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Updated February 19, 2021 - 9:52 PM EST
Biden to Munich Conference: 'America Is Back'
NATO Increasing Troops in Iraq From 500 to 4,000
US Ready To Meet With Iran if Invited by the EU
  US Rescinds Trump Claim That UN Sanctions on Iran Are in Effect
No Decision Made on NATO Afghan Withdrawal
  SecDef Tells NATO There Will Be No 'Hasty' Afghan Withdrawal
Saudi-Backed Troops Reinforce Yemen's Maarib
  UAE Dismantling Eritrea Base, Scaling Down Yemen Ambitions
Tom Cotton: China Invasion of Taiwan Means War With US
  Halving Investment in China Could Cost US GDP Up to $500 Billion
US and Israel Developing Arrow-4 Missile Defense System
item Biden Has a Moral Obligation to Bring America's Troops Home From Afghanistan  by Doug Bandow
item Why Hasn't Biden Returned to the Iran Nuclear Deal?  by Joe Cirincione
item Biden Is Adopting a Militaristic Approach to Far East  by Tim Shorrock
item Will Comey's Words Come Back to Haunt Him?  by Ray McGovern
item Stop Indulging 'The Son King'  by Daniel Larison
item Israel Uses Vaccines as Bargaining Chips  by Maureen Clare Murphy

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Israel Expands Nuclear Facility Previously Used for Weapons Material
Security of France Starts in Egypt: French Ambassador
Trump's Gift to Biden: Record Agriculture Exports to China
What to Expect at IDEX 2021 – Defense Show Held in Person Amid a Pandemic
Bombing Kills Two Kabul University Lecturers: Afghan Official
Afghan Kandahar Officials Silent Over Reports of Growing Unrest
60% of International Aid Not Included in Afghan Budget: Ghani
China Reveals Four Soldiers Killed in June 2020 Border Clash With India
Coronavirus: US-China Tensions Simmer as UN Chief Calls for Cooperation
US House Revives Bill to Ban Goods From China's Xinjiang
Myanmar Protests Focus on Junta's Economic Support
UK and Canada Impose Sanctions on Myanmar Generals After Coup
Japan, US, India, Australia Call for Return of Democracy in Myanmar
Middle East
Farmers Block Trains in Northern India to Protest New Laws
Cambodia's New China-Style Internet Gateway Decried as Repression Tool
Top Bhutan General, Judges Detained in Alleged Overthrow Plot
North Korean Defector in Diving Gear Swims to South Korea, Military Says
Child Killed, 29 Wounded in Libya Mortar Attack: UN
Egypt's Sisi Offers Support to Libya's New PM
How Children in Sisi's Egypt Are Turned Into Political Prisoners
Egyptian Student at Austrian University Detained Without Charge in Cairo
Sudanese Official Hints at Khartoum Reneging on Israel Normalization Deal
At Least 18 Killed in Attacks in Burkina Faso and Mali
Defense Minister Tells Nigerians Not to 'Be Cowards' When Facing Gunmen
Senators Urge Biden to Undo US Recognition of Morocco's Claim to Western Sahara
Algeria's President Appeases Protesters With Pardons, Calls Early Polls
Uganda Military Sentences Soldiers Up to Three Months in Jail Over Journalist Assault
US Hits Dozens of Belarusians With Visa Restrictions for Undermining Democracy
Two Journalists Jailed for Two Years in Belarus for Filming Protests
Anger Mounts as Facebook's Australia News Ban Sweeps Up Charities, Government Pages
US Military
USS Chafee Returns to Sea Following Covid Outbreak
Justice Dept. Charges Employees of Navy Contractor With Allegedly Dumping Contaminated Water in Japan
Iraq Daily Roundup: Six Killed
Why Iraq's Protest Movement Fears Being Co-Opted by Political Elites
Three Iraqi PMF Fighters Killed, Five Injured in ISIS Attack in Diyala
The Untold Tragedy of Iraq's Shia Turkmen Women Abducted by ISIS
Killings Surge in Syria Camp Housing ISIS Families
US Reporter Held by al-Qaeda-Linked Group in Syria Released
Israel-Syria Prisoner Swap: Two Syrian Shepherds to Be Repatriated
UN Yemen Envoy Says Houthi Assault on Marib 'Must Stop'
Yemen Famine Could Threaten Opportunity for Peace, UN Warns
Abbas Rival Dahlan Arranges 20,000 UAE-Funded Coronavirus Vaccine Doses for Gaza
Spike in Settler Attacks Creates 'Living Hell' for Palestinians
Israeli Authorities Cut Electricity in Palestinian Village
EU Gives $15 Million in 'Creative' Aid to Israel's War Industry
NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio Calls Israel 'A Fundamentally Progressive Concept'
Israeli Authorities Prepare Law to Prohibit Cooperation With ICC
Israeli Jet Departs for Moscow to Bring Back Israeli Woman Who Crossed to Syria
Gantz: Hezbollah Will Be 'Fatally Wounded' if Israel Drawn Into a War in Lebanon
Lebanon Court Asks Port Blast Lead Investigator to Step Down
Erdogan Sues Opposition Rival in Row Over Iraq Deaths
Turkey Plans Spaceport in Somalia for $1 Billion Moon Mission
Middle East
Rare Snowfall Covers Large Parts of the Middle East
Release of Intelligence Report on Khashoggi Killing Could Push US-Saudi Relations to New Lows
Iran Plans to Export Covid-19 Vaccine to the World
Can the UAE Emerge as a Leading Global Defense Supplier?
UK Pension Fund Drops Israeli Arms Firm
EU to Impose Sanctions on Russians Over Navalny by March Summit, Diplomats Say
France to Boost Cyberdefense After Hospital Malware Attacks
Spain Protests: Woman Hit by Police Rubber Bullet 'Loses Eye'
Greece Protests to Turkey Over Research Vessel
Georgia: PM Gakharia Quits Over Order to Arrest Opposition Leader
Mexico Finds Clandestine Burial Pits in North, Gulf Coast
Ex-FARC Commanders Accept Colombia War Crimes Accusations
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Matt Taibbi on the Origins of the Russiagate Hoax

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Jackson State and Forgotten History

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The FBI vs.

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