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Updated February 22, 2021 - 9:45 PM EST
FM: US Sanctions Cost Iran's Economy $1 Trillion
  Iran Sees Hypocrisy as West Mum on Israel's Nuclear Expansion
  IAEA, Iran Reach Deal on Reduced Access for Inspectors
Biden Pressured To Stay in Afghanistan Indefinitely
  US Should Consult Taliban on Afghan Pullout Delay: Pakistani Envoy
Ex-Cop Implicates NYPD, FBI in Malcolm X Murder
US Reaffirms Promise To 'Defend' Saudi Arabia
US India Policy Risks Alliance With Pakistan
Yemen Govt Claims 40 Houthis Killed in Shelling in Maarib
Rockets Hit Baghdad Base With US Contractors Present
item US Accusation of China 'Genocide' Relied on Baseless Claims  by Gareth Porter & Max Blumenthal
item NATO's Expanding Role Hides the Reality of a US Empire in Decline  by Scott Ritter
item Why Does Kashmir's Internet Matter, When Kashmiri Lives Don't?  by Samreen Mushtaq
item Robert Kagan Thinks Americans Who Don't Want to Run the World Are a Problem  by Doug Bandow
item Fauci Champions Israeli Medical Apartheid  by Maureen Clare Murphy
item Escalating Cold War With Russia Via Ukraine  by Jeremy Kuzmarov

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Erik Prince, Trump Ally, Denies Role in Libya Mercenary Operation
How Drones Have Added a New Dynamic to Conflicts
Trump 'Offered Kim Jong Un a Ride Home on Air Force One'
The War at Home
Malcolm X's Family Calls to Reopen Investigation Into His Murder
Revived US Bill Could Help Korean Americans Reunite With North Korean Relatives for First Time Since the War
DoD Budget 'Bloodletting' Inches Closer to Reality
Biden Pledged New Missile Defenses, His Pentagon May Be About to Deliver
Bowe Bergdahl Petitions Federal Court to Have His Case Expunged
Japan Air Force Officer, US Instructor Killed in US Plane Crash
Up to 60 USS Lake Champlain Sailors in Isolation After More Than a Dozen on Board Test Positive for Covid-19
Dwight D. Eisenhower Carrier Strike Group Begins Second Deployment in a Year
Ghani Sees 'Window of Opportunity' for Peace Process
Abdullah Calls on Taliban to Resume Talks
Two Explosions in Afghanistan Kill at Least Three: Officials
Three Separate Kabul Explosions Kill Five, Wound Two
Kabul Residents Carry on Despite Daily Blasts
One Killed, 14 Wounded in Helmand Blast
Myanmar Protests: Two People Shot Dead by Police
Huge Rallies in Myanmar as Backlash Grows Over Protester Killings
Myanmar Gripped by Strike as Anti-Coup Protests Build
A 'War Zone': Witnesses Describe Violence at Myanmar Protests
Myanmar's Minorities Join Protest as Anger Over Death Simmers
Facebook Shuts Down Myanmar Army 'True News' Page
Britain to Challenge China at UN Over Access to Xinjiang
Thai Protests Outside Parliament After PM Survives Vote
India May Turn to Iran, Venezuela for Oil Imports
Witnesses Recall Massacre in Ethiopia City Claimed to Be Home to Ark of Covenant
Sudan and Ethiopia Trade Barbs Over Border Dispute
Refugees in Sudan Fly Flag for Ethiopia's Defeated Rebels
UN: Tigray Malnutrition 'Very Critical', Response Woefully Poor
Sudan Risks High Prices and Angry Backlash With Radical Currency Change
Doctor Says Five Killed in Somalia's Election-Related Violence
Somali President Challenged in His Bid to Secure New Term
Seven Election Officials Killed in Landmine Blast as Niger Votes
Turkey-Backed Libyan Interior Minister Survives Assassination Attempt in Tripoli
Seven Killed as Nigerian Military Aircraft Crashes Near Abuja Airport
Algeria Releases Dozens of Jailed Pro-Democracy Activists After Presidential Pardons
Iran Spokesman Says Tehran Confident About Lifting of US Sanctions Despite Wrangling
Iran Says Plans to End Snap UN Nuclear Inspections Reversible if US Lifts Sanctions
White House Says US Communicating With Iran Over Detained Americans
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia to Invest $20 Billion in Domestic Arms Industry
Saudi Women Can Join Military in Latest Widening of Rights
UN Says No Progress in Yemen Talks Over Prisoner Swap
Displaced Yemenis Eke Out Miserable Living by Scavenging
Russian Air Strikes 'Kill 21 ISIS Fighters' in Syrian Desert
In Exchange for Captive, Report Claims Israel Will Buy $1m of Russian Covid Doses for Syria
Iraq Daily Roundup: 11 Killed
US Forces Not Needed in Iraq: Former PM Maliki
Iraqi Christian Villagers Decry Turkish Airstrikes
Mosul's Christians Struggle to Rebuild Destroyed Housing
Condemnation After Iraqi-Kurd Journalists Given 6 Years in Jail for Criticizing the Govt
Rival of Palestinian President Delivers Vaccines to Gaza
PA Says Hamas Has Committed to Peaceful Resistance, Two States
PA Sends Letter to Biden, Outlining Policies, New Election
Hamas: 'Israel Will Not Get Its Soldiers Without Prisoner Swap'
Coronavirus: Israel to Vaccinate 100,000 Palestinian Workers
Set Up, Demolish, Repeat: Israel Targets Bedouin Tent Community
Settlers Chop Down Dozens of Olive Trees Near Bethlehem
In Major Easing of Lockdown Rules, Israel Reopens Stores, Gyms, More Schools
Abbas Orders Palestinian Public Freedoms Boosted Before Vote
For This Palestinian Family, Living Next to Al-Aqsa Mosque Comes With a Heavy Price
Israel's First University-Made Nanosatellite Launches Into Space
Turkey's Erdogan Seeks 'Win-Win' Relationship With US
Turkish Authorities Launch Probe Against Pro-Kurdish MP Over Militant Links
Alexei Navalny's Sentence Upheld by Moscow Court
Alexei Navalny Fined for 'Defaming' Russian Veteran
Peaceful Barcelona Rally for Jailed Rapper Devolves Into Clashes
Belarus Opposition Leader Admits It Looks Like 'We Have Lost'
Amsterdam Police Clear Square of Anti-Lockdown Demonstrators
UK Space Command Could Deploy RAF Jets to the 'Edge of Space'
Arauz and Lasso Advance to Ecuador's Presidential Runoff
Six Killed in Mexican Air Force Plane Accident in Veracruz
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Jackson State and Forgotten History

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