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Updated February 8, 2021 - 9:30 PM EST
Biden-Iran Stalemate: Neither Will Make First Step
  Hawks Sound Alarm Over Reported 'Radioactive Traces' in Iran
Koch Ads Urge Biden to Pull Afghan Troops
  Congress Seeks End to Cash and Works Program for Iraq, Afghanistan
Will US End Support for Saudi Blockade of Yemen?
  UK Declines to Follow US in Ending Saudi Arms Sales Over Yemen
US Plans First Quad Summit to Counter China
  US Stages Joint Guam Drills With Japan, Australia
US Convoys Enter NE Syria, Signals Plans To Stay
Bipartisan Support for Domestic Terror Legislation Grows
item Biden Administration Ends US Involvement in War Against Yemen  by Doug Bandow
item Americans Shouldn't Be Treated Like ISIS Insurgents  by J.D. Tuccille
item Biden's Top Foreign Policy Challenge: Avoiding a Cold War With China  by Conn Hallinan
item Imperial America, Which Never Left, Is Back  by Sheldon Richman
item Defensive Moves or Preparation for War With Iran  by Elijah J. Magnier
item The World Waits for No Man – Not Even the President of the US  by Daniel R. Depetris

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How Iran Tried to Recruit Spies Against the US in Iraq
Black Savannahians Haunted by Memory of US Military Mosquito Experiment
Venezuela Jails Officials for Giving US Oil Data
53% of Military Families Don't Want Covid Vaccine
Iran FM Tells Biden to Rejoin Nuclear Deal Within Two Weeks, Before Stance Hardens
Iran Calls for UN Response Over Israeli Military Action Threat
Iraq Daily Roundup: One Policeman Killed
Najaf Activists Say Intimidated, Threatened by Pro-Sadr Militias
Another Liquor Store Attacked in Baghdad Amid Growing 'Booze Bombings'
Mass Funeral of Yazidi Victims of ISIS Brings Back Grim Memories
Israeli Ministers Approve $9 Billion Purchase of Aircraft, Arms From US
Arab Israelis Largely Unimpressed by Netanyahu's Efforts to Woo Them: Poll
As the Arab Joint List Falls Apart, the Biggest Winner Is Netanyahu
ICC Ruling Brings Hope for Palestinians, Dismay for Israelis
Gantz to IDF: ICC War Crimes Ruling 'A Tool of Our Enemies'; We Will Defend You
Palestinians Launch Postcodes in Assertion of Sovereignty
'You're Not Israelis, You're Arabs': Settlers Oust Family Picnicking in West Bank
EU Demands Compensation From Israel for Demolished Facilities in West Bank
US Can't Be 'Sole Mediator Any More Between Israel and Palestine,' Says Palestinian PM
The Persecution of a Palestinian Student
Hamas Leaders Meet Russia Official in Moscow
Man Said to Have Shot West Bank Infiltrator Dead Was Already on Trial for Shooting Two Other Palestinians
Thousands of Palestinians Rally in Tamra Against Israeli Police Complicity in Crime Wave
Yemen/Saudi Arabia
New US Stand on Yemen War Can Be 'Step Towards Correcting Past Mistakes': Iran
Saudi-Led Coalition Says It Intercepted Houthi Armed Drone
US's Blinken Raises Yemen War in First Call With Saudi FM
UN Yemen Envoy in Iran for Talks on Long-Running Conflict
Three Saudi Youths Get Prison Sentence Instead of Death
Jailed Saudi Teen Has Death Sentence Commuted to 10 Years
Biden Extends Ban on Turkey Buying F-35 Stealth Fighter
Turkey's Student Protests: New Challenge for Erdogan
Middle East
St. Cloud-Based Guard Unit Heading to Kuwait for 'All Night Long' Mission
Russian Forces Search for Israeli Soldiers' Remains Near Damascus
Bahrain Says It Foiled 'Terrorist Plots' to Bomb Two Bank ATMs
Activists in Beirut Protest Killing of Hezbollah Critic Lokman Slim
Haiti President Says He Is Staying Put Amid Dispute Over Term
Haiti's President Alleges Coup Plot Amid Term End Dispute
Nearly All Victims of Mexican Massacre Confirmed as Guatemalans
Ecuador's Arauz Claims Victory in Presidential Vote, Runoff Still Possible
Cuba Opens Door to Most Small Business Initiatives
Protests Erupt in Chilean Lakeside Resort After Street Performer Shot by Police
Germany Reports Record $63.8 Billion in NATO Defense Spending
Hundreds of Protesters March in Switzerland Against Covid-19 Restrictions
The War at Home
Only Three Senators Voted Against GOP Amendment to Keep the US Embassy in Jerusalem
Democratic Congressman Accuses Israel of 'Burning Down Palestinian Villages'
US Army Vet Dies at 36 From Cancer Believed to Have Originated From Burn Pit Exposure
82nd Airborne Disputes Claims of 'Mass Outbreak' of Covid-19 at Training Center
Fort Bliss: Long Field Exercises, Deployments Led to Low Morale in Missing Soldier's Unit, Investigators Say
US Military Veterans Introduce Joint US-Israel PTSD Research Bill
Fort Hood 'Trusted Traveler' Program Suspended After Early Morning Shooting Incident
Joe Biden Foresees 'Extreme Competition' With China, Not 'Conflict'
Blinken Presses China on Myanmar, Uighurs, Hong Kong in First Call
Japan Coast Guard: Chinese Vessels Enter Senkaku Waters for First Time Since New Chinese Law Allowing Use of Weapons
Policeman Killed, Seven Others Wounded in Nangarhar Blasts
Two Civilians, One Policeman Killed in Kabul Blasts
Three Afghan Senators Sentenced to 10 Years in Jail on Corruption Charges
Two Bodies Found in Deh Sabz
Indian Farmers Launch Nationwide Highway Blockade
India Farmer Protests Face a Tough Road to Success
'Playing With Fire': Twitter's India Snub Sparks Debate on Compliance, Free Speech
Tens of Thousands Protest Myanmar Coup, Internet Blackout Eased
US Ally and China Partner: How South Korea Navigates Between Two Powers
Pakistan: Why Is the Military Taking Over Civilian Posts?
Rights Groups Call for Review of Bangladeshi UN Troop Deployments
Egyptian Authorities Release Al Jazeera Journalist Mahmoud Hussein After Four-Year Detention Without Charges
Palestinian Activist Ramy Shaath Demands Removal From Egypt's 'Terror List'
Filling Ethiopia's Renaissance Dam in July Threatens Sudan's Security: Minister
UN, Ethiopia Strike a Deal Over Aid Workers' Access to Tigray
Sudan Hosts Forum to Support Normalization With Israel
New Libyan Interim Unity Government Met With Cautious Optimism
Abdul Hamid Dbeibah: Who Is Libya's New Prime Minister?
Haftar Welcomes the Formation of a New Executive Authority
Egypt's President Says He Supports Interim Libya Govt
Roadside Bombing Kills 13 After Presidential Talks Break Down
Somali Political Leaders Fail to Reach Deal on Elections
Benin Presidential Candidate Wounded in Gun Attack
How DR Congo's Tshisekedi Loosened Kabila's Grip on Power
Protests Erupt in Chad as Deby Nominated to Run for Sixth Term
Tunisia Demonstrators Defy Lockdown to Protest Police Brutality
Algerian Activist Reveals He Was 'Tortured, Sexually Assaulted by Police' During Detention
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Biden Administration Ends US Involvement in War Against Yemen

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