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Updated January 8, 2021 - 9:34 PM EST
Biden Calls Capitol Protesters 'Domestic Terrorists'
Upping Iran Tensions, US Deploys B-52 Bombers
  Gantz, Netanyahu at Odds Over Biden Administration's Iran Policy
  South Korea Seeking Release of Tanker Seized by Iran
Taliban Overrun Base in Kunduz, 6 Troops Killed
  Thousands of Families Flee Fighting in Kandahar
Iraq Court Issues Arrest Warrant for Trump
Pompeo Threatens China With New Sanctions
Israel Claims Threats From Yemen, Deploys Defenses
New US Navy Strategy Is To Confront Russia in the Arctic
item The [Neocon] Empire Strikes Back: Victoria Nuland, & the Kagans Who Love Her  by Maj. Danny Sjursen (ret.)
item US Risks Confrontation With Russia  by M. K. Bhadrakumar
item Why the US-Europe 'Front' Against China Is Pure Fantasy  by Ted Galen Carpenter
item How Not to End Terror Wars  by Nick Turse
item Rejecting Regime Change for Good  by Daniel Larison
item The US and UK Are Making Assange's Death More Likely  by Jonathan Cook

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This Is the Exact Moment Ashli Babbitt Was Shot While Storming the Capitol
'Bargaining Tools': Saudis Speed Up Trials Before Biden
UN Envoy Arrives in Aden a Week After Deadly Airport Blast
Crypto Market Value Tops $1 Trillion as Bitcoin Hits New Record
Violence Continues
Pentagon Activates 6,200 National Guard Members
Top China, Russia Advisers Among White House Resignations After Capitol Violence
US Suspends French Tariffs Over Digital Services Tax
US Criticizes India, Italy, and Turkey Over Digital Taxes
Neil Sheehan, Pentagon Papers Reporter, Vietnam Author, Dies
China/Taiwan/Hong Kong
China Says US Will Pay 'Heavy Price' for Interference
Alibaba, Tencent Shares Fall After Reports of US Investment Ban
China Draws Comparison Between Storming of US Capitol, Hong Kong Protests
Factbox: Recent Taiwan Visits by Top US Officials
Five Civilians in Same Family Killed in Helmand Fighting
Georgian Battalion Leaves for Afghanistan NATO Mission
China 'Unaware' of Any Afghan Deportation of Chinese on Spying Charges
Afghan Forces Pilot, Security Officer Killed in Kabul
Ghani Rejects Prospect of Interim Govt
Talks Must Ensure Future Leaders Are Elected: VP Saleh
Taliban's Fight Is 'Over Power, Not Religion': Saleh
President Ghani Vows to Expand Development Projects in Nangarhar
Pakistan Calls for Afghan Action as Soldier Killed in Border Fire
Protests Over Killing of Hazara Spread to Karachi, Other Cities in Pakistan
Pakistan Arrests 7 Shi'ite Militants, Foils Possible Attacks
Delhi Riots Victims, Lawyers Allege Police Pressure to Drop Cases
Farmers Block Expressway Near Indian Capital to Protest Modi's New Laws
Empty Grave for Kashmir Teenager Killed by Indian Forces
South Korea's Moon Vows Push for 'Denuclearization of Korean Peninsula'
Indonesian Cleric Who Inspired Extremists Freed From Prison
Japan Planning Deployment of Native Combat Drone by 2035
Detained Turkish Students 'Beaten' After Istanbul University Protests
Turkey Says Talks With France to Normalize Ties Going Well
Turkish Court Accepts New Indictment Against Former Kurdish Leader
Rabbis Call on Israel to Provide Covid-19 Vaccines to Palestinians
Settlers Attack Palestinians Near Ramallah, Injure Three
Police Disperse Arab Israelis Protesting Kafr Qara Murder
IDF: Shot That Paralyzed Palestinian Wasn't Aimed at Him, Troops Were in Danger
Former Mayor Seriously Injured Amid Spate of Shootings Among Arab Israelis
Sixty Israeli High School Students Refuse to Join the Israeli Military Citing the 'Continuing Nakba'
As Biden Inauguration Nears, Netanyahu Warns US Against Rejoining Iran Nuke Deal
Iranian Ship Arrives at Venezuelan Port, Data Shows
What Will Reduced Tensions Within the GCC Mean for Iran?
As Persian Gulf States End Rift, Qatar Says It Will Not Alter Relations With Iran
Iraq Daily Roundup: Three Killed
Iraqis Pile Mockery on US After Capitol Siege
Peshmerga Forces Receive $12.5 Million Worth of US Military Aid
The Iraqi Air Force's F-16 Fleet Is on the Brink of Collapse Despite Showy Flybys
British Demining Employee Killed, Three Others Wounded as Bomb Explodes in Iraq
Qatar and GCC
Qatar FM: Shutting Down Al Jazeera Not Discussed in GCC Talks
UAE Says Travel, Trade With Qatar May Resume Within a Week
Transcript: Closing Statement of 41st GCC Summit
Middle East
Israeli Navy Ship Enters Lebanese Waters, Fires at Fishing Boats
Syria TV Journalist Shot by Unidentified Gunmen in Al-Bab

US Capitol Riots: Middle East States React

Ethiopia Accuses Sudan of Killing Civilians Amid Border Dispute
Bomb Kills Four Soldiers, One Civilian in Cameroon
Ghana Army Steps in to Quell Parliament Clash
Libya Urged to Investigate Fate of Hundreds Missing in Tarhuna
Protests Erupt in Senegal Capital Over Virus Curfew
Uganda Presidential Candidate Dragged From Car During Online Press Briefing Calling for Investigation Into Rights Abuses
Mexico President Slams Social Media 'Censorship' After Chaos in US Capitol
Cuba Finds a Partner to Produce Its Covid-19 Vaccine: Iran
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Maj. Danny Sjursen, USA (ret.)
The [Neocon] Empire Strikes Back: Victoria Nuland, and the Kagans Who Love Her

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Washington's Endless Policy Bankruptcy in Syria

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Biden Needs To Repudiate Obama's Policy Legacy: The Case of Libya

David R. Henderson
Chuck Yeager on War Crimes

Reese Erlich
Iran Assassination Is a Political Provocation

Ted Snider
The Assassination of Mohsen Fakhrizadeh

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Declassify the Russiagate Papers!

Dave DeCamp
Election Day: One Thing's for Sure, an Interventionist Will Win

Scott Horton
Matt Taibbi on the Origins of the Russiagate Hoax

Lucy Steigerwald
Jackson State and Forgotten History

Justin Raimondo
The FBI vs.

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