Saudi Coalition
  UK 'Turning a Blind Eye' to Saudi War Crimes in Yemen
Armenia, Azerbaijan Near War Over Enclave
  Turkey Vows to Back Azerbaijan in Nagorno-Karabakh
US Envoy: Taliban Withholds Ceasefire
  Taliban, Afghan Forces Trade Attacks, at Least 35 Taliban Killed
Judge Halts Trump's Tiktok Ban
3,500 US Firms Sue Over Trump-Imposed Chinese Tariffs
Sudan Won't Normalize With Israel for Terror List Removal
US Special Ops Using Secret Drone Missiles in NW Syria
item Trump Administration's Human Rights Confidence Game: Targeting Adversaries, Excusing Allies  by Doug Bandow
item The Guardian's Deceit-Riddled New Statement Betrays Both Assange and Journalism  by Jonathan Cook
item Assange US Extradition: Show Trial of Journalism at the Old Bailey  by John Hawkins interviews Nozomi Hayase
item Meet the Russian Oligarch Who Helped Drive Russiagate  by Mark Episkopos
item For True Conservatives, Small Govt and Endless Wars Are Incompatible  by Adam Brandon
item How the Arab League Helped Dissolve the Palestinian Question  by Joseph Massad

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Prosecutors' Password-Cracking Conspiracy Theory Against Assange Unravels at Extradition Trial
'Palestine Is Priceless': Sudanese Activists Launch Online Anti-Normalization Campaign
Emirati Poet Says Banned From Travel Over Anti-Normalization Stance
Yemen Govt, Houthis To Exchange 1,000 Prisoners
The War at Home
Military Suicides Up as Much as 20% in Covid Era
27 Soldier Deaths, Violence Cast Shadows Over Fort Hood
New Fort Hood Commander Orders Training Pause to Rebuild Soldiers' Trust
The Rise of Skyborg: Air Force Betting on New Robotic Wingman
Area 51 Has a Huge New Hangar Facility That Points to a Drone Swarm Future
US Tightens Exports to China's Biggest Chip Maker SMIC, Citing Risk of Military Use
Armenia Says It Is Checking Report of Syrian Fighters in Azerbaijan
Azerbaijan Says Shelling From Armenia Kills Five People From One Family
Nagorno-Karabakh Says the Region Has Lost Some Territory to Azerbaijan's Army
Armenian PM Warns 'Aggressive' Turkey to Stay Out of Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict, Says Hostilities Could Spill Over Regional Borders
Armenia Opposition Leader Detained on Vote-Buying Allegations
Belarus Tells UN Sanctions Would Be 'Harmful for Everyone'
France's Macron Says Belarus Leader Lukashenko 'Has to Go'
Belarus Police Arrest Scores of Women at Anti-Lukashenko Protest
Belarus: Tens of Thousands Protest in 'People's Inauguration'
The New Iraq
Greece Urges Turkey to Probe Vandalism/Drones on Kastellorizo
Greece Warms to EU Asylum Pact but Refugee Groups Rage
Protesters Clash With Police at London Anti-Lockdown Demo
Royal Navy EOD Divers Blow Up Suspected WWII Ordnance
Paris Stabbing Suspect Says He Aimed to Target Charlie Hebdo
Egypt's El-Sisi Warns of Instability After Protest Calls
One 'Killed' in Egypt as Protesters Demand El-Sisi Resign
Egypt Returns Bodies of Two Gaza Fishermen Shot by Its Navy
Russia, China Block Release of UN Report on Libya Criticizing Russia
Dozens Killed in Jihadist Attack on Nigeria Governor's Convoy
Attackers Kill at Least 15 People in Western Ethiopia
Somali, Kenyan Troops Exchange Gunfire in Border Firefight
DR Congo Security Forces Thwart Rebel Attempt to Seize Mining Hub
Former Mali FM Moctar Ouane Named Transitional PM
Informant in Top Venezuela Case Accused of Lying to Feds
US Criticism of European Mission to Venezuela Shows Growing Divide Over Maduro
Mexico Issues Warrants on Sixth Anniversary of Disappearance of 43 College Students
Massacre in Mexican Bar Leaves 11 People Dead
Israel Admits ISIS Fighter in Iraqi Prison Is Its Own and Permits His Return
Gaza Mourns Palestinian Fishermen Killed by Egyptian Navy
Israel's 'Silent Transfer' of Palestinians Out of Palestine
Israeli Soldiers Injure Five Palestinians in Kufur Qaddoum
Soldiers Injure Many Palestinians in Beit Ummar
Young Palestinians Face Bleak Future Two Decades on From Second Intifada
IDF Cancels Leave for Combat Troops, Soldiers in Training Amid Coronavirus Surge
13 Militants Killed in Clashes With Army in Northern Lebanon
Lebanese Security Forces Kill Nine Suspected ISIS Militants Following Hunt for Killers of Policemen
Lebanese Security Forces Kill Two Members of Armed Group, Sources Say
Lebanon PM-Designate Steps Down Amid Impasse Over Govt Formation
Macron Accuses Lebanon's Leaders of 'Betrayal' for Failures
Iraq Daily Roundup: UN Staffmember Among Six Killed
Turkish Warplanes Bomb Villages in Northern Iraq
Iraqi Leadership: Only the Government Can Declare War, Not Militias
Ancient Sculpture Put Up for Auction in UK to Be Returned to Iraq
Iraq Slams Attacks by Militant Groups Against Diplomatic Missions
Jordan Signs Deal to Export Electricity to Iraq
Syria Minister Calls Turkey Main Terrorism Sponsor in Region
Booby-Trapped Vehicle Explodes, Killing Seven in Northeast Syria, Residents Say
Syria Accuses US Using Sanctions to Suffocate Syrians 'Like George Floyd'
Iranian President Accuses US of 'Savagery' After New Sanctions
Iraq's Foreign Minister Makes First Visit to Iran
Iran's Army Unveils Homegrown Military Gears
Taliban Mounts Attacks in 24 Provinces in Past Day: MoD
Recognition of US-Taliban Deal Key to Move Forward: Taliban
Taliban Attempt to Expand Presence in Surobi District
Facing ISIS, Last Embattled Sikhs and Hindus Leave Afghanistan
Local Police Commander Killed in Taliban Attack in Badakhshan
Ghani, Imran Khan Discuss Afghan Peace, Say Ceasefire Needed
North Korea Warns of Naval Tensions During Search for Slain South Korean
Malaysia's Ruling Coalition Wins First Electoral Test in Sabah
He's Not Running, but Morales Looms Large in Bolivia Vote
Canada Charges Man for Lying About Joining ISIS
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