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Updated October 6, 2020 - 9:19 PM EDT
Brennan Memo on Hillary-Russiagate Declassified
Bill Would Give Israel Veto Over US Arms Sales
  Israel to Advance Plans for 4,400 New Settlement Homes
Death Toll Rises in Nagorno-Karabakh
  US Diplomat Pushes for Ceasefire in Nagorno-Karabakh
  Iran's Delicate Balancing Act in the Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict
  Turkish Armed Drones Used Against Armenia, Azerbaijan Confirms
  Armenia and Israel Discuss Azerbaijan Weapons Sales
Taiwan Prepares Weapons Shopping List for US
  China Leads Call in UN for US to End 'Coercive' Sanctions
  Cambodia Denies Rumors of Chinese Military Base
Ex-OPCW Chief's Testimony Blocked at UN
US, Russia Making Progress in New START talks
1000s Displaced as Yemen's Fighting Centers on Maarib
US Orders Iran Pay $1.46B Judgment for Missing FBI Agent
item Trump Can Break the Bipartisan Consensus by Pardoning Assange  by José Niño
item Serbia Is Playing With Fire, Delivering Arms to Armenia  by Vuk Vuksanovic
item As Trump's First Term Ends, What Has His Trade War With China Achieved?  by David Dodwell
item Comey's Amnesia Makes Senate Session Unforgettable  by Ray McGovern
item Remember Khashoggi: Don't Let the Saudis Get Away With It Again  by Abdullah Alaoudh & Michael Eisner
item Biden Will Make North Korea Situation Worse  by Daniel DePetris

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A Biden Victory Will Be 'Bad' for Israel, Gulf States, US Envoy Claims
'Dictatorial': Turkey Slams Macron's New Islamic Separatism Law
Kyrgyz Protesters Break Into Government Headquarters, Free Ex-Leader
Iraq Boosts Oil Exports Despite OPEC+ Pledges
Israel to Put Temporary Freeze on Demolitions in East Jerusalem
Rocket Fired From Gaza at Southern Israel; IDF Retaliates With Strike
Israeli Forces Shoot, Injure Palestinian Minor Near Hebron
Police: Assailant Tries to Stab Officer Near West Bank City of Hebron
Israeli Troops Kill Palestinian in Response to Firebombs: Army
Palestinian Business Leader Hopes UAE, Bahrain Will Press Israel to Stop Settlements
Police, Mourners Clash as Some 5,000 Crowd Funeral of Rabbi Who Died of Covid
Saudi Former Intelligence Chief Slams Palestinian Leadership's Criticism of UAE-Israel Deal
Iraq Daily Roundup: Three Killed
Two Rocket Attacks Rock Iraq's Baghdad
Syrian Families 'At Risk of Starvation', as Government Limits Subsidized Bread
In Covid-Hit Syria, People 'Prefer to Die Than Come to Hospital'
Syria's Assad Says Russian Bases in His Country Keep Balance of Power in Region
Kurdish-Led Authorities to Remove Syrians From Al-Hol Camp
Syrians Linked to ISIS Will Be Allowed to Leave Sprawling Camp
Oman Becomes First Gulf State to Reinstate Ambassador in Syria
Nearly All of Iran on Coronavirus Red Alert as Cases, Deaths Hit Records
Iranian Judiciary to Sue 46 Americans Over 'Role' in Iran Sanctions: Official
EU Welcomes Turkish Ship's Return to Port From Near Cyprus
Turkey Looks to Expand Oil, Gas Drilling in Black Sea
Erdogan Asks NATO Allies to Show 'Concrete Solidarity' With Turkey
Middle East
Saudi-Led Coalition Foils Attack by Yemen's Houthis in the South of the Red Sea
The Dubai-Istanbul Route, Once Rammed With Flights, Stays Silent
Maduro Govt Scores Legal Victory in $1bn Venezuelan Gold Tussle
Venezuela Mulls 100,000 Bolivar Bill. Guess How Much It's Worth?
US Military
US Army Gets First Iron Dome Battery From Israel
Vice Adm. Whitesell Becomes Navy's New Air Boss
US Army Funds Research Enabling Drones to Run on More Fuel Types
US Navy's Aging Surface Fleet Struggles to Keep Ships Up to Spec, Report Shows
Eglin F-35 Crash in May Resulted From Tired, Distracted Pilot and Unresponsive Tail Glitch, Investigators Find
US, Australia, India, Japan to Discuss China's Growing Power
Chinese Military Media Told to Steer Clear of US Election Stories
China Says US and Indian Bans on TikTok, WeChat Broke WTO Rules
Afghan President Shuns Taliban in Meeting With Doha's Leaders
Afghan President Ghani in Doha to Raise Intl Support, Not Intervene: Delegates
Laghman Governor Survives Afghanistan Suicide Attack, Eight Killed
North Korea's Kim Lays Out 80-Day Campaign to Attain Goals This Year
Pakistan: Police File Sedition Charges Against Former PM Nawaz Sharif
Deputy US Secretary of State Urges Immediate Nagorno-Karabakh Ceasefire
NATO Chief Tells Turkey to Help Calm Karabakh Conflict
Azerbaijan Wants Turkey Part of Future Caucasus Peace Process
Canada Suspends Drone Technology Sales to Turkey After Claims of Use by Azeri Forces
Police in Belarus Detained 317 People at Protests on Sunday
Lithuania, Poland Recalling Ambassadors From Belarus
'Square of Change': A Belarus Courtyard Becomes an Unlikely Protest Battleground
EU Sanctions 'A Small Victory': Belarusian Opposition Leader Tsikhanouskaya
USS Hershel 'Woody' Williams First Major Navy Ship to Be Based in Greece in Decades
Despite Pressure From Lawmakers and Pandemic, French Defense Budget to Remain Unchanged
Chemical Weapons Watchdog Ready to Assist Russia in Navalny Case
Unmanned Mystery Vessel Washes Up on Scottish Island Near Submarine Base
Mali Announces New Government Following August Coup
Mali Prisoner Swap 'To See Politician, French Aid Worker Freed'
UN Chief Urges Libya Ceasefire, Warns Its Future at Stake
Turkey Pledges 'Full Solidarity' With Libya Unity Govt
Ethiopia Says Gerd Dam Will Begin Generating Power in Next 12 Months
Ethiopia Bans Flights Over Huge Dam 'For Security Reasons'
Hundreds Take to Algiers Streets Despite Ban on Protests
Egypt Executes 15 'Political Prisoners' in New Crackdown
Rwandan Genocide Suspect Seeks Transfer to the Hague
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