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Updated January 5, 2021 - 9:59 PM EST
UK Judge Blocks Assange Extradition
  The Cost of the Assange Ruling: Crushing of Press Freedom
  Assange Ruling Confirms US Prisons' Grim Record, Experts Say
Iran FM Confirms Uranium Enrichment to 20%
  US Accuses Iran of 'Nuclear Extortion' Over Increased Enrichment
  Israeli Defense Minister Says 'Events' With Iran Are Possible
  South Korea Sending Troops to Respond to Iran Seizing Tanker
NYSE Reverses Plan to Delist Chinese Firms
  China's New Law Gives Military More Control of War Powers
Afghan Peace Talks Set to Resume in Doha
item Assange Wins. The Cost: The Crushing of Press Freedom  by Jonathan Cook
item Assange Extradition Ruling Is a Relief, but It Isn't Justice  by Caitlin Johnstone
item New York Times Still Stoking Alarm at 'Russian Hacking'  by Ray McGovern
item British Judicial Cowardice on Assange  by Jacob G. Hornberger

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Air Force Will Employ 'Influencers' to Boost Recruitment in 2021
New Law Requires Federal Agents to Identify Themselves to Protesters
UN Adopts $3.2 Billion Budget Over US and Israel Objections
UAE Denies Report It Thwarted an Iranian Plot to Kill Israelis
UAE and Iran Reportedly Engaged in Secret Talks
IAEA Head Set to Report to Members on Iran Enrichment
EU Warns Iran Enrichment Would Threaten Nuclear Deal
Iran Army Announces Large-Scale Drone Drill
Iran Govt Approves Bill to Combat Violence Against Women
'Heinous': Israeli Forces 'Killed 27 Palestinians in 2020'
Israel Okays a Plan to Seize Palestinian Land Near Bethlehem
Israel Seeks Third F-35 Squadron From US Before Trump Leaves Office
Israeli Prosecutors Detail Corruption Charges Against Netanyahu
Taking Over Justice Ministry, Gantz Vows to Prevent Netanyahu Meddling
Israeli Settlers Damage Palestinian Land and Vandalize Homes in West Bank
Jewish Settlers Damage Palestinian Land, Vandalize Homes in West Bank (videos)
Selling Official Residence, US Leaves Next Envoy Without a Home Away From Home
Soldiers Fire Concussion Grenades in a Palestinian Hospital in Tulkarem
Palestinian Says He 'Miraculously Survived' Attack in Jerusalem by Israeli Mob
Explosions Rock Saudi Military HQ in Yemen's Abyan Province
Yemeni Boy, Ravaged by Hunger, Weighs 7 Kg
Yemen's Houthis Say 75 Ballistic Missiles Fired at Saudi Cities in 2020
15 Syrian Soldiers Killed in Desert Ambush
Russian Forces Reopen M4, Reinforce Presence in Raqqa
Russia Says Situation in Syria 'Explosive and Complex' as Clashes Continue in Ain Issa
Turkish-Backed Groups Continue to Shell Ain Issa Despite Russian Call for De-Escalation
Qatar/Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia 'To Open Airspace, Land and Sea Border' With Qatar
Qatar's Emir to Attend Tuesday's GCC Summit in Saudi Arabia
Middle East
Iraq Daily Roundup: 11 Killed
Thousands Demonstrate After Erdogan Picks New President of Top Turkish University
Assange Hearing
What's Next After Assange Extradition Request Blocked
US Will Appeal Against UK Judge Decision to Refuse Assange Extradition
Mexico Ready to Offer Asylum to Assange, President Says
Assange 'Free to Return Home' Once Legal Challenges Over, Australia PM Says
'Win for Assange': How the World Reacted to Extradition Verdict
Swedish Friend of Assange Fights to Clear His Name in Ecuador
UK Extradition Decision a Victory for Assange, Not Press Freedom, Lawyers and Campaigners Say
US Leaves Logar's 'Fob Shank,' Once Home to 18k Troops
Ghor Media Refuses to Cover Govt News as Protest
US Special Envoy Visits Pakistan Ahead of Afghan Negotiations
No Compromise on Security, Defense Forces in Peace: Ghani
Senior Govt Officials Accused of 'Insulting' Parliament
India Government, Farmers Fail to Break Impasse on Farm Laws
Outrage After Indian Army Accused of 'Staged Kashmir Killing'
Family Asks for Help in Release of Kashmir Separatist Leader
Pompeo Cites China, North Korea as Trump's Unfinished Business
Indonesia to Release Suspected Bali Bombings Mastermind Bashir
Pakistani Hazara Families Refuse to Bury Dead After Attack
Central African Republic
Central African Republic President Touadera Wins Reelection
Former Central African Republic President Bozize Under Investigation for 'Rebellion'
Three Killed in Suspected Jihadist Attack in Cameroon
France Arrests Ex-DR Congo Rebel Chief: Prosecutors
US Treasury Department Affirms Recognition of Venezuela's Opposition-Held Congress
Venezuela's Oil Exports Sink to 1940's Level Under Tighter US Sanctions: Data
US Military
The Pentagon Has 6 Months to Disclose What It Knows About UFOs
'Completely Lacking in Soldierly Qualities': Why the Army Booted Jerry Garcia 60 Years Ago
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