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Updated November 15, 2020 - 7:46 PM EST
Acting SecDef Signals Troop Withdrawal in Memo
  Esper Sent Memo to White House About Afghan Troop Cuts Concerns
  France to US: Don't Withdraw From Iraq and Afghanistan
House Dems Oppose SecDef Tied to Arms Industry
  Biden's Pentagon Transition Team Funded by the Arms Industry
Outgoing Syria Envoy Hid US Troop Numbers
  Turkish Troops Kill 14 Syrian Kurds in Northern Syria
Islamists Warn Afghan Peace Chances Being Wasted
  Afghans Retake Kunduz Base From Taliban; 14 Killed
Russia Discussing Structure of Karabakh Ceasefire Deal
  Caught Between Russia & Turkey, Armenians Feel Abandoned by West
Swiss Report Reveals New Details on CIA Spying Op
Violence Against Civilians Reported in Ethiopia's Tigray
China Hit Target Ship With 'Aircraft-Carrier Killer' Missiles
15 Killed as Yemen Govt, Separatists Resume Fighting
item If Trump Ends Term by Pulling Troops Out of Afghanistan, That's Good for America  by Scott Shackford
item The Children of Fallujah: the Medical Mystery at the Heart of the Iraq War  by Laura Gottesdiener
item What Is John Brennan So Worried About?  by Ray McGovern
item Biden Should Reduce Contractor Influence Over Pentagon Budget  by Mandy Smithberger

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Biden Considers Hillary Clinton for UN Ambassador
Canada's New Frigate Will Be Brimming With Missiles
Zoom Censors Events About Zoom Censorship Featuring Leila Khaled
Lithuania Signs Deal for Its First US Military Helicopters
Indian and Pakistani Troops Exchange Fire, 15 Dead
The War at Home
New Pentagon Chief Says Military 'Remains Strong' Following Leadership Purge
Defense Deputy Chief of Staff Latest Pentagon Official to Resign
ByteDance Gets 15-Day Extension From US Order to Divest TikTok: Company
Army Activates Two Israeli Iron Dome Missile Defense Batteries at Fort Bliss
In F-35 Sale to UAE, Senate Seeks State Dept. Guarantee for US Technology and Israel
These Two Female Marines Are in the Brig on Assault Charges. Both Claim Trauma From Rape
War Crimes Feared in Ethiopia's Tigray, Amnesty Reports Massacre
Ethiopians Fleeing to Sudan Describe Air Strikes and Machete Killings in Tigray
As Ethiopia's Conflict Rages, Ethnic Targeting Turns Deadly
Ethiopian Police Seeking Lists of Ethnic Tigrayans: UN Report
UN Says More Than 14,500 Have Fled Ethiopia to Sudan
Ethiopia's Tigray Crisis: How the Conflict Could Destabilize Its Neighbors
US Condemns 'Massacre of Civilians' in Ethiopia's Tigray
Ethiopia Withdraws Thousands of Troops From Neighboring Somalia
Tensions Persist as Libya's Warring Sides Debate Road to Peace
Twenty Migrants Drown in Libya Shipwreck, Fourth Accident This Week
French Army Says 30 Jihadists Killed in Mali
French Forces Kill al-Qaeda-Linked Commander in Mali
Sudan Declares Amnesty Except for War Crime Suspects
Ceasefire Declared Over as Morocco Launches Western Sahara Military Operation
Mozambique Islamist Insurgency Gaining Ground – and Showing Strong Allegiance to ISIS
After Ivory Coast Election, Fighting Comes to a Once-Calm Town
Zambia to Default on Foreign Debt, Finance Minister Says
Algerians Approve New Constitution After Referendum
China Warns of Action After Pompeo Says Taiwan Not Part of China
US Urges Japan and South Korea to Speak Out on China
China Congratulates Joe Biden, Kamala Harris on US Election Win
Taliban Warned of Losing Opportunity for Peaceful Settlement
Kabul University Attack: Victim's Family Calls for Peace
Abdullah Criticizes Lack of Progress in Doha Talks
Amnesty International: Attack on Journalists a War Crime
Indian Law on Foreign Funding a 'Tool to Silence' Civil Society
As Disputed Pakistan Region Votes, Locals Want Share of Chinese Investment Boom
Iran's Minister Blames US for Hundreds of Daily Covid-19 Deaths in Iran
Iran Blames US Sanctions for Vaccine Payment Problems
Gunmen Kill Three Iranian Guards Near Turkish Border
Palestine's Olive Harvest: Farmers Under Attack
Pompeo to Become First US Secretary of State to Visit Illegal Israeli Settlement
Police Rescue Two Soldiers From Hostile Ultra-Orthodox Group in Jerusalem
Israel to Cease Enforcing Measures Seen as Targeting Arab Illegal Building
Prisoner Dies After 17 Years in Israeli Detention
Israeli Forces Shoot, Injure Three Palestinians in Ramallah
Pompeo Stirs Turkey Furor Over Trip Without a Visit to Erdogan
Turkey Sends Second Drillship to Black Sea for Mission
Turkish Police Detain 13 ISIS Suspects in Nationwide Operations
Middle East
Iraq Daily Roundup: Eight Killed in Various Attacks
US Military Flew Terminally Ill Bahrain Premier to America
Hezbollah Revels in Trump's Defeat and Anticipates Easing of US Pressure
Russia Plans Naval Base in Sudan
Russia Detains Aeroflot Executive on Suspicion of Passing Secrets to Britain: Russian News Agencies
French Prosecutors: Nice Church Attack and Teacher's Beheading Are Linked
French Muslims Wary of Being Dragged Into International Culture War
Nagorno-Karabakh: Ethnic Armenians Prepare to Give Up Homes
Vienna Terror Attack: Police Investigating 21 Potential Accomplices
Outrage in Belarus, EU After Opposition Supporter Dies
11 German Men Charged With Far-Right Plot to Attack Muslims, Overthrow Government
NATO's Fifth RQ-4D Phoenix Drone Arrives to Complete Surveillance Fleet
Ukraine Says Iran Dragging Its Feet in Plane Crash Investigation
Dozens Wounded in Peru as Protesters and Police Clash Amid Political Crisis
Suu Kyi's Party Pledges Unity Govt After Election 'Landslide'
Weekend Reviews
The Moral Roots of Our Foreign Policy Crisis
Top Poisoner of Pacific Is US Military
The Iranian Coup That Led to 67 Years of Reckless Intervention
In 1940, the United States Decided to Rule the World
CIA Secret Experiments: A National Geographic Documentary
Book Tackles Silence of French Conscripts and Asks: What Did You Do in Algeria, Daddy?
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