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Updated November 16, 2020 - 9:31 PM EST
CNN: Military Expects Order for Troop Drawdowns
  Esper Sent Memo to Trump Warning Against Afghanistan Withdrawal
Trump Plans Actions Against China Before Jan. 20
  Likely SecDef Floated Plan To Sink China Fleet
  Huge Asian Trade Pact to Be Signed in Coup for China
Tigray Rebels Fire Missiles at Eritrean Capital
  Dozens Killed in Gruesome Bus Attack in Western Ethiopia
Outgoing Syria Envoy Hid US Troop Numbers
Afghan Officials List 70 Taliban Leaders They Say Killed
Saudi FM: German Arms Ban 'Illogical,' Doesn't Matter
item Washington Should Chill Out Over Russia's Arctic Ambitions  by Lyle Goldstein
item Stop Worrying About Middle East Oil  by Justin Logan
item Meet the Filthy Rich War Hawks That Make Up Biden's New Foreign Policy Team  by Alan Macleod
item Get Out of Afghanistan Now  by Doug Bandow
item What Is John Brennan So Worried About?  by Ray McGovern
item Front-Page NY Times Story on Iran-al Qaeda Links Is Dishonest  by James North

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The American Conservative Files Suit Over Venezuelan 'Bay of Pigs'
Peru's Interim President Resigns After Deadly Protest
Report on War Crimes by Australians in Afghanistan to Show Extent of Violence
Israel to Build Over 1,000 Settlement Units in E. Jerusalem
Israel Moves Forward With New Jerusalem Settlement Ahead of Biden Presidency
Israel Evicts Palestinian Families for Military Training in Jordan Valley
Israeli Police and Protesters Clash Violently, at Least 25 Arrested
Biden Victory May Mean the End of an Era for Netanyahu
Facing Steep Opposition, Netanyahu Scraps Plan for Nationwide Curfew
Two Rockets Fired From Gaza; Israeli Forces Drop Bombs and Fire Artillery
Palestinians Torn as Israel Pitches Jerusalem as Destination to Persian Gulf Tourists
Israeli Cabinet Ratifies Bahrain Normalization Deal; PM Hails Result of 'Long Effort'
Israel Urged to Release Gaza Aid Worker Detained Four Years Without Trial
Itinerary for Upcoming Pompeo Visit Infuriates Palestinians
Iran Pounds Rebels in Northwestern Border Area
Iran's Rouhani Calls for National Mobilization Against Covid-19 as Cases Surge
Iran Opposition Figure Mousavi and Wife Diagnosed With Covid-19 While Under House Arrest
Iraq Daily Roundup: Eight Killed in Various Attacks
Baghdad Committed to Holding Early Election in June: PM
Iraqis Despair as Millions Projected to Fall Into Poverty
Syria's Veteran Foreign Minister Walid Moalem Dies: State TV
Lebanese General Was in Syria Over Missing American Reporter
31 Russian Children Evacuated From Syria
Pro-Govt Yemeni Forces Kill Nine Houthi Fighters
Yemen Seeks Interpol Arrest Warrants for Houthi Leaders
Yemeni Bank Reopened After Houthis Raid in Sanaa
Brother of Yemen President to Be Released 'in Next Prisoner Swap', Houthis Say
Middle East
Islamic Scholars Call on Saudi Council To Review Muslim Brotherhood 'Terrorist' Designation
Bahrain Ministers Said Making First Official Visit to Israel for Three-Way Talks
Alarm as Ethiopia's Tigray Conflict Becomes Internationalized
Ethiopian PM Says the Country Can Achieve Objectives of Tigray Operation 'By Itself'
In Pictures: Ethiopians Flee War Across a River Into Sudan
Ethiopians Fleeing Fighting Return to Famine-Era Sudan Camps
Number of Refugees Fleeing Ethiopia to Sudan Surpasses 20,000: UN
Western Sahara
Polisario Says Mobilizing 'Thousands of Volunteers' in Western Sahara
Why a Remote Desert Truck Stop Threatens New War in Western Sahara
Traffic Resumes at Truck Stop That Sparked Western Sahara Tensions
Mauritania and Algeria Urge Western Sahara Ceasefire Be Upheld
'The Soldiers Kept Shooting:' Witnesses Testify in Lagos Protest Probe
In Nigeria, Igbo Synagogues Burned and Bulldozed Amid Broader Civil Unrest
Libya Talks Pause Without Naming Transitional Government
Libya Officials Say Constitution Must Come Before Elections
Rebel Leaders Who Inked Deal With Govt Return to Sudan
Azerbaijan Extends Armenian Pullout Deadline From Kalbajar
Armenia Says Prevented Assassination Attempt on Prime Minister
Azerbaijan Delays Takeover, Denounces Fleeing Armenians
Putin Tells Azerbaijan to Take Care of Christian Shrines in Nagorno-Karabakh
Sandbags and Monks in Khaki: Russian Troops Guard Armenian Monastery After Ceasefire
Turkey's Erdogan Says Cyprus Should Aim for 'Two Separate States'
Erdogan Visits Disputed Northern Cyprus, Prompting EU Rebuke
Cyprus Condemns 'Provocation' of Erdogan Ghost Town Picnic
Macron: Europe Needs Its Own Sovereign Defense Strategy, Even With New US Government
Anti-Lockdown March in Frankfurt: Police Use Water Cannon on Counterprotesters
US Navy SEALs, Green Berets Join Large Defense Drill in Sweden
UK Supreme Court to Be Overhauled to Curtail Its Constitutional Powers
Austria Wants Ethical Rules on Battlefield Killer Robots
EU Interior Ministers Step Up Efforts to Combat Terrorism
Hundreds Arrested as Belarus Protesters Face Violent Crackdown
Thousands Rally in Georgia's Tbilisi Against Election Results
Opposition Parties Win Major Cities in Bosnia Local Elections
Moldova Torn Between Russia and West in Presidential Run-Off
Bulgaria Says to Block EU Accession Talks With North Macedonia
China Says US Should Stop Unreasonably Suppressing Chinese Firms
Taiwan Hopes for Close US Cooperation in Call With Biden Adviser
Iran in Favor of 'Responsible' Afghanistan Withdrawal: Official
Afghan Forces Capture 'Mastermind' of Two Kabul Attacks
Three Army Officers Killed in Afghanistan
Abdullah: Taliban Prisoners Released in Hope for Peace
MoFA Rejects Pakistan's Claims on Use of Afghan Soil as Baseless
Pakistan Says It Has Evidence of India Sponsoring Attacks
India Denies Pakistan's Allegations Over Funding of Militant Groups
Hurriyat Alliance for Resolution of Kashmir Dispute to Ensure Peace in Region
Thai King Calls for Unity After Protesters Turn Back on Motorcade
Protesters Keep Up Pressure on Prime Minister to Quit
North Korea
North Korea's Kim Orders Tightening of Anti-Virus Measures Amid Global Pandemic
Peru Congress Votes Against Naming Rights Activist as Leader
Protests Turn to Celebrations as Peru's Interim President Offers Resignation
Mexican Lawmakers Take Up Sweeping Pot Legalization Bill
The War at Home
From the Halls of Montezuma to Infinity and Beyond: Now Introducing Space Marines
Qualcomm Receives US Permission to Sell 4G Chips to Huawei in Exception to Ban
US Army Identifies Five Soldiers Killed in Sinai Helicopter Crash
Egypt, Sudan Launch Joint Military Exercises
Pro-Sisi Party in Commanding Position in Egypt's Parliamentary Polls
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