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Updated February 13, 2021 - 8:34 PM EST
Biden DoJ Files Appeal to Get Assange Extradited
Euro Powers Say Iran 'Undermining' Diplomacy
  House Lawmakers Urge Biden to 'Remain Firm' on Iran
US To Lift Houthi Terror Designation on Feb. 16th
  UN: 400,000 Yemeni Children Under Five Could Starve to Death in 2021
  Yemen Conflict: Will Biden's Approach Finally End the War?
Biden's Refusal to Call Netanyahu Sparks Questions
  Taking a Closer Look at Israel's Weapons Wish List
Philippines' Duterte to US: 'You Have to Pay' for Troop Deal
Biden: Most Obama-Era Cuba Overtures Will Take a While
Biden Launches Review To Close Guantanamo Prison
item Why Is America Getting a New $100 Billion Nuclear Weapon?  by Elisabeth Eaves
item The Case for a New Approach to North Korea  by Daniel Jasper
item Israel's Leaders Trying to Cancel the Debate Because They Know They're Losing  by Bashir Abu-Manneh
item Same as the Old Boss, Julian Assange Edition  by Thomas Knapp
item No More Wartime Presidents  by David S. D’Amato
item Troop Deployments in Washington Are a Disaster Waiting to Happen  by James Bovard

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Court Rules Against Arkansas' Israel Boycott Pledge Law
Former NSA Director, Retired Top Officers Ask Supreme Court to Declare Military Draft Unconstitutional
Australia to Introduce Landmark Google, Facebook Legislation to Parliament
The War at Home
Former NSA Director, Retired Top Officers Ask Supreme Court to Declare Military Draft Unconstitutional
Navy Will Make Covid-19 Vaccination Mandatory 'As Soon as We Can:' 3-Star Admiral
US Chip Makers Try to Reverse Trump's Moves to Block Sales to China's Huawei
Deficit Projected at $2.3 Trillion for 2021, Without New Stimulus: CBO
Space Force Begins Adding Cyber Warriors
US Navy Wants AI-Assisted Sonar System for Better Submarine Tracking
Air Force Extends First-Term, Unaccompanied Tours at Some Overseas Duty Stations to 36 Months
Myanmar Police Fire Rubber Bullets, Wounding Three, as Hundreds of Thousands Protest
Facebook Reducing Distribution of Myanmar Military Content
UN Rights Body Unanimously Adopts Myanmar Resolution
UN Says It Is 'Essential' That Aid Work Continue in Myanmar After Military Coup
Myanmar's Military Grants Amnesty to More Than 23,000 Prisoners
US Says North Korea an Urgent Priority
US' New China Task Force Will Identify Top Priorities, Its Chief Says – and Tech Is 'Huge'
North Korea: Kim Fires Senior Economic Official Amid Deepening Crisis
India Top Court Asks Govt, Twitter for Reponses on Social Media Content
Afghan Journalist Wounded in Armed Attack in Faryab
Turkey Adamant About Keeping Military Presence in Libya
Libya's New Interim Leader Holds Talks in Benghazi
Egypt's Opposition Establishes New Coalition
Chad Reinforces Troops Against Militants in Sahel as France Mulls Changes
Ethiopia Confirms Rapes 'Without a Doubt' in Tigray Conflict
Alleged Members of Jihadist Cell Remanded in Senegal
Russian Advisor in Central African Republic Urges Rebels to Turn in Their Leaders
Sudan Cracks Down on Supporters of Former Ruler Omar Al-Bashir After Protests
UN Envoy Urges US to Relax Venezuela Sanctions, Drawing Opposition Rebuke
Venezuela Receives More Airlifts of Refinery Materials From Iran
Venezuelan Government and Opposition Begin Talks on Vaccine Financing
Palestinians Hope Vote Boosts Diplomatic Strength: Experts
US Urges Israeli Settlement Halt as Jewish Fund Plans Major Investment in WB Construction
White House Denies Biden Is Snubbing Israel's Netanyahu
Jewish Settler Attacks Palestinian Hikers, Kills One
Israeli Forces Suppress Rally Near Nablus, Injure Two Protesters
Israel on Track to Reopen Large Swaths of Economy in 11 Days: Virus Czar
Israeli President Urges Army to Protect West Bank Shrine Said Damaged by PA Construction
Police Chief Transfers Cop Who Killed Ethiopian-Israeli Teen to Fire Department
Palestinian Man Killed by Settler Car Ramming in Jordan Valley
Report: Israeli PM to Tap National Security Adviser to Lead Nuclear Deal Talks With US
Yemen Rocked by Heavy Clashes Amid Stark UN Starvation Warning
UN: Over 2 Million Yemeni Children May Starve in 2021
Gulf Ambassador Yelled at Member of Congress Pushing to End Yemen War
Iraq Daily Roundup: 35 Killed; Turkey Ramps Up Anti-PKK Ops
Turkey Does Not Have Permission to Deploy Large Numbers of Troops to Iraq: MP
Iraqi Women Struggle to Escape Abuse as Domestic Violence Rises
'An Anti-Turkey Alliance': Ankara Slams Greece for Hosting 'Hostile' Meeting With Regional Countries
Turkish Sailors Freed After Weeks in Pirate Captivity
Middle East
Iranian Official Arrested in Istanbul Over Dissident's Killing: Sources
Syrian Militants Urged to Release US Journalist Bilal Abdul Kareem
Kremlin Says Media Misinterpreted Lavrov's Remarks About Break-Up With EU
Gazprom Plans to Start Nord Stream 2 Gas Pipeline This Year
Two Ukrainian Soldiers Killed in Clashes With Separatists
Germany, Denmark Say Alleged Terrorist Bomb Plot Islamist in Nature
Armenian-Made Kamikaze Drones Undergoing Tests
Colombia Armed Groups Turn Forcibly Recruited Children Into 'War Machines': Government
18 Bags of Hacked-Up Body Parts Found in Mexico
Ecuador to Recount Votes From Presidential Election After Perez Claims Fraud
Guatemala Opposition Politician Says Migrant Massacre in Mexico May Be 'State Crime'
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Chuck Yeager on War Crimes

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Jackson State and Forgotten History

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The FBI vs.

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