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Updated January 29, 2021 - 9:58 PM EST
A 'War Crime' in Yemen: 9 Civilians Massacred
  Yemeni Families File Petition Over US Drone Strike Killings
Iran to Blinken: Says US Must Return to Deal First
  Blinken Says Iran Must Comply With Nuclear Deal Before US Does
  Biden Appoints Nuclear Deal Negotiator as Envoy to Iran
  Iran Is Ahead of Schedule on 20% Enriched Uranium Production
CENTCOM Chief in Israel After Policy Change
  New US SecDef and Israeli Defense Minister Discuss Iran in First Call
Putin Signs Extension of New START Treaty
US Airstrike Kills ISIS Leader in Iraq
Pentagon Says Date for Afghan Pullout Uncertain
US Navy Sends Three Warships Into Black Sea
Blinken: US Stands With SE Asian Countries Against China
Biden to Continue Support for Kurdish Forces in Syria
item Biden Slams Brakes on the UAE, Saudi Weapons Gravy Train – for Now  by Kelley Beaucar Vlahos
item Don't Give Domestic Extremists the 'Post-9/11 Treatment'  by Max Abrahms
item B'Tselem's Historic Declaration: Israel's Open War on Its Own Civil Society  by Ramzy Baroud
item Will Biden End America's Global War On Children?  by Medea Benjamin & Nicolas JS. Davies
item In a Paranoid Nation, 'Treason' Is Everywhere  by James Bovard
item Iran-Al Qaeda Alliance? There Is No Such Thing.  by Christopher Mott

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Merkel Sides With Xi on Avoiding Cold War Blocs
UK Parliament on Course to Pass Law Allowing Secret Agents to Commit Crime
US Govt Panel: Don't Ban AI-Powered Autonomous Weapons
UN Court Rules UK Has No Sovereignty Over Chagos Islands
The War at Home
Police Chief Wants Permanent Fence Around US Capitol After Riot
DC Mayor Says City 'Will Not Accept' Permanent Fencing Around Capitol
House Democrats Revive Bill to Ban Colleagues From Carrying Guns on Capitol Grounds
New Facebook Oversight Panel Orders Banned Posts Restored; No Decision on Trump
Huawei Smartphone Shipments Plummet Amid US Sanctions
US Military
The Guard Isn't Going Home. Leaders Fear Retention May Suffer
US Army Plans Major Aviation Exercise Ahead of Project Convergence
Northrop Grumman Says It Will Walk Away From Cluster Bomb Contract
FEMA Asks Pentagon for Help Administering Covid-19 Vaccines
US Marines Corps Green Lights Autonomous Ship With Swarm Drones
US, Australia Plan to Carry on With Massive Talisman Sabre Exercise Despite Pandemic
China Sharpens Language, Warns Taiwan That Independence 'Means War'
Taiwan Tensions Don't Need to Lead to 'Anything Like Confrontation': Pentagon
China Boosts Cadres in Hong Kong by 100, as Beijing Tightens Supervision of City, Media Report
Afghanistan Expels Top UNICEF Official
Blinken Confirms He Asked Khalilzad to Stay on as Afghan Peace Envoy
Afghanistan Army Commander Killed in Balkh Mortar Attack
Nangarhar: Gunmen Kill Two Govt Workers, Blast Wounds Three
India Pursues Russia S-400 Deal Despite Looming US Sanctions
Protesting Indian Farmers Locked in Stand-Off With Police Near Capital
Amid Death Penalty Fears, Calls Grow to Free Briton Held Without Trial in India
Islamist Convicted of Beheading US Journalist Daniel Pearl to Go Free
US Ready to Prosecute Man Acquitted in Pakistan of American Reporter's Murder: Blinken
Philippines Pushes Back on China's New Coast Guard Law
Hundreds of Rohingya Disappear From Indonesia's Lhokseumawe Camp
Top German Court Rules War Crimes Committed Abroad Can Be Tried in Germany
Russian Court Rejects Navalny's Appeal; Allies Arrested
'We're Afraid': Greek Plan to Police Universities Panics Students
Ukrainian Navy Will Receive Turkish Bayraktar TB2 Drones This Year
Saudi Arabia
Iraq Cleric Muqtada Al-Sadr Offers to Help End Rift Between Saudi Arabia and Iran
Saudi Firms File Canadian Lawsuit Against Former Saudi Spymaster in Embezzlement Allegations
Iraq Daily Roundup: Ten Killed
Islamic State 'Deputy Caliph' Killed in Iraq: Prime Minister
US Ambassador to Iraq Encourages Kurdish Unity in Erbil Meeting: Statement
Israel's Threats Against Iran Will Expose Biden's Readiness to Slap It Down
Israel's Pro-Palestinian Coalition Set to Split Ahead of March Election
Return of US Aid for Palestinian Refugees Won't Cover Shortfall, UN Says
Netanyahu Says US Freeze of F-35 Sale to UAE Won't Dent Normalization
Israel Apologizes to UAE After Top Official Blames Virus Surge on Dubai Travel
Israeli Forces Demolish Mosque in Masafer Yatta
Settlers Pressure Netanyahu Ahead of March Vote, as Illegal Settlements Continue Being Built
Israel to Give Palestinians Vaccines for 1,000 Medical Workers
Israel Sells Old F-16s to US, Canada to Use as Training Planes
Israeli Forces Detain Palestinian Journalists Covering Military Raid
Israeli Forces Shoot, Injure Palestinian Man Near Tulkarem
Two Imprisoned Palestinian Siblings Continue Hunger Strike
Lebanese Protester 'Shot Dead' in Tripoli as Authorities Crack Down on Anti-Lockdown Demonstrations
In Pictures: Lebanon Anti-Lockdown Protest Turns Deadly
'Shameful': Amnesty Condemns Use of French Weapons Against Protesters in Lebanon
Syrian Businessman Denies Links to Beirut Blast Chemicals
US 'Directly' Presses Eritrea to Withdraw Forces From Tigray
Anger in Somalia as Sons Secretly Sent to Serve in Eritrea Military Force
Sudan Denies Occupying Ethiopian Territory in Contested Region
Sudan Wants to Sign Israel Normalization Deal at the White House
US Africa Command Official Hails 'New Beginning' in Sudan
US Calls for Withdrawal of Russian, Turkish Forces From Libya
Amnesty Accuses Nigeria of Covering Up Killing of Protesters
Presidential Staff in Tunisia Hospitalized After Opening Suspicious Letter
Biden Administration to Review Trump Policy on Cuba
Colombia Court Charges Former FARC Commanders With War Crimes
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