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Updated February 10, 2021 - 8:29 PM EST
Biden to Continue Seeking Extradition of Assange
Iran Spy Chief: US Could Push Us Towards Nukes
  Saudis Say Regional Countries Should Join Iran Nuclear Talks
  IDF Wants Iran Deal That Bans Higher-Grade Uranium Enrichment
Two US Carrier Groups Drill in South China Sea
  French Sub Patrols South China Sea Stoking Tensions With Beijing
Netanyahu: Golan Will Remain Part of Israel Forever
Twitter Suspends Accounts of Saudi Political Prisoners
Abdullah Slams Taliban for Continuing to Avoid Talks
item Enough With 'Thank You for Your Service' Culture. It's Betrayal, Not Patriotism.  Dennis Laich & Erik Edstrom
item Boycotts Are Legitimate Tools Against Injustice  by Rami Barhoush
item Biden's Iran Policy Is Just Trump's Iran Policy With a Rainbow Flag Emoji  by Caitlin Johnstone
item Is President Biden Going To Get Out of Afghanistan?  by Doug Bandow
item How to Repair the US-Iranian Relationship  by Daniel Larison
item Palestinian Boycott of Israel Is Not Racist, It Is Anti-Racist  by Ramzy Baroud

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Antiwar Activist Rennie Davis, One of the Chicago 7, Dies at 80
In First Arab Mission, UAE Hope Probe Enters Mars Orbit
North Korea's Kim Lays Out Paths to Take With South Korea, External Affairs
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Activist Loujain Al-Hathloul 'To Be Released' After Spending Over 1,000 Days in Detention: Sister
UK Approved $1.9bn Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia Since Ban Lifted
Saudi Dissident Sues After Being Outed as Critic of Regime

MbS Says He Plans a Complete Overhaul of Saudi Legal System

Palestinian Factions Agree on 'Mechanisms' for Long-Delayed Polls
UN Experts Call on Israel to Stop Torture, Inhuman Treatment of Palestinians
Israeli Forces Try to Sink Palestinian Fishing Boats, Infiltrate Gaza Border
How Israel's Netanyahu Helped Break Apart the Joint List
Report: Israel Launches International Campaign to Stop ICC Investigation
Israeli Settlers Uproot 50 Olive Trees Near Hebron
Dershowitz 'Tried to Free Paedophile George Nader' to Work on Israel-UAE Deal
High Court Delays Issue of Ultra-Orthodox Conscription Until After Election
Iraq Daily Roundup: Nine Killed; Executions Resume
Iraq Militia Raids Activists' Houses in Najaf
Fresh Protests Take Place Across Central and Southern Iraq
Iraq Hangs Five Men Convicted of Terrorism, Sources Say
Turkey Signals Compromise With US Over Russian S-400 Missiles
Mystery Metal Monolith Turns Out to Be Turkish Govt Gimmick
New App Clubhouse Becomes Free Speech Haven in Turkey Amid Bogazici Protests
Middle East
IDF: Hezbollah Likely to Initiate Limited Battles With Israel in 2021, Not War
Iran Begins Covid-19 Vaccination Campaign, Says State Media
Explosions Near Syria's Aleppo Were Part of Military Exercises
Egypt Opens Rafah Crossing With Gaza Until Further Notice: Sources
Officials: ISIS Militants Kill Six Bedouins in Egypt's Sinai
Top EU Diplomat to Propose New Sanctions Against Russia
Spain to Reform Free Speech Laws After Rapper Ordered Jailed
TV Journalists Face Three Years in Prison for Reporting on Belarus Protests
Haiti President Acts to Oust Judges in Power Struggle
Australian Court Rules Terrorists Can Remain in Prison After Serving Sentences
The War at Home
DoD Has a Blind Spot for Civilian Employee Sexual Assaults
UN in Talks With US on Central American Refugees Applying for Asylum From Home
Head of Army War College Suspended
Senate Confirms Hicks as DoD's No. 2
US Army Begins Equipping First Unit With Hypersonic Capability
Beijing Vows to Work With Neighbors After US' Latest South China Sea Transit
Taiwan Says Ties With US Military Strong Amid Threats From China
US Is Closely Monitoring India-China Border Disputes: State Dept.
Founder of China's Huawei Sees No End to US Sanctions
China Poses Serious Strategic Threat to Canada, Says Canadian Spy Agency Head
China and Vietnam Must Manage Own Maritime Disputes, Xi Tells Vietnamese Party Chief Trong
Myanmar Police Fire to Disperse Protest, Four Hurt, One Critical
In Pictures: Myanmar Anti-Coup Protesters Defy Crackdown
Myanmar Military Raids Suu Kyi's Party Offices as UN Slams 'Unacceptable' Violence
Govt Employees, Police Officers Among Eight Killed in Afghanistan
Increased Afghan Insecurity Will Have Global Impact: Ghani
Afghanistan, India Sign Agreement to Build Dam
Twitter Seeks Talks With India Over Order to Remove Accounts
Shutdown in Kashmir to Remember Man Executed by India
Kashmiri Man Demanding Son's Body Charged Under Anti-Terror Law
South Korea's New Top Diplomat Says Confident About US Coordination Over North Korea
Kazakhstan Test Flies Home-Grown Military Drone
Suspected Islamists Kill 10 Villagers in Eastern DR Congo
One Dead as Soldiers Fire on Protest in Tigray Capital: Doctor
Turkey Will Discuss Quitting Libya if Others Go First, Erdogan Says
Senegal Uncovers Jihadist Cell in East of Country
Mozambique Sees Jihadist Violence Dwindle as Military Gains Steam
Growing Desperation Over Al-Shabaab Threat in Kenya's North
UN Urges Somali Leaders to Quickly Agree on Elections
British Army Troops in Mali Use Grenade Launcher-Fired Mini-Drones
Morocco's Envoy Arrives in Israel to Reopen Liaison Office
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Ramzy Baroud
'Freedom is Never Voluntarily Given': Palestinian Boycott of Israel Is Not Racist, It Is Anti-Racist

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Is President Biden Going To Get Out of Afghanistan?

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Biden's Bolt From Yemen?: Symbolic Step, Systemic Limits, and Linguistic Gymnastics

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Imperial America, Which Never Left, Is Back

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Biden Meets Iran: The Upcoming Diplomatic Battle

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Ugly Yankee: Washington Continues To Bully Mexico on the Drug War

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Battle Lines Drawn on Ending Yemen War

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Chuck Yeager on War Crimes

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Election Day: One Thing's for Sure, an Interventionist Will Win

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Matt Taibbi on the Origins of the Russiagate Hoax

Lucy Steigerwald
Jackson State and Forgotten History

Justin Raimondo
The FBI vs.

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